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Alright, Mr. DeMille, we’re ready for our closeup.

We’re movie stars!  Totally.  We’ve spent the past few weeks ducking the paparazzi and chatting with our publicists, making lunch dates and… whatever else it is celebrities do. We don’t really know.

CMBC is in a movie, y’all!

You may have heard the buzz around town about Wetlands, a small indie feature that was filmed down here over the past few weeks. It’s got some big names in the cast, including Heather Graham (Boogie NightsThe Hangover) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (GI Joe: The Rise of CobraLost).

Lights… Camera… Wildwood!The Boardwalk being used as a setting for the movie "Wetlands" this afternoon, near Garfield Avenue.Photo by Carlo DeVito

Posted by Wildwood 365 on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wetlands is about an ex-Philadelphia cop who moves down the shore to make a new start. He tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter and ex-wife, and gets involved in the criminal underbelly of Atlantic City. (Yes, believe it or not, there is one.)  But that’s all we know! And if we knew more, we really wouldn’t tell you, anyway. Buy a ticket and go see it.

They’ve been filming in various points throughout the county, including the old library — they turned it into a police station — and at some of the local surf shops.

So what scenes are we in? Well, we’re still waiting on script approval (which we don’t even come close to getting), but from what we understand, there’ll be a few noticeable bottles of Mop Water, Coastal Evacuation, and Devil’s Reach at a beach party scene, a couple of our boxes in a moving scene, and various signs and swag throughout the film.

“This is a great opportunity to put our name in front of a national audience,” says Marketing Guru Alicia Grasso.  “I love the idea of a film company shooting in Cape May and showing off our local flavor.  Cape May Brew Co. is very much part of the fabric of the community, and I’m thrilled that a film had the foresight to come in and capture that so well.”

The production team tries to use local vendors to capture the authenticity of the area. Once they heard about us, we were our usual “wonderful and accommodating” selves. (Aw, shucks!) From what we hear, the beers looked great on set. There are a few shots of the actors holding our bottles, and we hope we added some local flair to the production.

When asked how she liked our beers, production assistant Kelley remarked, “I LOVED Apple Bomb!” The team tried a few brews after we gave them a tour of the facilities, and were equally as fond of Mop Water.

Sadly, none of the actors in the film will really get a chance to taste our stuff.  “We’re not allowed to let the actors drink,” Art Director Adri tells us, “so the crew will have to find some way to ‘dispose’ of the beer.”

Uh huh.  That should be hard.  They must hate their jobs.

American Craft Beer Week at CMBC


What do you have on tap next week? Work? Television? Sleep? Begging the kids for just one moment of silence? Yeah… that’s that thing we call “life as an adult”. It’s boring. It’s lame. None of us really want to do it.

To combat the doldrums of adulthood, the wise, wise, wisemen of the Brewers Association created American Craft Beer Week. Now in its 11th year, this nationwide celebration runs next week, May 16-22. Newbies, casual drinkers, and the most bearded of beer nerds will find something to raise their glass to, so ditch work, TiVo all of your favorite shows, tell the kids to fend for themselves, and get down to the Tasting Room.

IMG_7582Monday, 5/16 — We’re kicking off American Craft Beer Week with a special thank-you to all our loyal fans!  In our tasting room at 1288 Hornet Rd in Cape May, pints and tastings are at the low, low price of $4.  Where else could you get a craft beer at that price?  Also, fans will enjoy a special “Beertender’s Choice” flight, featuring four enticing brews, each chosen by one of CMBC’s specially-trained beertenders: Salty Lips (Dan), White Caps (Jim), Honey Porter (Maddie), Biscuits & Honey (Steve).  Delish!

Jimmy and Brian, our Beautiful Bearded Beer Nerds
Jimmy and Brian, our Beautiful Bearded Beer Nerds

Tuesday, 5/17 — Calling all beer geeks!  Sour brews are all the rage these days, so we’re throwing wide the doors to our new sour brewery.  Lead Brewer Brian and Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy host a 4pm Beer Geek’s Bearded Sour Brewery Tour.  This distinctive tour will include a sample from one of CMBC’s barrel-aged brews and a sneak peek at the upcoming Stow Away series.  This series will be flying off the shelves, so be sure to get your taste ASAP!

Wednesday, 5/18 — CMBC’s hugely popular One-Off Wednesday series continues with TWO special brews!  It’s a Battle of the Sextels!  They’re infusing two one-of-a-kind beers this week — one recipe chosen by the women of the company and one chosen by the men.  Which will kick first?  Get out there to find out!

Ryan Krill 2
Thursday 5/19 — CMBC releases The Bog — a sweet and tart Cranberry Shandy — with Ryan beertending in the tasting room for an hour beginning at 4:30.  He can brew some kickin’ beer, but can he handle a busy tasting room?  All of his tips will go to support the Coast Guard Enlisted Memorial Foundation, so a great time will support a great cause. In addition, the Tasting Room will be open an extra hour that night, so that visitors may participate in the Nationwide American Craft Beer Week Toast at 8pm.  Shenanigans for a good reason AND an extra hour?!?  We’re there!


Friday, 5/20 — Celebrate ‘Murican Craft Beer with an early Memorial Day celebration! CMBC celebrates all things local, so there’s a Memorial Day celebration that even locals can enjoy… before the shore is IMG_6516overrun by tourists. #DrinkLocal with a Local Fresh Flight: Salty Lips features Cape May Sea Salt, Devil’s Reach is just a stone’s throw from the brewery, The Bog is made with Jersey cranberries, and Honey Porter is the only certified Jersey Fresh beer. Also, with each $10 Tour and Flight package, visitors will receive one chance in a raffle for a private tour for them and five of their friends led by Mop Man himself.

Saturday, 5/21CMBC continues the Memorial Day celebration!  The Local Fresh Flight and raffle continues, and co-founder Chris Henke will be giving a guided tour of CMBC HQ.  Learn about the brewing process from the man in the know — or just stand there and inhale the sweet aroma of brewing beer… up to you!  There’s a maximum of 25 people and spots will go quickly, so be sure to sign up early in the tasting room.

Sunday 5/22 — It’s “Tap at the Trap” at Mouse Trap Lanes in Petersburg, NJ from 5pm to 9pm!  Tap your feet to the sounds of Mysterious Mr. Moto Band, then enjoy CMBC’s tap takeover starting at 6pm.  Pouring CMBC’s award-winning Cape May IPA, The Bog, Summer Catch, and more, this is a takeover you don’t want to miss.  Continuing the fun at 7pm, there’s a 7-Pin No-Tap Tournament — drop seven pins and it counts as a strike.  It’s a $9 entry fee to bowl three games — the highest three game totals wins Mouse Trap swag.

Yeah, that should be a good week. Get down here and celebrate with us!

Congrats Randi!

Randi 2
Randi Friel sips some IPA

At CMBC, we love two things: events and promoting from within. (Well… and beer. So, maybe we love three things. And late-90s boy bands. Okay… we love lots of things and can’t count.)

Right now, though, we really love Randi Friel, our new Events Coordinator. She’s been with us for a little over a year as our Events Guru, and has recently been promoted. In her new position, she’ll be involved in managing events from start to finish — finding events where CMBC should be featured, working with venues to decide what we will be pouring, determining our staffing needs, and even assisting with cleanup. Venues should expect to see Randi knocking on their door sometime soon. (Let her in. She’s a sweet girl.)

“Randi’s a team player,” Ryan says. “She’s worn a bunch of different hats since she’s been with us, but she really embodies the entrepreneurial spirit here at CMBC. She’s been doing a great job, so it only makes sense to give her this opportunity.”

“I have a lot more responsibility,” Randi says. “I’m more involved with the planning of the events, and I control what events we’re doing. And I get to boss the salesguys around,” she says with a smile.

She’s really looking forward to growing with the company, and with the tremendous amount of growth the brewery has seen over the past few months, there’s plenty for Randi to do. The ridiculous number of beers we’ve had coming out over the past few weeks will ensure that opportunities for her to do her thing will be pouring in.

In this position, however, Randi gets a bit more knowledge about our events. Instead of chasing around busy salesmen, begging for information, she’ll have a greater awareness of the events on the calendar. “When the guys were planning the events, I’d get about a seven-day notice. I like the fact that, now, I know what’s coming up in six months.”

This is sort of a new position in the world of brewing. “I haven’t met another one yet,” she tells us. Traditionally, the salesguys create the events or are approached by the bar or distributor. Now, we’ve got someone actively searching out events. So, as usual, CMBC is breaking new ground in the brewery world. “I’ve had to create the position by myself, figuring out how it’s going to work.” It’s pretty exciting.

The best part of the position? “It’s a 9 to 5.”

Livin’ the dream, Randi. Just like everyone else lucky enough to be employed here.


If there’s an event where you’d like to see CMBC, email Randi Friel at [email protected]

CMBC at the CBC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas. Not the Super Bowl. Not even Villanova winning the NCAA. (Because that’s a thing that should totally happen every year.) So much better than all of that.

Brian, Ryan and Jimmy

Each year, the Brewer’s Association sponsors the Craft Brewers Conference in a selected city for concentrated brewing education and idea-sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. It’s also a great social event with over 13,000 brewing professionals sharing and enjoying craft brews. Among them will be Ryan, Chris, Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm, and Head Brewer Brian Hink.

This year, the convention is right in our backyard: Philadelphia. “Choosing Philly for this year’s convention is a huge acknowledgement of the craft brewing juggernaut that Philadelphia has become,” Chris says. “And the fact that it’s so close to home is great. Less travel means a happy Hank.”

Each morning, the guys start out at the BrewExpo. With over 800 vendors there, “it can be quite overwhelming,” as Jimmy puts it. CMBC is growing so quickly that much of the BrewExpo would be helpful, so Jimmy determined beforehand who would be talking to whom. “Everyone has their assignments, and we all know what the others are focusing on, so we are working individually, but also together,” he says.


This is Jimmy’s first year at the CBC with CMBC, but it sure ain’t his first rodeo, having been there previously with Brooklyn Brewery. “When I was with Brooklyn, we would send quite a lot of people to the conference each year from all different departments so we’d be sure to hit everything we wanted to see,” he explains. “CMBC is only sending four people so we really need to coordinate as a group and make sure we are getting to the classes we feel will be most valuable.”

“It’s a good mix of beer geeking-out moments, but also a boatload of knowledge opportunities,” Brian explains.

In the afternoons, Ryan’s scheduled for classes like Crafting Packaging Design and How to Build a Craft Beer Drinker, Chris will be checking out Uncovering and Understanding Trends In Craft Beer and a few financial workshops, Jimmy’s at Brewing Bliss: The Marriage of Food Safety & Quality and Kilned Vs. Roasted: Do You Know Your Specialty Malt?, and Brian will be attending Using Hops More Efficiently and Going Hopless: Brewing Fruit Ales.

At last year’s convention in Portland, Brian got schooled on all things yeast. This year, he’s really looking forward to the Sour Symposium, hosted by his “sour hero” Lauren Salazar of New Belgium and Jay Goodwin of the Rare Barrel. “Sours are my passion and definitely the styles I’m most interested in learning more about,” Brian says.  “It should come as no surprise that I have 15 different sours brewing at home in varying stages.”

Ryan and Bob Pease, president and CEO of the Brewers Association

On the whole, the week is as much about education as it is about networking. Ryan spends much of his week meeting with members of other guilds from across the country. With national guild gatherings scheduled, networking lunches, and impromptu hey-how-you-doin’s throughout the week, Ryan is keeping busy. “It’s great opportunity to get everyone I speak to during the course of the year at one venue.  It’s a small industry but it’s a big world, particularly in terms of advocacy and governmental affairs.”

It wouldn’t be a conference without a social aspect, and, as you might imagine, the parties being hosted at a convention where everyone makes beer are nearly as intense as the day’s activities. “That’s where a lot of the real networking happens,” Ryan tells us. “The days are so full and rushed that you barely get a moment to say hello to each other. The parties at night are when you get a chance to calm down and really talk to one another.”

What does this week mean for you, dear beer drinker? “Better beer,” Ryan says.

Can we do this every week?

Word to yo’ Mother’s Day

You love your mother, right? Not only is she awesome, but she had the foresight to bring you into this world so you could enjoy our delicious craft beer. That was pretty cool of her.

You’ve definitely got to do something nice to thank her, and Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 7th. You could get her flowers, but they die eventually, so you’re basically giving her mulch. You could give her chocolates, but she’s probably going to complain that she’s fat and that your father’s going to eat them all, anyway. You could get her jewelry, but she’ll just tell you that you should save your money and not spend so much on her.

Let’s face it, your choices are limited for this holiday. You’ve been trying to figure out what to get her for… about three days. Sounds to me like you could use a beer. Maybe you should stop down to the Tasting Room to figure it out.

Hey! Idea! While you’re down there, why don’t you pick up your mom some sweet CMBC swag?!? You mom’s cool. She’s hip. She’s with it. She’s got it goin’ on. Make sure she’s got some of the hippest gear around. Maybe she’ll lay off about the fact that you haven’t settled down. (Probably not.)

We’ve got five ideas for your mom for Mother’s Day. Which, you know, is five fewer than you’ve had thus far.

You know you can’t talk to dad until he’s had his coffee, so he’ll be all about the speckled mug with our killer new logo. It looks like that sweet vintage enamel cookware, but with the heat retention of ceramic, dad’s coffee isn’t going to cool down before he’s done.


Dad needs this guy in his life. Look at him! He’s salty. He’s just a little shady. He’s smoking a pipe. HE’S GOT HOPS ON HIS FACE. He’s who every dad wishes he were.


Maybe dad’s not a cuddler. Maybe he is. Either way, he wants to keep his beer frosty cold. With Father’s Day being in the middle of June, he’ll get plenty of use out of this bad boy. And dad’s gonna love this in the backyard, mowing the lawn, or yelling at the Phillies. (How awful are they this year?!?)


Does dad have a bit to cover up top? Or maybe he just likes to wear hats. Either way, we’ve got him covered with our new gray hat, with our snazzy new logo. You know he loves wearing our gear, so it’s time to get him outfitted in some of our new designs!


Coastal Collins

2oz Gin
2oz Simple Syrup
1oz lime juice
6oz Coastal Evacuation
Garnish with lime wedge

Who doesn’t love a good Tom Collins? This take on the classic cocktail was absolutely delicious, perfect on a hot summer’s night. It tastes almost exactly like a Tom Collins, yet with the hop kick of Coastal Evacuation.

“Wow. I forget I’m drinking alcohol.” — Alicia

“This one’s more my speed, More second-day-of-a-hangover.” — Richie

Tower Sunset

1.5oz Tequila
Equal parts Orange Juice and Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime
Grenadine floater

This is like a Tequila Sunrise, but the grenadine is heavier than the beer, so it sinks rather than floats. It’s the perfect drink to watch the sunset over the Bay. The lime kick of Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime is perfect with the orange juice. For an interesting variation, try jalapeño tequila.

Tower Paloma

2oz Jameson
1oz Simple Syrup
1oz lime juice
Top with Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime

You can make a Paloma one of two ways: either with Jameson or tequila. We opted for Jameson. The kiwi and lime flavors of our current version of Tower 23 work with the Jameson to create a refreshing cocktail, delicious on these hot summer nights.

"That is good." -- Brady

“Yeah, that’s the stuff!” -- Richie

Bog Madras

2oz Orange Vodka
Top with The Bog Cranberry Shandy
Orange Juice floater

The Madras is one of the simplest drinks known to man. Only vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice, we substituted our Cranberry Shandy for the cranberry juice. A perfect creation, the wheat base of The Bog is still present, but balanced by the orange and cranberry.

See, look! You had no ideas for your mom, now you’ve got five! Aren’t you glad you stopped by?
Oh, and Mom? If you’re reading this, your kids have no idea what to get you, either. You might want to click one of those share buttons below.

It’s Gonna Be May

CMBC_May Releases

If April’s release of Bringing Sexy Bock didn’t give you enough late-90s flashbacks to last you a lifetime, pretty much existing at the beginning of May should do it for you. Justin Timberlake is EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, he hasn’t been down to the brewery. Yet. We’re pretty sure that at some point, we’ll get him down here. Particularly if we keep naming beers after his songs. Bock Your Body? Dunkel in a Box? Well… probably not. But what we do have are these killer brews for May.

May 5 — Salty Lips
ABV: 4.7%  IBU: 10  Style: Gose
The name says it all! Salty Lips is a Gose — which is closely related to its tart cousin the Berliner Weisse — where using local ingredients from the Cape May Sea Salt Co brings out a slight touch of salinity. This refreshingly tart ale spent 2 days souring in the boil kettle to lower the pH to a pleasant acidity, then had coriander added with the local sea salt and hops before being fermented with a classic American Ale yeast strain. The saltiness strikes your palate before subsiding to a gentle tart bite, finishing with a yeast ester profile of peaches and honeydew, leaving you with a hint of the ocean on your lips.

May 12 — Summer Catch
ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 35  Style: Belgian Wheat
Welcome to summers at the Jersey shore. Soaking up some sun, hot days and cool nights, enjoying the beach, and just loving the heck out of life, make sure you take it all in with some Summer Catch. Citrusy and refreshing, this crushable Belgian-style wheat ale is sure to be your go-to drink all summer long. Citrus on the nose with an easy-drinking yet firm body, Summer Catch is our new summer seasonal aimed at the adventurous craft beer drinkers, yet approachable enough to encourage the yet-to-be converted consumer. At home on the patio during your next cookout, but also ready to be sipped all night long out with your squad, Summer Catch is your new summer ale.

May 19 — The Bog
ABV: 3.9%  SRM: 12  IBU: 9  Style: Cranberry Shandy
Sometimes we’ll create a beer because we’ve always wanted to make a certain style, other times it’s to fill a hole in our lineup, but what happens when we’re making our Cranberry Wheat and accidentally add too much cranberry making it too tart? We embrace it and turn it into a Shandy. What was supposed to be a one off batch has turned into one of our top selling and sought after beers, one that come end of spring we can barely keep in stock. The Bog has become the definitive South Jersey summer beer, a tart cranberry wheat beer blended with lemonade to create an uber-drinkable summer shandy. Designed to enjoy on those sweltering days, this beer is light and refreshing while still packing tons of flavor.

May 26 — Beets by May
ABV: 5.0%  IBU: 40  Style: American Pale Ale with Beets
The Bavarian Purity Law may reign in Germany, but here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., we put whatever we damn well please into our beer!  Couple this with our love of local Jersey ingredients — in this case, red and yellow beets — and you have our latest experiment with certified “Jersey Fresh” ingredients: Beets by May.  This classic American Pale Ale is specifically designed around the semi-sweet, earthy flavor of fresh beets, complemented by notes of pine, fresh grass, and a touch of orange citrus from the Bravo, Target, and Chinook hops.  Topped off with a distinctive color you can see from across the bar, this one simply can’t be missed!

Also back on tap and in bottles… APPLE BOMB! We know, we know… we let you down by not having it on tap the past few times you’ve been here. We’re ashamed and horrified. We’re pretty sure it’s why JT hasn’t visited, either.

Gose? I hardly know her!

Once upon a time, the Germans, in their never-ending-and-slightly-maniacal quest for purity, passed the Reinheitsgebot. Usually translated as the “German Beer Purity Law,” this act limited the ingredients of beer to water, barley, and hops.

Salty Lips, Salty Brew

Could you imagine? This was 1516 in Bavaria. If you ever get around to finishing that time machine you’ve been working on, maybe skip medieval Bavaria.

While the Germans were attempting to put the kibosh on anything with flavor, the small mountain town of Goslar collectively raised its hand and said, “Hey, guys…? Um, we make this really awesome beer with coriander and salt, then we sour it. It’s kinda the bomb. You really should try it. So… how about you step off?”

And they did. They stepped off. They gave them an exemption. They let little Goslar make its beer.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thankfully, modern beer philosophy has been spitting in the face of the Reinheitsgebot for quite awhile. Craft beer is kinda like Thunderdome: lawless, with a shirtless Mel Gibson and Tina Turner attempting to cling to relevance.

So, we came up with Salty Lips. We let it sour in the boil for two days before adding coriander and sea salt, then we ferment it with a classic American Ale yeast. With hints of honeydew and peaches, its meager 10 IBUs guarantee a curious lack of hops flavor. You’ll gose crazy over this beer.

IMG_7638And that’s not just any sea salt in Salty Lips: it’s Cape May Sea Salt.  Hand-harvested using traditional methods, Cape May Sea Salt comes from water gathered from the Atlantic Ocean at select locations in South Jersey. At their state-of-the-art greenhouse, the water is exposed to plenty of sun and carefully controlled temperatures, crystallizing into beautiful and flavorful salts.

“Anyone who’s ever taken a dip in the ocean knows the salty flavor left on your lips” says Lead Brewer Brian Hink. “Our Salty Lips is reminiscent of that — you get just a touch of salinity on your lips before the tartness comes through, finishing with a dusting of fresh sea salt back in your mouth.” After one sip, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of the ocean.

Swing down to the Tasting Room when it drops on Thursday and give it a try. Or, maybe, if you get that time machine up and running, keep coming back.

And, when you do, give a quick thanks to the people of Goslar.

There will be much rejoicing.

Marked for Life!


CMBC fan and Somers Point native Eric Hodgon has taken fandom to a whole. New. Level.  That’s our IPA logo tattooed on his knee!

“I really love the idea of a hop, but hate that out of context it can look like pot. When I saw the IPA design and it looked just like a hop, I knew I wanted it,” Eric says.

He and his fiance have been coming to the brewery since they met. “My favorite is definitely Coastal Evacuation,” he says, “but the rustic look of the sign was very hard to get tattooed.” So he went with his second-favorite brew: the flagship IPA.

Eric and Courtney

“It’s just super flattering,” says our Graphic Designer, Courtney Rosenberg. “I don’t always have the most confidence in things I do, I always strive to do better…but to see someone get my design tattooed on them sure puts a smile on my face. Plus, the hop is next to a Yellow Submarine tattoo. Score.”

How cool is that?!? Thanks, Eric. We’re all really humbled that you’d want a memento of our company to look at for the rest of your life. We’re pretty sure that if you flash that at any decent bar, someone in the know will buy you a Cape May brew.

Just, please… wear shorts that day.

Boats! Boats! Boats!

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 4.42.50 PM

We’re on a boat! No, for real, this time. This isn’t like when we told you that we were buying a ferry and turning it into a floating brewery. This weekend, CMBC is heading to the Cape May Boat Show as the official brewery sponsor. See? Really! We’ll be on a boat! *

We’re kicking off each day at the Hospitality Tent with the Washington Inn at 10am. We’ll be pouring copious amounts of our flagship IPA and Sophisticated Lady while you stuff your face with grilled Mahi Mahi sandwiches with key lime mayo, gourmet burgers with basil aioli, bacon hot dogs, and some slammin’ guac. If the Cape May brews don’t get you down to the marina this weekend, that menu should do the trick.

Seagear, the Cape May Paddle Club, Island Marine Center, and United Yacht Sales have all signed on as presenting sponsors, so there will be plenty of stuff to drool over… if you have any drool left over from the menu and the beer.

“This is the second year of the boat show, and it’s more than twice as big as last year’s event,” says event organizer Sean Scarborough. With 25 exhibitors, “We sold out all of our space,” he says proudly.

There will be in the neighborhood of 40 boats in the marina and on land available for purchase. Kindle Ford will be on hand showing some of their new trucks that are able to tow the new boat your wife begged you not to buy. Hobie Kayaks, Martek Electronics, and Jim’s Bait and Tackle are just a few of the vendors that will be on hand. “We’ll have everything from paddle boards to million-dollar yachts,” says Sean.

Need some tunes? The Bastard Sons of Captain Mey will be on hand Friday night. The close harmonies and bluegrass-infused folksy tunes of these “lost child men hailing from Cape May” will remind you of the greats like Johnny Cash, Levon Helm, The Allman Brothers, and Bob Dylan. The perfect music to pair with an IPA and a beautiful new yacht.

Saturday afternoon Private Stock will get you on your feet with their rock-infused reggae. Influenced by such stellar acts as State Radio, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Audioslave, and Nirvana, their vocals are noted for “the right mix of smoothness and grit”. You’ll want a few pints of Sophisticated Lady while you sit back and rock out to these guys.

In addition to the CMBC brews, there are all sorts of demonstrations and contests on tap, including a safety demonstration, a fishing seminar, and survival suit races.

As the official brewery of Cape May Marina, we were involved with this event last year. “The boat show is really promoting the Jersey Shore and Waterfront lifestyle, and if someone doesn’t think that Cape May Brewing Company is part of that, they just didn’t read the notes,” Sean enthuses.

We couldn’t agree more! See you this weekend.

Okay… We won’t really be on the boats. You’re not allowed to have alcohol on boats. It’s a perfectly reasonable law, meant for maritime safety along the same lines as drinking and driving. CMBC condones neither. You may, however, have a beer while you look at boats and accoutrements of boating. The law is on your side, there. We’re totally cool with that. In fact, we encourage it! We encourage having a beer while looking at just about anything, just so long as you’re not controlling large pieces of machinery, particularly those with low coefficients of friction. (And maybe while peering into a casket. But that’s on you, dude. We don’t judge.)

Welcome our newest driver, Chris

IMG_0016From the wild outdoors comes CMBC’s newest driver, Chris Martin.

Born and raised just up the Parkway in Egg Harbor Township, Chris is a 2012 graduate of ACIT, having studied Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism. Before CMBC, he was employed with Northfield Public Works.

Chris loves the outdoors. We’re glad we got him inside long enough to sit down and talk to us!

When he’s not delivering your favorite Cape May brew, he’s probably fishing, kayaking, or skiing, “Pretty much anything outdoors,” he says. “I go to Blue Mountain a lot, or if I’m lucky up to Stowe, Vermont.”

His trips up to Vermont are among his favorites, enjoying the local sights, the resorts and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Can you blame him? We love that ish!

Chris spends a lot of time working on his ’86 El Camino. “I’m the second owner. I bought it off my uncle who bought it off the showroom floor.” As you might imagine, “it’s needed a lot of work,” he says.

Between delivering your beer and working on his car, Chris finds the time to spend with friends, camping around a fire, downing a few Coastal Evacuation DIPAs. He’s a man with great taste.

Welcome aboard, Chris. We’re glad to have you!

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