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That first sip might make you pucker, but that fades quickly and leaves you wanting to go back for more.

Maybe She’s Brewed with It

…maybe it’s Cape Maybelline.

When you’re a woman working in a highly male-dominated field, you deserve a beer. When that field is brewing, you really get your choice as to what beer that is.

That’s why the women of the brewery bound together to conceptualize, devise, and brew Maybe She’s Brewed with It in connection with the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day and International Women’s Day.

We’re proud to release it this Saturday, April 12, at noon.

IMG_5690Lab Manager Lauren Appleman is the only woman working in production, and she loved being part of the development of the beer.

“It was a breath of fresh air to have other women over here with me,” she says. “I think it would be awesome to have more women working on the floor, don’t be afraid to apply for that packaging job!”   

Lauren was happy to get in on the development of Maybe She’s Brewed with It.

“Like all of the other women in the company, I made my voice heard when it came to deciding the final brew,” she said. “The production side of beer is something that I get to be involved in every day, and I probably take that for granted, but it was nice to have all of the ladies be in on the development of this brew.”

Innovation Director Brian Hink was part of the process from the beginning, helping Marketing Director Alicia Grasso and Graphic Design and Social Media Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg get it off the ground and figuring out how to get everyone’s input into making the beer.

“Designing a beer is easy when you know the end goal,” Brian says. “For example, if someone says, ‘make a New England Double IPA,’ that’s super easy to start conceptualizing and to start working towards a goal.”

IMG_5143However, Alicia and Courtney didn’t have a style in mind: they wanted to get all of the women at the brewery to have input into the beer. That’s not the easiest thing to do when none of us are ever in the same place at the same time.

So, to decide on the beer, we sent a survey out to the women of the company, breaking down the various aspects of a beer — fruitiness, sourness, hoppiness, ABV, etc. — to determine what kind of beer our women wanted to brew.

“After a few rounds of survey questions (thanks, Google Forms!),” Brian says, “we had the main outline for the beer and I just needed to fill in the gaps: how much grain to hit the target ABV, how many hops for the target bitterness, which yeast to use to best work with the beer, and then we had a beer ready to brew!”

Then, on International Women’s Day, we invited all the women of the brewery to be part of the brewing process.

“To see this idea go from a conversation over a year ago to an actual brew day was extremely rewarding,” Courtney says. “Seeing us all gathered on the production floor was a moment that made me proud of the company I work for and thankful for non-profits like Pink Boots Society that work around the clock to empower and educate women in such a male-dominated field.”

Lauren really loved having the women of the brewery assembled in production.

IMG_4773“It was great having all of the women in the production facility for the brew day,” she says. “Everyone got to learn and understand the work that goes into bringing a beer to life.”

Courtney agrees.

“It was wonderful to have so many of the women of CMBC together,” Courtney says. “We work in different departments with conflicting schedules — and some of us have other full-time jobs — so to get so many ladies to participate made me so happy.”

And, ultimately, the women designed an awesome beer.

“It’s the perfect beer to come out as spring is really starting to get awesome,” Brian says. “It’s ridiculously drinkable: I had one the other day and it was gone in three sips, it was delicious.”

Maybe She’s Brewed with It is a kettle-soured ale with cherry and mango additions, brewed with Rabbit Hill malts and the official Pink Boots Society hops blend from Yakima Chief with Loral, Glacier, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Sabro.

IMG_4731“I liked the blend,” Brian says. “It had a really nice fruitiness to it with a touch of woodiness in the background. It’s really a diverse blend that would work great in a Saison, IPA, fruited kettle sour, Lager, really most styles, so Yakima Chief did a great job designing this blend.”

The malts were sourced from our good friends up in Shiloh, Rabbit Hill. As the farm is co-owned and -operated by a woman, Hillary Barile, it seemed like a great match.

Well, that… and their malt is freakin’ awesome.

“She has her own unique set of hurdles and challenges being in such a male-dominated field, pun intended,” Brian says. “When Alicia and Courtney started lining up speakers for the luncheon following the brew day, I suggested we reach out to Hillary to see if she wanted to attend. Since we were inviting her to be a part of the day, we were obviously going to use her grain.”

We used a strain of Lactobacillus from East Coast Yeast for the souring process.

IMG_5700“It has a really nice, well rounded, gentle sourness,” Brian says. “So, we used our standard kettle souring procedure, and then, after the bulk of fermentation was complete, we added the fruit to finish out a gentle fermentation, keeping more of the delicate aromatics in there.”

On Saturday, we’ll be serving up Maybe She’s Brewed with It in pints, 4-packs of 16-ounce cans, and in our special This Is Ladies’ Flight (and the beer is right), along with The Purp Purple Grape Shandy, Cococabana Pale Ale, and Cape May Lager.

And, in recognition of the gender pay gap, all weekend long, CMBC will be donating 23% of the retail price of each pint, 4-pack, and Women’s Flight to the Pink Boots Society for education and programming.

Ultimately, everyone involved is impressed with the brew.

“I love how the beer turned out,” Lauren says. “The color is awesome, it looks similar to a rosé. It’s a tart beer, but not sour. I think the fruit is pretty subtle on this one compared to some other fruited beers we have done in the past. ”

Be sure to swing down for the release on Saturday! See you then!