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Honestly, I've never met a CMBC beer I haven't liked!

Meet More Brand Ambassadors!

Sometime last year, we introduced you to our Sampling Program. We hired a bunch of Brand Ambassadors — smart, friendly folks who descend upon your local bottle shop or liquor store, set up a brightly-colored table and display, and entreat upon you to try our beers.

Yeah. It’s a good gig.

In fact, things have been going so well that we’ve had to add a few more Brand Ambassadors. We’ve opened up the Reading/Lehigh Valley, and we’ve needed a few on hand to help us pick up the slack in our existing territories.

“I am so fortunate to have been able to add these four to our slew of Brand Ambassadors recently, totaling 11 team members,” says Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana, who heads the program. “They all have a serious passion for craft beer and extensive knowledge of the industry. Mary D, Michelle, Casie, and Walt are all extremely reliable and great team players, which aligns very well with our CMBC family vibes here. I have received nothing short of positive feedback on their performances at samplings from fellow CMBC sales managers, store owners, and managers, as well as happy beer drinkers. I am thrilled to have these four on my team. Keep up the good work!”

Meet your new Brand Ambassadors!

Mary DiLazzaro — Lancaster, PA

What drew you to the job with Cape May Brewing Company/Cape Beverage? I was ecstatic to learn that CMBC expanded its distribution into Central PA. I was on the website looking for the local suppliers and clicked on careers for fun. I saw the posting for the Brand Ambassador position for Lancaster and applied instantly. I’ve been vacationing in Cape May since I was ten years old, and recently added CMBC as an annual stop. The first time I was at the brewery I wasn’t legally able to drink alcohol (Cape May’s root beer is delicious, by the way). This position combines my passion for beer with memories of a summer vacation.

What do you love about the job? This is easy: the beer. I am a craft beer enthusiast and get to inform consumers of the amazing products CMBC is producing. Many have never heard of or tried any of the CMBC beers. I get to be the representative introducing them to a variety of brews available for consumption (and purchase). I enjoy the customer interaction and get to connect with people — all in the name of beer.

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? Selecting only one is tricky. I have not had a bad brew from Cape May, especially with the seasonal and special batch brews. My go-to CMBC beer is Coastal Evacuation. For a DIPA, the brew goes down extremely smooth. The beer flavor is balanced between the bitterness of the hops and citrus flavors. A solid winner in my book.

Michelle Eastman — Atlantic and Cape May Counties

What drew you to the job with Cape May Brewing Company/Cape Beverage? About six years ago, I was visiting my family in Galloway and stopped in Gourmet for lunch. I asked the server if they had any locally made IPAs, and I was shocked as soon as I tasted Cape May IPA.

“Jersey finally has good beer!” I had lived in Florida for thirteen years at that point and visited Asheville, NC, twice a year just to brewery hop. I thought I knew a lot about craft beer and was stoked that a South Jersey brewery was bringing Jersey up to speed in the craft beer world.

Fast forward to now. I just returned to Jersey after living all over the country for eighteen years. I never forgot about that first sip of Cape May IPA that I had at Gourmet. When I visited the brewery early last year, I was so stoked and super impressed. Impressed with the consistent quality of every beer I tried and stoked about how nice all the employees were. I left that day telling myself, “This is a company I want to work for.”

What do you love about the job? When a customer decides to sample our beers even though they think they don’t like craft beer and find a beer they actually love… that’s the best!

I’m usually able to sample a variety of beers like King Porter Stomp, The Bog, and Coastal Evacuation. It’s awesome when a customer is open to trying everything just to see if they really like craft beer. Most of the time the customer is pleasantly surprised that they actually like craft beer.

I also really enjoy talking to people about traveling. Depending on where I am sampling, most customers are visiting the area and they love bringing Cape May beers back home as a “souvenir.” It always sparks a conversation about their hometown or why they are visiting our area! One of the first things I do when visiting a new place is to buy locally-brewed beer and visit local breweries. It’s nice to see other people supporting local breweries during their travels!

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? White Caps. (Although I had to hit my backspace button a few times because I first wrote Roped In then Snag & Drop!)

I’m a sucker for IPAs, White Caps is my perfect beer. The feel is super soft and the flavor is so refreshing, juicy yet earthy. I love it!

Casie Hain — Berks and Lancaster Counties, PA

What drew you to the job with Cape May Brewing Company/Cape Beverage? I was immediately drawn to this job when I saw “craft beer”. I have a passion for trying out new craft beers, breweries, and microbrews. While I was in college, I skipped the usual beer phase and went right into craft beers, trying strong IPAs and flavorful stouts.

What do you love about the job? I love this job because I get to spread my craft beer passion with guests and visitors in Lancaster and Reading. It’s a fun experience to see people enjoy the beers and say “wow that’s really good!” It’s rewarding when I see CMBC sell out!

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? My favorite CMBC beer is Coastal Evacuation. This double IPA is hoppy enough, but also extremely smooth. It has quickly become my favorite beer and my go-to after a long day. I love the earthiness in the beer and the high ABV percentage!

Walt Rogers — Montgomery and Bucks County, PA

What drew you to the job with Cape May Brewing Company/Cape Beverage? I worked in retail beer sales for six years and have been working in an office for the past 5 years of my life. I’m passionate about beer, so naturally, I was excited for the opportunity to talk about great beer for a few hours at a time!

What do you love about the job? I love meeting new people and introducing them to new brews! As long as I’ve been a beer drinker, I’ve loved talking to people, finding out what they like and suggesting a new beer that they should try. Being able to give them a sample and watch the instant gratification is even better!

What’s your favorite CMBC beer and why? My “go-to” brews have been Always Ready and Coastal Evacuation! Always Ready is SO flavorful for a Pale, and Coastal is a beautiful West Coast Double IPA in a world obsessed with New Englands! I also really enjoyed Ties The Room Together, King Porter Stomp, and Snag & Drop. Honestly, I’ve never met a CMBC beer I haven’t liked!

One of these talented folks will be doing a sampling near you. Check our events calendar, and be sure to say hello.