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A few rules, a few new procedures, and we should be able to ensure that everyone has a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend, filled with as much Crushin’ It as you can responsibly handle.

Memorial Day at CMBC

We miss our fans so much: our Tasting Room is usually hoppin’ by this point in May. This year, it’s a sad, desolate, lonely place. Beertender Jake Hauser will sometimes wander in aimlessly, staring longingly at the bar, sighing deeply, only to shuffle out several minutes later with the hangdoggedest of hangdog looks on his masked face.

And we know you feel the same way. This quarantine is affecting everyone hard — we’re all struggling at this point. But, keep in mind that we’re all in the same boat. 

The Tasting Room and Beer Garden won’t be open for Memorial Day weekend in their usual sense, but we’ve still got your back. We know this is a big weekend, and you’ll need to get your stock of your favorite CMBC brews.

Discussing things with Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith, it sounds like online ordering is going to be your best bet.

“Things were pretty crazy on the phones last weekend with the releases of Key Lime Corrosion and That Cherry Lime Good Good,” she says. “So online ordering is going to be the way to go.”

Pro Tip: Try to get your orders in online before noon. We’ll have folks in the Brewtique by 10am, simply filling orders. Once we open, the Brewtique staff will have their hands full with people at the brewery. The more we can get done before we open the better it’ll be for everyone.

When you arrive at the brewery, you’ll notice that we have two windows set up in the doorways farthest from Breakwater Road. There are four doors into the Tasting Room — looking at the building, they’ll be the two doors to your left.

The middle door is for picking up orders. If you’ve placed your order online or over the phone, head to the middle window to pick it up. Now, you don’t have to call when you arrive; simply put on your mask and head to the window and we’ll take care of you.

The far door to the left — the Brewtique exit — will be for new orders. There, you’ll be able to order beer as well as merchandise. We’ll be accepting payment with credit card or CMBC gift cards — we’re still not accepting cash.

At both windows, be sure to have your ID ready — we’ll still need to check your identification. 

Once you’ve arrived, if you notice that the line for new orders is particularly long, placing an order online won’t speed things up for you.

“I think people were getting a little frustrated with the lines last weekend,” Kaitlyn says, “which was understandable. But, once you’re here, placing an order online instead of waiting in line won’t get it done faster.”

Keep in mind that we’ll expect everyone to be wearing masks once they get to the windows. This is for our safety as much as for yours — we know that the last thing you want is the staff at your favorite brewery sick. 

So, a few rules, a few new procedures, and we should be able to ensure that everyone has a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend, filled with as much Crushin’ It as you can responsibly handle.

Get those orders in online! Or, if you’re not planning to come to the shore this weekend, check out our Beer Finder for a retailer near you. 



  1. Captain Bob

    First I want to say that your Coastal Evacuation double IPA has been a staple throughout the PA lockdown. As you know our liquor stores have been closed. Your double IPA is just want the doctor ordered. Thanks for all the good work. I can’t wait to come and visit you live. Any ideas when you might be open again for walk in traffic?

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