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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It’s been very natural. Brian and I get along really well, and you guys make great beer. It’s really fun to hang out with you guys.”

Great Notion Collaboration, Part Deux!

One of the great things about this industry — aside from all the awesome beer — is that we get to collaborate with awesome people from around the country.

Last year, during hops selection, we stopped by Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, to brew up a Strawberry Salt Water Taffy IPA called Strawberry Taffy.

This year, they’ve returned the favor, with owner James Dugan stopping by our Production Facility with his brother Matt to help brew our batch of Strawberry Taffy, due to hit taps and cans by the end of the month.

We sat down with the both of them to get the lowdown on this collaboration.

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“It’s simple and clean, but it starts off pretty complex. It finishes dry and delicious.”

Bière de Mineur

This beer has been aging in stainless for about a year. In the fast-paced world of brewing, a year can be a long time.

Last year, we asked each leg of the production team — lab, packaging, cellarmen, and brewers — to design a beer. Bière de Mineur is the brewers’ addition to the mix.

So, Bière de Mineur has been aging so long that one of the guys whose idea it was doesn’t even work here anymore and another is in a completely different position.

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"It's well-balanced and inviting, and I enjoy that.”

Possibly Maybe

After eight years, we’ve brewed a significant number of beers — nearly 400 on Untappd right now. In that time, we’ve certainly decided upon a few favorites, but, sadly, we can’t brew them all.

Our sour IPA, Corrosion, is one of them — a favorite around the brewery, but it didn’t make it onto the schedule this year.

Regardless, when we first brewed the latest in our Barrel Aged Series two years ago, Corrosion was still on the schedule and inspiring our Innovation Director Brian Hink.

While Possibly Maybe is definitely a different breed of cat — it’s a barrel-aged, dry-hopped golden sour — the similarities between the two are evident.

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"It'd be easier if we drive."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Steve and Brandon

Middle school best friends — and now cube-mates — Steve Taylor and Brandon Loreti have ridden BikeMS: City to Shore multiple times for other teams.

They’ve both been big fans of CMBC for a while, so they finally decided to join up with us! This year, they have an admirable goal — to finish the century ride before nightfall!

If you’ve done the ride before as a solo rider or if you’re looking for a change of team, it’s not too late to sign up with us. There are some seriously awesome perks!

There’s still time to sign up. Click here and join us!

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“Everyone’s really nice, and we have a lot of fun back there.”

Welcome Jimmy!

Since delivering beer in a brite tank isn’t exactly feasible, the folks out in our Packaging Department are our front line in making sure that you get your beer in a way it can fit in your fridge.

“When I met Jimmy, he came across as a hard worker,” says Packaging Manager Mark Graves. “He’s proven to be exactly that, as well as detail-oriented and a great fit for our department. He’s been an enormous help as we ramp up our production over the summer.”

Welcome Jimmy!

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“The stars aligned."

Watermelon Wheat in CANS!

Deciding which legacy beers to nix and which to bring back is a difficult process.

We know you have favorites. So do we. However, after eight years of brewing and, at the moment, 381 beers on Untappd, we simply can’t brew them all. If we tried, we’d never sleep and you’d only get one pint of every beer.

No one wants that.

Furthermore, we need to have the chance to brew up your next favorite beer. That’s the nature of the industry: if craft beer drinkers wanted to drink the same thing day in and day out, we’d brew nothing but Cape May IPA. 

But you don’t. And neither do we.

So, each year, some beers end up on the chopping block — sometimes, some long-held favorites. It’s disappointing, but we have to do it.

Watermelon Wheat almost didn’t make the cut. Almost

But, through a series of unexpected events — and a few champions throughout the brewery — not only is it back, but we’re canning it up for the first time — just in time for National Watermelon Day on August 3rd.

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“We may not be for everybody, but we are for anybody.”

Spotlight On… Morey’s Piers!

In 1996, Steve Izenour, an American architect, urbanist, and theorist, had some thoughts for the revitalization of Wildwood, a mere stone’s throw from the brewery. In a letter to Jack Morey, the second-generation owner of Morey’s Piers, he advised against attempting to become another poor, homogenized imitation of a Disney theme park.

“Rather, your strategy should be to make the most of what you have,” he wrote. “What Wildwood is, is one of the last really down and dirty, TACKY with a capital T, beach resorts. What you need to do is take Tacky to new heights.”

Now celebrating their fiftieth year of business, Jack Morey and his team have been concentrating their efforts over the past twenty-three years on doing exactly that: creating a destination of such refined Tackiness that not even Disney could beat them at their game.

And, to help celebrate, we brewed up a crisp, clean, and ridiculously approachable Kölsch-style ale, Wild Wooder, available at eateries throughout the Piers.

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Like an evacuation, it knows when to get out!

IPA Day 2019

It’s one of our favorite random, made-up holidays at CMBC: IPA Day is on Thursday, August 1! We don’t know where it came from, but we’re excited nonetheless!

A day to celebrate one of the most popular and widely-imbibed beer styles known to man? You know that’s something we can totally get behind.

We caught up with the Brew Crew to find out which of our tasty IPAs is their favorite, and how they will be celebrating. 

Check it out!

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"There's a cool party in Ocean City, also."

Steve and Kyle Back Again!

If you watched their last video, it should come as no surprise that our captain for our BikeMS: City to Shore team, Steve Briggs, and our “unofficial co-captain”, Kyle Konopka gave us too much material for one video.

So… Steve & Kyle are back again! This time, they let potential riders know what to expect for the ride.

It should come as even less of a surprise that the staff at Straight to the Pint has never done the ride themselves, as they’re usually strapped to their desk, furiously working on these entertaining and informative blogs; however, from what we understand, it’s truly an awesome day. The rest stops set up along the route have some excellent food, all of the volunteers are helpful and considerate, and the throngs of people waiting in Ocean City to cheer everyone to the finish line are wildly supportive.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Steve & Kyle have to say! (And there’s still time to sign up for the ride! Click here!)

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"I really wish this was out last weekend when it was pushing 100° every day!"

Old Salt with Yuzu

Well… our Old Salt returns, and, judging from the ingredients in this summer’s gose, he’s been making a tour of eastern Asia, returning with beautiful and exotic citrus fruits.

Nope, it’s not a lemon. It’s not an orange. It’s not a Beetlejuice-shrunken grapefruit and it’s not a strangely discolored lime.

“Dear God, what is that thing?!?” cries the person we just made up for this blog.

That, dear reader, is a yuzu. 

“A… wut…?”

No, not a wut. A yu-zu.

And it pairs perfectly with a salty, fruity, and immensely refreshing gose.

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