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Two of our newest team members have been killing it in the Brewtique this summer!

Meet Abby and Julie!

You’ve probably already met these two new folks if you’ve visited our Tasting Room this summer, but this week we’re going to learn a bit more about two of our Brewtique Associates who are both living down the shore and working hard every weekend.

Meet Abby Sholders (right) and Julie Carney (left)!

Abby is purposeful, driven, and fun to be around. She came in early for her shift to meet us in the Tasting Room so we could catch up with this Brewtique Associate that you’ve likely seen before if you’ve visited our Tasting Room this summer.

“Abby is such a team player! From the time her shift starts to ten minutes after her shift is over, she is running around making sure her teammates have what they need to have a successful day in the Brewtique. She is kind with customers and has a great sense of humor. It’s been a real pleasure having her on the team this summer,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith.

“My family has a house down here, we’ve had it forever,” Abby says.

She normally works summers near home, but this year, she’s living down the shore with her grandparents. 

“I live near Philly, in Jersey, in a small town that no one’s ever heard of. It’s less than a square mile. I worked twenty minutes from my house, and then I went to school in the middle of nowhere in a town no one’s ever heard of,” she says with a smile. “I live in National Park, and I go to school in Selinsgrove, PA, which is 40 minutes from State college and 20 minutes down the road from Bucknell. It’s a small farm town,” she says.

That small farm town houses Susquehanna University, where Abby is going to school for biomedical sciences with a minor in professional sales.

Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg even attended Susquehanna University briefly!

“I’m looking to go to grad school next year, and one of my top choices is Villanova,” she says.

(Ed. note: You might remember that our very own co-owner Ryan Krill went to Villanova!)

“I guess I’m going to stick to going to everyone’s alma mater,” Abby says with a laugh.

She hopes to be able to compete in sports while in grad school to lower her tuition, and ultimately wants to work in surgical sales.

“When I went to school, I was between pre-law and pre-med, which is crazy because I didn’t want to go to college at first, I wanted to go to makeup school,” she says.

“I got a last-minute recruiting email from this basketball coach. Then, the same week, the track coach from the same school emailed me and they were recruiting me separately,” she says.

“I went, and thought, I don’t want to go here. My dad was like, I got you a sweater. You’re going here,” she says with a laugh. “I ended up loving it.”

“I was supposed to do both basketball and track when I joined Susquehanna,” she shares.

Shortly after starting her freshman year and basketball season, however, she sustained an injury she couldn’t bounce back from.

“I blew my knee out the first week of freshman year. I had hurt it before in high school, and it was at the point where it was dislocating and coming out often. I could put it back myself and just walk it off,” she says. “Finally, one night, it just came out and tore, like that was the last straw.” 

“I thought I could just brace it and play on it, because that’s what I normally did, and wait to get surgery,” she says. “I was like, why not? Why not this time? They were like, no, you’re done for the season.”

“I got surgery over Christmas break, on Christmas eve morning, actually. I planned it strategically to be off crutches by the time I got to school because the whole campus is ice and hills in the winter,” she says with a laugh. “I was fine, the knee healed great. I watched the surgery on video, and I could take my knee apart and put it back together. Any injury I’ve had I could walk myself through the muscle groups. I was really good at anatomy,” she says.

That prompted her to look at how she could use this skill to her advantage.

It didn’t help that shortly after her injury, a whole host of things were not in her favor. Her grandmother passed, and the elevator in the building she lived in and in the building that her classes were in broke down, leaving her without the ability to go to class for three weeks. 

“I stumbled upon surgical sales one day trying to figure out how to save my bachelor’s degree. There was no major I could switch to where any of my classes crossed over or that would benefit me,” Abby says.

“I’ve been working in sales since I was 15. The school added a minor the year that I decided to do it,” she says. “My minor advisor has been really helpful in pushing us on what we need to do and the next steps.”

“Places like this are some of the easiest places in the world to network,” she says. “That’s why I worked on the golf course, because I can’t play golf, and that’s where business happens. I got to do all the networking you would do if you went to a business meeting on the golf course without ever having to pick up a club and embarrass myself.”

“We’re right next to a private airport. You never really know who’s going to come through here or who you could meet,” she says.

(Ed. note: One thing’s for sure. You never know when you might spot Ryan flying in or out!)

Kathy got me the interview here,” she says. “I don’t know if I would have gotten it without her pushing the application. She was a beertender, but now she’s retired and living in Florida.”

Through some crazy six degrees of separation, Abby met Kathy through her dad’s work with a relative at Dave & Buster’s.

“My dad wouldn’t take promotions because he wanted to come to sporting events,” she shares. 

(Ed. note: It doesn’t get much better than a parent committed to watching your events!)

Of course, while Abby’s knee healed tremendously after the surgery, as anyone who’s played contact sports knows, there’s always something else that can spell trouble for a sports career.

“It was the first day before preseason sophomore year, and we were playing pickup like we did every day, and I got elbowed in the back of the head,” she says. “I’m prone to concussions, so I know what to look for, and figured I would keep an eye on it. Then the next play, I got hit in the exact same spot. They made me go to a neurologist to get all this testing, and they said, we can’t let you play contact sports anymore.”

“I had track as my backup. The last week of winter break was when I was ready to go play sports again. I was done caring about not being able to play basketball and I walked into the first meet, with only a week of practice, and my coach had me compete,” she says.

“Two months later, the season ended and I ended up almost winning the conference. I lost to my teammate, who was a junior, by like .05 meters in an event that I’d never learned. So I thought, maybe I ended up falling into the right sport,” she says.

“This year, I’m on track to make it to nationals for indoor. It was some traumatic steps, but it really ironed itself out well,” she says.

(Ed. note: They could seriously make a movie about this comeback story!)

Now, Abby competes in track with “everything you can throw except for javelin.”

“I hit my coach with one in high school and he made a fake note that said that the NJSIAA banned me from touching javelins for the safety of the group, so I haven’t touched one since,” she says with a laugh.

(Ed. note: That’s New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, for those wondering.)

But not to fear! There’s a ton of other things in her repertoire, including shot put, discus, and hammer throws.

Like a lot of our younger new staff members, Abby is no stranger to the hustle.

“I work, I work out in the gym to stay in shape for the season, and I do homework. Then on my off days, I go to the beach or catch up on homework,” she says with a laugh.

“I like it here a lot,” she says. “My dad’s been coming to Cape May Brewing Company forever, because Kathy worked here. The first time I saw the Tasting Room was when we came for a visit several years ago. Apparently I said to my mom that I wanted to work here, and she didn’t remind me until I got hired.”

“I like how diverse the work group here is, too,” she shares. “It’s such an interesting group of people, because most people don’t just start down here and stay down here forever. Everyone has a different path.” 

She has plans for her MBA soon, but Abby also likes to go with the flow and see where life takes her. If it’s anything like her turbulent experiences so far that have led her to new, successful paths, we know that she’ll do great!

“That’s how I like to work: stay where you’re happy and then if something pushes you in a different direction or better for your long-term goal, then you go,” she says.

Abby has two brothers, one older and one younger, and one younger sister. She even has a bonus older brother: one of her older brother’s teammates in college hockey. 

“When the pandemic started, he couldn’t get home in time before everything shut down. He’s from Detroit, and his mom is an ER nurse. It wouldn’t have been safe for him with her coming from the hospital every day, so he lived with us. When someone moves in during quarantine and you’re there every day, you don’t have much of a choice but to consider them your sibling,” she says with a smile.

“He went from someone I barely knew to calling me and telling me about this new girl he met and telling me about his classes,” she says.

“My little sister still plays basketball. She’s amazing. She’s going into her freshman year, she’s almost 6’2” and is averaging 19 points a game,” Abby says. “The other day I was missing basketball. It still gets me every once in a while, because that’s the sport that made me comfortable with being tall. Since I stopped playing, I haven’t touched a ball.”

Of course, despite this, Abby has a lot to keep her busy these days, and she really likes jamming to a number of different music genres, admitting to us that she’ll listen to anything.

“I know a lot of people say that, but I went to a Dashboard Confessional/All American Rejects concert when I was 15, and I was the youngest person there,” she shares. “I’ve also gone to a Pitbull concert. My coach will let me play music on long trips in the van, and one morning, I put on a pop/punk playlist and he was like, why do you know any of this music?” 

“The biggest artist in my rotation recently has been Machine Gun Kelly. I really like the new album. I also spend a lot of time scrolling through no-name artists on Tiktok. You never know what kind of talent you’ll find,” she says.

Abby even has a recommendation for fellow music fans!

“I found this song the other day by this guy called John Harvie. It’s called ‘Bleach (On The Rocks)’. It’s a song about this girl that was so awful to him that she made him want to drink bleach. He remixed it with lil aaron,” she says. “Monsters by All Time Low and blackbear is really good, too. My music taste is all over the place. I have the whole Morgan Wallen Double Album memorized. I also listen to Hallucinogenics by Matt Maeson. If I put my phone on shuffle in the car, the average person is just like, why??”

She might be an ace on the field, but Abby is also really creative and has learned calligraphy to improve her lettering and drawing skills as well. 

“I draw here sometimes,” she says. “Mary usually does the chalkboards, but when she’s not here, sometimes I draw them. I did some work for the walls in the Brewtique, too.” 

“I like to draw, but it’s the most frustrating hobby, because if it doesn’t look perfect, I tear it up,” she says. 

She’s drawn out a couple of her tattoo ideas as well, once she’s completed her last planned piercings, courtesy of her piercer on the boardwalk. 

Abby will be with us until the end of August, so make sure that you say hi to her in the Tasting Room when you stop by next if you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet!

Our next brew crew member is one that a number of our newer Tasting Room team members, including Abby, counts as a new friend.

Julie seems quiet at first, but she lights up a room with her smile, and when we first met her in person, she was actually greeting that day. After we introduced ourselves, we realized that we’d been communicating online about her feature for this week, and had just now had a chance to catch up in person!

“What I love about Julie is she won’t even be scheduled for a shift in the Brewtique but she still comes in early to help the crew get ready for the day ahead,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She started doing that on her second week, and I was like, whoa this girl is awesome! She brings this great sense of chillness to our crew in the brewtique (which is super helpful on crazy release days). She works hard, is great with customers and just really goes with the flow!”

Julie is typically in the Brewtique, but like Abby, you can sometimes find her at the greeter’s stand.

“I love it here. Jocelyn, Gavin, Abby and I, we get along so well. We go out together outside of work to Wildwood,” she says.

“We never all have off during the day together, so whenever we do have some time, we all hang out,” she shares.

Julie is in Wildwood Crest for the summer, but she’s originally from PA: Drexel Hill in Delaware county outside of Philly.

She’s currently going to school at Temple, and she’s this close to finishing her degree. 

“I have one more class left, so I’ll be graduating in December,” she says. “I have to go on campus for that one.”

“This class is design and architecture for computers. My major is criminal justice and I’m minoring in information science and technology.”

(Ed. note: It’s a pretty wild pairing that offers some really cool job possibilities for the future!)

“I wanted to do forensics when I first started college, and it didn’t work out. I did criminal justice, and thought I’d do cybersecurity,” she says.

Luckily, her sister’s friend took the same path in undergrad and got a master’s in cybersecurity, which is what Julie is working towards. 

“She works at Pfizer. I need to get my master’s first though,” she says with a laugh. “Everyone wants to work at Pfizer right now because of the COVID vaccine.”

“I thought my classes would be more involved with cybersecurity aspects, but my classes are all coding. It’s not necessarily fun stuff. I think actual cybersecurity will be more interesting once I start taking classes for that,” she shares.

Despite tech being a relatively lucrative field, the extra schooling is costly.

“I want to get into a company that could pay for a portion of my master’s degree,” she says. “So I’m hoping for that.” 

“The more I talk with my sister’s friend, the more I want to work in that field,” she says.

Julie wasn’t always a craft beer fan. Thankfully, she had some fellow craft lovers introduce her to the wonders of the (coughCapeMaycough) craft beer world. 

“I started getting into craft beer Because of COVID,” she shares. “My boyfriend’s family are big brewery people. If I brought a Bud Light into their house, they’d be like ‘No.’” 

She laughs. “I was forced into drinking it and I ended up really liking it and trying all these different things. I thought, I want to work at a brewery. I’ll just live down the shore this summer and try Cape May,” she says.

Cape May IPA was one of the first beers I tried. I drank that all summer because I wouldn’t try anything else at first. Tonewood is near my boyfriends’ house so now we go there all the time. I love it there, too,” she says.

(Ed. note: We love our friends at Tonewood! You might remember our recent collab, Two Versions of Me.)

“I’m really into IPAs. My favorite right now is the City to Shore. My absolute favorite is Always Ready, though. You can drink more of that than you can of the higher ABV ones,” she says.

She has a drink in hand as we meet after her shift, and it’s Crusty Barnacle.

“I love this one, but it’s only on draft,” she says with a shrug and a smile. “Whenever I have a shiftie, I get this one.” 

Julie goes back to school in late August. 

“I can stay down here until it’s too cold. I don’t have heat in my house down here,” she says with a laugh. “My house is super small, and we don’t really need heat most of the time.” 

The beach house is shared between her parents and aunt and uncle. 

She and her family would often come down to the shore for vacations.

“I used to work at Harry’s Corner on the boardwalk, all of high school. Then they closed, and I got a job closer to home. But it’s my last summer, so I wanted to stay on the shore,” she says.

“Before this, I worked at a pizza place for five years, one of those bake at home places. Then I worked at the Liacouras Center, where we have events at Temple. I was only there four months before COVID happened,” Julie shares.

She still had her apartment when that happened, which she shared with three roommates. 

“I signed the lease for my apartment, so I still had to pay for it. I did go back a few times, but there was never really anything to do,” she says.

“Two of my roommates I went to high school with, and the other one went to a school near me,” she says. “They majored in business, risk management communications, and public relations. So we were all different.”

“My one roommate, whom I’ve been friends with for eight years, just moved to San Diego,” she shares. 

Some of her friends haven’t visited her at the shore yet because of conflicting schedules. 

“I’m always like, you can come down and stay with me, but I’m working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” she says with a laugh.

During the summer season, those are usually the peak times for people to visit the brewery, and with a packed house, it helps to have our brew crew at the ready to help check people out, answer questions, and create an awesome visiting experience! 

Now that she’s down at the shore, her family often come and visit as well.

“I have four older sisters. I’m the youngest. I have two nieces and one nephew,” she says. “We have to coordinate who’s coming at what time because we can’t all stay at the shore house at the same time.”

Her oldest sister has two kids and has a home near Avalon, so they’ll usually pop by while visiting.

“My sister who’s 15 months older than me, we’re like best friends, so she comes down sometimes which is nice,” Julie says. “We’re all pretty close.” 

Growing up with four sisters was sometimes a challenge.

“It was a zoo,” she says with a laugh. “We would fight all the time, just like what sisters do. It was a long time of that, but now that we’re older, we’re more friends. Now we love hanging out with each other.”

“Two of my sisters are nurses. One’s at Penn, the other’s at CHOP, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. My other two sisters are business majors and they work at the Wawa corporate offices. My dad is the manager of IT infrastructure there,” she says.

(Ed. note: Wait. Wawa has corporate offices? And a head of IT? ~the more you know~)

“People ask if I’m going to end up at Wawa, too,” she says with a laugh. “I’m not a business major, so I don’t know.” 

“I do go to Wawa every morning,” she admits. “My dad’s like, you’re paying for my retirement.” 

(Ed. note: As are we, sir. As are we.)

“I mostly just hang out with friends and family,” she says. 

“I love playing with my nieces and nephew. My first niece is four, and my nephew’s four. My other niece is three months old. My one sister is getting married in March and I’m the maid of honor. I just got my bride’s maid dress yesterday.”

“They’re getting married in Bluebell PA at Normandy Farms,” she says. 

(Ed. note: We actually just had a sampling out at that idyllic setting earlier this month!)

“I saw the event on Instagram and was like, that’s where Jackie’s getting married!” Julie says with a smile. 

Her boyfriend Kyle also visits when he’s not working in Manhattan.

“He originally lives in the Cherry Hill area, but he’s been working for Bloomberg in financial analytics for the past five years,” she says. “He just started going back to the office after COVID, and comes home on weekends.”

“I like to go to the beach a lot. In the Crest, the beach is so long. I love Sea Isle, even though they’re kind of getting overcrowded,” she says.

“My boyfriend and I, one day each summer we do sunrise to sunset on the beach, so that’s fun,” she shares.

(Ed. note: Now this is how you beach!)

“We go there at 5:30AM and stay until 9PM at night. We bring a big cooler and make two sandwiches each. We have yogurt, iced coffee, and bring cornhole and a bunch of games to keep us busy,” she shares. 

“It’s been hard to coordinate this year because I work weekends and he has a full-time job,” she says. “I took off a weekend in August and I’m hoping it’s sunny so we can do it then. You can’t really plan ahead, so I hope the weather is nice.”

We do, too! Summer showers tend to like to roll through on weekends, but we’re sending some good vibes out that we’ll have some sunny weekends in August to enjoy.

Julie will be with us in the Tasting Room until she has to go back for her last class this fall, so make sure to swing by and say hi or grab your beer to-go from the Brewtique!