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After all, my nickname is ODB....

Meet Danielle!

At CMBC, we’re known for our friendly Beertenders, and it’s tough to find anyone as friendly as Danielle Brasch.

After high school at Cardinal O’Hara in Upper Darby, she headed to Temple University in Philly, where she cheered on the Owls basketball team as a cheerleader. Since getting her degree in Elementary and Special Education, she’s been teaching sixth grade at Sandman Consolidated School in Cape May.

She’s been with CMBC for a year, and, between her smile and her bright eyes, Danielle has a way of making everyone feel at home — as if she’s just invited you into her kitchen for a beer. And once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

So, without further ado… meet Danielle Brasch!

I AM FROM…  Broomall, PA. I have been living here for the past five years.

MY FAVORITE CMBC BEER IS… King Porter Stomp on Nitro

THE GREATEST ADVENTURE I EVER HAD WAS…  I was a cheerleader at Temple University. My senior year, the men’s basketball team made it to the NCAA March Madness tournament. We played the first round in Tucson, Arizona, where I was able to explore and cheer on the Owls. We played the first game versus our rival Penn State and beat them in overtime on St. Patrick’s Day. We then played San Diego State and lost in double overtime. I’ll never forget how much energy was on that court, and making national television was pretty cool, as well.

MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS… Anything to keep myself active, outdoors, and with friends.

THE LAST TIME I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED WAS… When a friend made a human whirlpool at a BBQ. I laughed till I cried like I used to when I was little.

THE SUPERPOWER I’D LIKE TO HAVE IS… I wish I could fly so I could go visit my cousins who moved to San Diego, Seattle, and Indianapolis.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME IS… My favorite movie at the moment is Interstellar. Even though I’ve seen it so many times it keeps making me think.

MY FAVORITE CARTOON IS… Spongebob. I have an eleven year old sister. (Blogger’s note: Don’t blame your sister, Danielle!)

THE BEST PICKUP LINE I EVER HEARD WAS… “You have the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen.” It must have worked because it landed my boyfriend his first date with me (at CMBC) three years ago.

THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON I’VE EVER MET WAS… Joe Frazier. He was eating breakfast at one of my first summer jobs when I was 15. I bussed his table.

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS… People giving up at things too easily.

THE SPORTS TEAMS I FOLLOW ARE… Temple Owls, Flyers, Eagles

THE BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS… “It will all be okay.” My cooperating teacher would always tell me that during student teaching. Now, whenever I am stressed, I remind myself that and it calms me down because, at the end of the day, it usually is all okay.


I WAS DRAWN TO CMBC BECAUSE… The laid back atmosphere


MY FAVORITE BAND IS… My favorite current-day band is Tame Impala. All time favorite is Pink Floyd, and you can’t forget the Wu-Tang Clan. After all, my nickname is ODB since we have two Danielles as beertenders now — he’s Old Dirty Bastard and I’m Original Danielle Brasch. Fun fact: I saw Wu-Tang right before seeing Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo in 2013.

MY KARAOKE SONG IS… “Love Shack” by The B-52s

I LOVE WORKING AT CMBC BECAUSE… My awesome coworkers. I’ve made such great friends in the past year.

IF I WERE A CMBC BEER, I WOULD BE… The Bog. It’s sweet, pink, and people go nuts over it.