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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"It’s what I like to drink when I’m looking for a sour beer.”

Irrationally Exuberant

We’re really over-the-moon about this beer.

In fact, you might say that we’re… Irrationally Exuberant about it.

And for good reason. Irrationally Exuberant is the latest in a long line of excellent releases in our Barrel Aged Series.

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Beer for Breakfast

There are things in this world that, once you’ve graduated from college and entered the harsh, cruel world, you’re simply not supposed to do anymore.

Pull an all-nighter, for example.

Break into the astronomy observatory at three in the morning to use their printer to publish an underground magazine, for another. (Just us?)

Or have beer for breakfast.

Well, we’re here to stymie that last one. We’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having beer for breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day. In fact, a beer like Crushin’ It is practically screaming to be sipped during your first meal of the day.

So, we got together with our CIA-trained Culinary Ops & Soda Guru JP Thomas to build the perfect breakfast using our beers in the recipes and pairing each dish with another delicious CMBC brew.

Or just pair them with Crushin’ It. You don’t really need to look much further, particularly for breakfast.

If you’re hosting a breakfast party, we’ve got a whole menu for you. Or, if you’ve got an end-of-summer staycation coming up, we’ve got nearly an entire week of breakfasts waiting to be devoured.

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"Everyone’s good at what they do and enthusiastic about what they do and enthusiastic about the company. And that comes through.”

Welcome Eric!

As we put the finishing touches on the state of New Jersey, distributing in the final counties to bring our count to a full twenty-one, we needed to find someone who knows the area well.

Enter Eric Wormann.

“Eric comes to us with a wealth of experience,” says our Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli, “having already worked for two competing distributors in New Jersey. He knows craft — his depth of knowledge is staggering — and he’s thrilled to open new territories for us. He’s a fan of Cape May’s liquid and branding and thinks there’s a huge amount of potential in his territory.

“Plus, he’s just a little bit crazy, so he fits our culture well.” 

Welcome Eric!

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“There’s no reason to ever leave.”

Spotlight On: The Sea Shell!

Long Beach Island is aptly named. 

Like many of the barrier islands, it’s only wide enough to accommodate a few blocks of streets, and its main drag is dotted with the typical beach shops, bars, restaurants, and the original Ron Jon Surf Shop. For eighteen miles.

It’s long.

Yet, the Island’s surf kitsch and tourist haven lay in defense of some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches you’re likely to find on the East Coast.

So, on a day with clouds in the sky that looked as if they had been painted by Bob Ross while in one of his more melancholy moods, we made the trek to the southernmost reaches of the island, in search of the Island’s premier oceanfront resort: The Sea Shell.

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"I love the camaraderie and the community and the support."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Adrienne & Jason Neff

Husband and wife team — and now on our team — Adrienne and Jason Neff are veterans of the team: this will be Jason’s third year riding and Adrienne’s second.

They both love helping the community, but particularly enjoy the camaraderie on the BikeMS: City to Shore ride.

Find out more about why they ride at the video below! And it’s not too late to join us!

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“I enjoy what I’m doing right now.”

Welcome Mitch!

Mitch Freeman, our Seasonal Packaging Technician, has been doing a great job behind the packaging line.

“Mitch stood out to me for a few reasons,” says Mark. “First, I like that he’s at least tried to homebrew, but I like that he’s a really positive guy, and that he works hard. And anyone willing to jump out of airplanes on a regular basis has to be willing to take a risk or two.”

Welcome Mitch!

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“It’s very creamsickley.”

Takes Two to Mango

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man. I really wish I could get an Orange Julius into a beer,” first, congrats on having been a mallrat in the 80s or early 90s, and second, it would appear as if your wait is over.

We swapped out the orange for mango, soured it, tossed in some maltodextrin, and decided that it Takes Two to Mango.

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New Merch, Round Two!

New summer, new us!

We’ve been in the process of revamping our merch this summer, and, since summer is almost over (sad face), we wanted to give you a rundown of some of the new stuff.

Check them out below!

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"No two days are the same. You never know what you’ll learn during a conversation."

Samplings with Cape Beverage

Things have really been gearing up with our new distribution arm, Cape Beverage! We’re now distributing through all twenty-one counties in New Jersey, and we’ve been getting tons of new fans through our sampling program.

We’ve recently hired several Brand Ambassadors — bright, interesting, outgoing people who love Cape May Brew Co. and know everything there is to know about our beers.

You can find them behind a brightly-colored, completely unmissable CMBC-branded table, handing out samples of our brews at a liquor store near you. Keep tabs on the calendar on the Cape Beverage website for details!

Our Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana has been leading the charge for our sampling program, so we sat down with her to get the deets.

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“Everyone works really well together. You don’t find this kind of workplace environment in many places.”

Welcome Ashley!

With an extraordinarily long resume in the industry — including several years with our distributor in the region — it wasn’t a difficult decision to bring on Ashley Pike as our newest representative as we expand westward into Pennsylvania.

“Ashley’s got strong relationships with a number of retail accounts in the Lehigh Valley and Berks and Lancaster counties,” says Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli. “She’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and has a strong will to succeed. It doesn’t hurt that she loves Cape May Brewing Company, and she loves being a part of it.”

Our Pennsylvania Regional Sales Manager, Erin Gale, is happy to have her as part of the team, as well.

“Ashley has great existing relationships with our customers in the new markets, particularly the Lehigh Valley,” she says. “She has a great work ethic and a fantastic ‘can-do’ attitude, and I’m happy to have her on the Pennsylvania team.”

Welcome Ashley!

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