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The people, the beer, the attitude. I like every day that I come to work.

Meet Kathy!

If you’ve been to the Tasting Room at any point over the summer, odds are that you’ve gotten the chance to meet Kathy Forler. And, if you’ve gotten the chance to meet Kathy, you’d not soon forget it.

She’s fiery. She’s gritty, she’s scrappy, and she’s brash. She tells it like it is, and we love her all the more for it. Kathy’s got one of the biggest hearts we’ve ever met.

Most importantly, however, Kathy knows her beer. She’s one of the best female homebrewers we have on staff at the moment, and she brews up some wicked stuff.

In addition, she may be the biggest Eagles fan on staff, which is saying quite a lot.

The summers in Cape May are better simply because she’s here. And, honestly, right now we wish she’d bring some of that Florida sunshine a little farther north. Soon.

So, without further ado, meet Kathy Forler.

6736I AM FROM…  Philly – born and raised, Cape May summers – entire life, Dania Beach, Florida – second home

MY FAVORITE CMBC BEER IS… Coastal Evacuation! I live in two coastal communities, so, when we have to “grab our beer and run like hell” from a hurricane, I grab the Coastal.

THE GREATEST ADVENTURE I EVER HAD WAS…  In college, I backpacked in Western Europe for 6 weeks. Not only was it my first flight (JFK to Brussels), we had very little money and little clue as to what we were doing.  However, being young, we had no fears! It was so much fun to travel via EuroRail, stay in Youth Hostels and explore Belgium, Germany, France and the city of Amsterdam. While in Amsterdam, I had my first ever brewery tour of the Heineken site. Back then, the tour was about ten minutes and the free tasting was about an hour, HA!

My second greatest adventure was going to the Super Bowl in 2004 to witness the Eagles play New England. Yes, we lost, but the four-day experience in Jacksonville, Florida with approximately 50,000 Philly fans was incredible. I don’t know if my heart could have survived a win….

MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS… Fishing, golf, and brewing beer.

THE LAST TIME I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED WAS… With Dan Patela and Jake Hauser – telling stories of when we were kids. “Boys” have their recollections of things and “girls” have somewhat different ones. OMG, my face hurt, I was laughing so hard.

THE SUPERPOWER I’D LIKE TO HAVE IS… Make the Eagles finally win the Super Bowl in my lifetime. That would make a lot of people rejoice.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME IS… Casablanca – Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Cool Runnings – Jamaican Bobsled team – I ALWAYS root for the underdog.

MY FAVORITE CARTOON IS… Snoopy – it’s all about the dogs.

IMG_1095THE BEST PICKUP LINE I EVER HEARD WAS… “Meet me by the Manatee” At Harpoons By the Bay

THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON I’VE EVER MET WAS… ANDY GARCIA – the most incredibly handsome man on earth….. Oh yea, and President Bill Clinton!

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS… Whining…. Quit whining and just do it.

THE SPORTS TEAMS I FOLLOW ARE… Philadelphia Eagles & Phillies, Miami Hurricanes football

THE BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS… “You’ve earned the right to be the last one to speak.” A former boss gave me this advice as I was developing a new team of individuals for sales roles.

IF I WERE AN ANIMAL, I WOULD BE… My Bulldog, Baby Bob. He lives a pretty cool life. He slobbers, passes gas, licks and burps – and no one ever corrects him; they laugh.

I WAS DRAWN TO CMBC BECAUSE… The people, the beer, the attitude. I like every day that I come to work.


MY FAVORITE BAND IS… Springsteen – It’s that growing up in Philly/Jersey blood in me.

MY KARAOKE SONG IS… You do not want to hear me sing.

I LOVE WORKING AT CMBC BECAUSE… I just love the people. Shifties aren’t so bad either (just kidding). But, even on a crazy rainy Saturday in the middle of the summer, we pour our beers, chuckle, and make it happen. As the company grows, our team gets more and more experienced. It makes our days more productive and our beer knowledge even better!

IF I WERE A CMBC BEER, I WOULD BE… Anniversary Ale – it was special….