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Up your sticker game

National Sticker Day: Stick It!

Did you know that January 13th is National Sticker Day?! When the Brew Crew travels, they love to spread the word of Cape May Brewing Co. by leaving stickers on sticker posts or walls, especially at other breweries!

Sometimes, they even encounter a CMBC sticker that’s already there! In honor of National Sticker Day, here’s some fun pictures:

Shout-out to Brewtique MOD Barb Bur for always snapping awesome shots when she’s visiting other places!

Someone threw one of our throw-back logo stickers on a growler! 

Can you spot our sticker?!

Gotta represent!

Looking fly on that bright blue pillar!

Standing out from the pack!

A sneaky spot!

Make way for CMBC!!

Oh yeah—post it up!

A prime location!

Want to get in on the fun? We have some new stickers for you to try out. Our die-cut stickers are ideal for outdoor use, they’re waterproof, and UV-resistant, so they’re built to last! Give some love to CMBC with your favorite Hoppy Sailor, Mermaid, IPA crab, or go bold with the Devil’s Reach beach scene. We’ve also got classic badge logo stickers in a new three-inch size that’s great for tagging even the smallest of spots!

Have a favorite sticker or logo of ours? Share it with us on social media or comment below!


  1. “Someone threw one of our throw-back logo stickers on a growler!”

    When you guys first opened, this is how you sold growlers. I believe there had been custom CMBC growlers, but they quickly ran out. I always love to bring in one of these OG growlers into the Brewtique!

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