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"Our relationship with Left Hand is important to us...."

Nitro Fest with Randi

We’re gearing up for what’s become one of our favorite far-flung events: Left Hand’s Nitro Fest! Running this weekend, our good friends at Left Hand Brewing Co. bring together some of the biggest names in nitro beer throughout the world for this festival and throw a pretty killer costume party in the process.

This week, we got together with Events Coordinator Randi Friel for a little Q&A to find out what’s so awesome about this festival!

1. Hi, Randi. 

Hello, lovely people at Straight to the Pint.

2. How did we find out about Nitro Fest? 

Left Hand extended an invite for the first time last year and we were stoked to commit again this year.

3. Who else will be there? 

This event is really cool because they have breweries from all over the world — Portugal, Iceland, China, Russia. It’s like a United Nations meeting, but with beer and people wearing costumes!

4. Nitro Fest celebrates more than just beer. Can you tell us how? 

Our relationship with Left Hand is important to us; after all, Ties the Room Together is a product of that relationship. The event is for a good cause: it’s one of several events each year that Left Hand runs to benefit their Left Hand Brewing Foundation, which supports various organizations in Longmont and throughout Colorado. We’re happy to be a part of this for a good cause. 

5. Why are we sending Honey Porter Nitro and Cape May IPA Nitro? 

Because they’re two of our flagships! These are brews loved by our fans year-round. They are tried, true, and trusted beers that have been with us since the beginning. In addition, Honey Porter recently won a Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival for Brown Porter.

6. Who from our team is going? Why are we sending them? 

We’ve decided to send Brewer Kevin Kately and Line Technician Andrew Monastra this year. Both are solid choices for their beer knowledge and hard work throughout the year. I’m excited they’ll be representing Cape May Brewing Company while getting the chance to visit other breweries.

7. What’s your favorite thing about this festival? 

It’s different every time! There’s a new theme each year: this year is Cosmic Masquerade, and they encourage everyone to dress up. Left Hand goes all out, they have aerialists, circus performers, and fire dancers this year. 

8. What do we hope to get out of our attendance? 

New fans! This is our second year attending, so I’m interested in seeing repeat fans from last year or a connection from fans from the Great American Beer Festival. 

If you happen to be attending, let us know! If not, swing down to Cape May for the Exit Zero Jazz Festival this weekend!