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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Pope Prep

To commemorate Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia this September, we’re releasing a beer called #YOPO, or ‘You Only Pope Once.’ emoji

We played around with the idea of a beer made with Argentinian hops, in order to pay homage to the pontiff’s home country. Here’s the email our Prez Ryan sent to several Argentinian breweries:

Hola, Mi nombre es Ryan y yo ejecutar una cervecería (capemaybrewery.com) en los EE.UU.. Quiero hacer una cerveza con lúpulo argentinos, pero no puedo encontrar ninguna para comprar. ¿Sabes dónde puedo comprar saltos argentinos o podemos comprar una pequeña cantidad de usted? Necesito unos 5 kilos.

We also considered incorporating other unusual ingredients, like yerba mate, a caffeinated beverage made from the flora of South American rainforests and a favorite drink of Pope Franics.

But, alas, it’s not easy getting foreign hops through customs. And exotic rainforest teas aren’t  the most practical, either.

canonization_2014-_the_canonization_of_saint_john_xxiii_and_saint_john_paul_ii_14036966125So we settled on something even better: a pale ale containing an unholy amount of hops – about three pounds per barrel. This amounts to nine varieties, including several – like Simcoe and Citra — which were named “winners” in a recent report from the Brewers Association for being types most lusted after by craft beer makers.

“The final product pairs great with a nice cut of Argentinean beef,” says CMBC sales rep Justin. (Heh.)

#YOPO will be available at our tasting room beginning Monday, September 21, and in accounts throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey mid-September.

“We’re always looking for ways to push the envelope,” Ryan says. “At the same time, it’s never a gimmick we’re after. #YOPO will get a laugh from pop culture enthusiasts, sure, but it’s also a tasty and layered beer in its own right.”

We can’t wait for you to try a heavenly pint.

In the meantime, follow CMBC’s social media channels to check out the Pope, er, the Flat Pope, as he comes on the beer journey with us.

First up: kegging!


On Location

Gary Monterosso — one of the nation’s leading beer authorities — recently filmed an episode of his simulcast program What’s On Tap at CMBC.

Watch it for the education (learn what malted barley actually means!), to hear about the trajectory of CMBC (like when our bottles will be back in action!), and  for the hunky eye candy (just seeing if you’re paying attention…).

Grab some popcorn and click here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.55.19 PM

Fair Enough

We love organizations who make the world better, and when they do it with beer, even better.

That’s why we’re excited to tell our Philly-based fans about the goings on at Oyster House on Samson Street. From August 17 until August 22logo — when our beer is on tap — the restaurant will host a local seafood week during which time customers can sample the offerings of six sustainable Jersey shellfish growers, most from Cape May.

Here’s the kicker: 50 percent of proceeds from food and drink sales will benefit Fair Food, an association that advocates for family farms and promotes an humane agriculture system for the Philadelphia region.

For those of you who can’t get to the city, you can always grab a growler from our tasting room to pair with shellfish at home. CMBC’s Chief Operating Officer Chris “Hank” Henke recommends pairing something light, refreshing and “extra thirst-quenching” — like the Tower 23 Berliner Weisse — with a briny catch from the bay.

Happy shucking!


Cape May Brew Co On The Move

In this week’s installment of Brewery Swag In Cool Places, we bring you Timmy Durst, who wore a Cape May Brew Co hat to the Phillies game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Citizens Bank Bark on July 22. The Phitin’ Phils took the Rays 5-4 in the 10th, when David Herrera singled to left center, and Domonic Brown scored for the win. Now that’s worth a beer.


Progress Report


Thanks to everyone who has contributed, the Cape May Brew Co Cycling Team has reached 22% of its fundraising goal — $3,261 of $15,000 – for this year’s City to Shore event, an 80-mile ride in October that raises money and awareness for the National MS Society.

As for those of who haven’t contributed yet… no beer for you.

In all seriousness, even a $5 donation makes a difference. That’s less than a venti S’Mores Frappuccino from Starbucks, guys.

We’ve said it before, if it’s all of us against MS, we like our odds. Join the movement by clicking here.

Welcome, Nakeya!

We’ve been talking a lot about the monetary impact of the craft beer industry in Jersey – how it pumps $777 million into the local economy, and how it creates jobs like gangbusters. We know this from personal experience. To keep up with demand, we’ve been adding employees to our staff like hops to an IPA. The latest to join the CMBC team? Nakeya Barreto, financial guru.

Nakeya brings with her 17 years of experience and, no matter where she’s crunched numbers previously, she’s enjoyed a nice Honey Porternakeya after a long day at the office.

“I didn’t even say this when I interviewed for the position at the brewery, because I was afraid [CMBC President] Ryan would think I was embellishing,” Nakeya says. “But the first time I came here was in 2012, back when there were few employees and open days were limited. I walked in and said, ‘Who are these people and how do I work for them?’ I just got this feeling of good energy — the excitement, the happiness, the way everyone was interacting and having a great time. I’m a workhorse, but I like to be comfortable and have fun, too, and I knew even then I’d love to be a part of a company like this.”

When Nakeya isn’t working, she’s working out at North Beach gym, reading, and – as of Monday — looking forward to her first brew day, where she’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the beer-making process by trailing a CMBC brewer.

“My first day on the job, they told me I was going to get to see how the magic happens, and I intend to cash in on that,” she says. “I haven’t let anyone forget! I’m excited to learn everything from beginning to end, and I know I’m going to grow by leaps and bounds.”

Welcome to the fold, Nakeya, and congrats on becoming CMBC employee #37!

Poverty Beach IPA Is Here

The bold but easy-drinking Belgian IPA we call Poverty Beach hasn’t been on tap since July of 2014, but on August 6 — which just happens to be National IPA Day — we’re bringing her back. Expect spicy yeast undertones and a citrusy hop flavor.

The brew is named for Poverty Beach on the east end of Cape May which was once the sandy stretch of choice among “the help” who worked in the town’s service industry. Now, it’s the beach of choice for surfers — because it breaks at both incoming and outgoing tide — and anyone who dislikes paying a meter. Free parking!

Of course – not everyone’s a fan. Says Torey S. on TripAdvisor:

“Went to Poverty Beach expecting run-down buildings and homeless transients. Instead I was unpleasantly surprised to find a very well-developed neighborhood full of McMansions instead of the gritty slum that I was expecting. Very disappointed, wouldn’t go back.”

Regardless, we’re thinking this beer will make you as happy as a ticket-free day on Beach Avenue. Salut!

Brews By The Bay: Testimonials

It’s almost that time of year again… thank goodness. Brews by the Bay is upon us. Purchase your ticket for the event, the only bi-state beer festival in the nation, here, after you read about the awesome time you’re going to have:


Brews by the Bay was the highlight of my summer. — Carly Brunner, Washington, DC

The setting for Brews by the Bay is undeniably beautiful! And the fact that it’s a moveable feast– with the ferry crossing as the center piece- makes it a really unique festival. — Michael Kline, Cape May, NJ via New Orleans

It was an extremely hot day on both the New Jersey and Delaware sides of the bay, but having access to the variety of local beers made it a good time regardless. I remember especially enjoying the ferry ride from Cape May to Lewes as it gave you an opportunity to relax and prepare for trying out all of the beers in Delaware. I think is it one of the most unique beer festivals in the country considering the fact that it involves two states, a huge boat and a wide variety of local breweries that are not yet available in many of the surrounding areas. Something funny I remember was watching the poor bartenders manning the bar on the ferry trying frantically to keep up with the suddenly huge influx of drinkers riding from Cape May to Delaware… I think they might add a few more to the shifts this year…. — Benjamin Saracco, Cape May Court House, NJ

My girlfriend and I worked so hard last summer, and we were pretty burnt out by the end of August. We were afraid Brews by the Bay would be sensory overload like some other beer festivals can be. But it was such a serene setting, overlooking the water. And everyone was so chilled out. It was exactly what we needed. We’d go back even if the beer hadn’t been delicious, which it was. -Matt Malloy, Ocean City, NJ

Brews by the Bay was like a backyard barbecue with 500 of your closest friends who all brought their favorite craft beer! Being outside in the summer sun on soft green grass near the water gives the event a very relaxed atmosphere, which reflects in the attitude of the attendees. Everyone was happy, smiling and having a great time! That feeling continued on the ferry ride and the atmosphere was mirrored in Delaware. The fact that there was absolutely delicious smelling and tasting food from a barbecue food truck on the Delaware side made your senses go into overdrive as soon as you stepped off the boat.  Overall it was a great way to spend a warm summer day and aside from my wicked sunburn (because I forgot sunscreen) I had a blast! – Pete Donohue, Dennisville, NJ

Brews by the Bay makes me want to par-tay in a big way because the beers slay. Hear what I say? – Josh Pierman, Philadelphia, PA

Meet The Band

Have you purchased your tickets for the nation’s only bi-state beer festival — Brews by the Bay — yet? There’s one more reason to do so, and that’s Southern Cut, the modern/classic country rock band who will be will be providing the live entertainment on August 29.

The six-piece band – including two guys who can rock a harp – has already made a name for itself in Cumberland County. And they’ll be coming to Cape May County bars near you soon enough.

We sat down with lead guitarist Jake Smith, who just so happens to be a CMBC brewer, to get the deets:

Where does the name Southern Cut come from? It’s a play on words. We’re based in south Jersey and we’re doing a southern rock/country thing.

What’s the sound? We play everything from the Allman Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd, all the way through modern pop country. Sometimes people hear ‘country’ and they think of that slow, behind-the-barn country song, but we want to get people dancing.

Originals or covers? We have a couple of our own songs, but we’re 99% covers.

Is there any reason you’re especially excited to play Brews by the Bay? Absolutely. I was at the event last year and it was awesome – over 1,000 people, and we’re expecting this year to be even bigger. Plus, the beer is great, and the space is beautiful. Right on the water.

Is there any similarity between brewing beer and playing music? I consider both to be an art form. They each require a lot of practice and passion to make it work right.


The Numbers Are In

In 2014, the craft beer industry reached 11% marketshare. And in case you’ve been worried this was a flash-in-the-pan type of milestone… it’s not.

According to the most recent Brewers Association report, growth has continued through the first half of 2015. In fact, production between January and June was 16 percent higher than during the same time frame last year. In the last six months, we’ve collectively churned out 12.2 million barrels.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of mid-year data? 699 more craft breweries are operating in the country now than 12 months ago, bringing the grand total to 3,739. That’s a whole lot of job creation. And CMBC is filing suit — we’ve reached 36 employees and counting.

“More and more Americans are discovering the joys of enjoying fresh beer produced by their neighborhood brewery,” said the BA’s Chief Economist Bart Watson in a recent press release. “By supporting local, small and independent craft breweries, beer lovers are gradually returning the United States to the system of localized beer production that existed for much of our nation’s history.”

And what a tasty return it is.




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