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If your kid asks for your support to start a brewery: go with it.

Mop Man’s Advice

We’ve got a number of new fathers around the brewery:

Ryan and his wife Kaysi had Radley Theodore back in February.

Justin and his wife Mariel had Piper Anne three weeks ago, and, while Justin’s not exactly a new father, the last time he went through all of this was ten years ago.

And Craig and his wife Amanda should have had a baby last weekend, but, as we write this, we’re still on Baby Watch. (Let’s hope she goes on Father’s Day!)

So, this Father’s Day, we wanted to catch up with the brewery’s father — the Mop Man himself, Bob Krill — to see what advice he had for these new proud papas.

52347488_10156094013983807_4817567049582641152_n-2“We all have our own experiences with what we have learned from our fathers,” Mop Man says. “My father was humble, honest, and a very hard worker in order to provide for our family. He shaped the way I think about being a father.”

So, in no particular order, here is Mop Man’s advice:

  • It seems obvious, but love your family. I will always remember coming home from a business trip to my wife and my two children to realize what is really important in life. I didn’t know what love was until I had children. You would run into a burning building for children without even thinking about it.
  • Don’t be too hard on your parents, sooner or later you become your parents.
  • Be honest and make your family and friends a priority in your life. Everyone is your friend when things are going well, but when things don’t go so well, the ones who love you will be there for you.
  • Work is only a means to an end: love of family is what lies within us and what really matters.
  • Set the standard you want your children to be. Be true to your instincts.
  • Make more right decisions than wrong decisions and you will have a successful life.
  • Leave things better than the way you found them for the next generation.
  • A few of my slip-ups: The only sin is getting caught, and don’t overthink it, just drink it.
  • If your kid asks for your support to start a brewery: go with it.

Be sure to bring dad by the Tasting Room for a beer this weekend! Our summer hours begin Friday: 11am to 9pm. See you there!