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Traditional cocktail - soda water + beer = Flavor sensation

Mixin’ it up

If you missed our Tap Takeover at Harpoon’s on the Bay on Wednesday night, no worries! We got together with Brady at Harpoon’s earlier in the week to devise some beer cocktails for the Takeover, and we’ve got them here for your drinking pleasure.

Beer cocktails have seen a surge in recent years, and for good reason. So many cocktails call for soda water, but why add seltzer when you can add Coastal Evacuation? You get essentially the same mouthfeel with the added flavor of our flagship Double IPA. It seems like a no-brainer.

Here’s the formula for the perfect beer cocktail:

Traditional cocktail soda water + beer = Flavor sensation

Nonetheless, when you’re looking for the perfect beer cocktail, you go to the pros — and we’ve got plenty of them. Our Distribution Manager, former bartender, and possessor of enviable biceps, Justin Vitti, was in his element as he created his masterpieces. Sales Manager Richie Rallo, Marketing Communications Manager Alicia Grasso, and our Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg were all happily in attendance as we sampled Justin’s creations.

Coastal Collins

2oz Gin
2oz Simple Syrup
1oz lime juice
6oz Coastal Evacuation
Garnish with lime wedge

Who doesn’t love a good Tom Collins? This take on the classic cocktail was absolutely delicious, perfect on a hot summer’s night. It tastes almost exactly like a Tom Collins, yet with the hop kick of Coastal Evacuation.

“Wow. I forget I’m drinking alcohol.” — Alicia

“This one’s more my speed, More second-day-of-a-hangover.” — Richie

Tower Sunset

1.5oz Tequila
Equal parts Orange Juice and Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime
Grenadine floater

This is like a Tequila Sunrise, but the grenadine is heavier than the beer, so it sinks rather than floats. It’s the perfect drink to watch the sunset over the Bay. The lime kick of Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime is perfect with the orange juice. For an interesting variation, try jalapeño tequila.

Tower Paloma

2oz Jameson
1oz Simple Syrup
1oz lime juice
Top with Tower 23 with Kiwi and Lime

You can make a Paloma one of two ways: either with Jameson or tequila. We opted for Jameson. The kiwi and lime flavors of our current version of Tower 23 work with the Jameson to create a refreshing cocktail, delicious on these hot summer nights.

"That is good." -- Brady

“Yeah, that’s the stuff!” -- Richie

Bog Madras

2oz Orange Vodka
Top with The Bog Cranberry Shandy
Orange Juice floater

The Madras is one of the simplest drinks known to man. Only vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice, we substituted our Cranberry Shandy for the cranberry juice. A perfect creation, the wheat base of The Bog is still present, but balanced by the orange and cranberry.

If you missed the Tap Takeover at Harpoon’s, never fear. You can still make these at home. Or you can swing down to Harpoon’s and devise one of your own! With the breeze coming in off the Bay, the waiting sunset, and the stellar company, Harpoon’s is the perfect place for a beer cocktail.

Let us know what you think!


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