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“Most excellent!! Party on, Wayne!!”


As summer dissolves into fall, it’s time for some of our favorite beers. We love what we do over the summer, but once September rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and one of the world’s favorite beers: Oktoberfest.

What started as a festival between two German nobles has become one of the largest beer festivals in the world, and we’re proud to add our beer to the legions of honorable breweries that have brewed Oktoberfest brews throughout the years.

If you haven’t tried our Oktoberfest, we’ve got some reviews about last year’s batch to whet your whistle.

“Most excellent!! Party on, Wayne!!” — Jamie V. (Party on, Garth! Party on, Jamie, too!)

“Draft. Rich malt aroma. Nice balance. Solid Oktoberfest.” — Bill J.

“Wow, that’s good. Thanks, Mark.” — Ron H. (We’re not sure who Mark is, but we’d like to assume that he’s BFF with our Brewer, Mark Graves.)

“Good fall beer! First Oktoberfest of the season!” — Lorraine

“A very nice Marzen. Malty, notes of caramel and toast. Delicious in this weather.” — Conor M.

“Bier on Boardwalk — Favorite Oktoberfest of the flight!” — Kerry S.

“Great Oktoberfest, smooth and slightly malty, hearty with a clean finish. Fun, easy drinking beer.” — Joe S.

IMG_4013“Pretending we are in Germany!” — Jennifer M. (Add some bratwurst and the illusion is complete.)

“Fantastic!” — Bill H.

“Classic dark color with malt forward aromas. This was a very easy drinking Oktoberfest.” — Michael T.

“Delicious as always. My favorite seasonal beer overall.” — Laura E.

“First Oktoberfest brew of the year! Digging it.” — Tom

“Damn tasty, as usual.” — Peter D.

“A light, easy Oktoberfest. I could drink this all day.” — Matt M.

“The answer to fall. Perfect. Not too heavy. Nice color.” — Mary B.

“Light with roasty notes at the end.” — Daniel G.

“O’Fest in my glass and True Grit on the big screen! Happy Monday!” — Jimmy V. (Hey… we might know that guy….)

Time to write your own review! If you haven’t tried Oktoberfest, get thee to the brewery!