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New Merch!

We’ve gotten eight new pieces of CMBC swag… and they’re for sale now online and in the tasting room. Here’s what our graphic designer, Courtney Rosenberg, had to say about the threads modeled here by the CMBC team:
Where does the inspiration for the designs come from? Like, do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea? 
My inspiration comes from our tasting room, the surf/boating lifestyle and styles that are trending right now in pop culture. Like I totally think Taylor Swift would rock the new flowy life preserver ladies’ tank next time she is hanging in Stone Harbor. Hint Hint, Tay Tay. I totally have woken up with ideas before and plugged them into my notes on the iPhone. Those crazy ideas are now beer labels and merch.
Bringing sexy back.
Bringing sexy back.
How collaborative is the designing? 
I want /ask for suggestions for the merch from everyone in the office, brewhouse and tasting room. The tasting room staff has the most interaction with the buyers so I like to go to them with rough ideas. Out of the tasting room staff Dan is very honest so he will tell me if something sucks, or he’ll geek out over a design he loves. Ryan and Ashley will often relay to me if they think a certain article of clothing will sell well and from there I will brainstorm ideas and then discuss with them further. Everything at CMBC is a team effort.
Operations manager Ashley shows off her swag.
Operations manager Ashley shows off her swag.
Wear it proud - Coastal Evacuation took home a silver medal from the Best of Craft Beer Awards.
Wear it proud – Coastal Evacuation took home a silver medal from the Best of Craft Beer Awards. 

As the graphic designer, what’s YOUR favorite? 
I like them all! It’s a toss up though between the IPA shirt and the ladies’ life preserver tank. The IPA shirt is just a good frickin time. It’s bold and obviously the design stands out. So far I’ve had people ask me if the hop was an acorn or a “bud”, which I am okay with. The beer nerds will get what it is.
Event rep Amanda looking fresh.
Tasting Room Associate Amanda looking fresh.  
Sales rep Richie uses his hop tee as a blanket...
Sales rep Richie uses his hop tee as a blanket… 

Why the squid? And were there any other animals in the running for that shirt? 
So we had the anchor with hops last year and this year I wanted to do something different but in the same line-drawing style. I was searching online for different sea life and stumbled across different octopus and squid photos. From there I messed around with designs and made a drunk squid. I really wanted to do a shirt with horseshoe crabs or skates…next round.
Beware the kracken!
Beware the kracken!