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“No analysis required. Simply open… taste… smile… crush!”

Mango Hard Seltzer

You went ga-ga for grapefruit… a little wonky for watermelon….

Our line of hard seltzers have been a hit this summer, so we’ve extended the fun — and the line — into the fall with our Mango Hard Seltzer.

So now, you can go mad for mango!

Cans of Mango Hard Seltzer release today, only in the Brewtique!

“It might take some convincing,” says Brewtique Supervisor Karen Flood, “but once you try them, you’re hooked.”

As the summer progressed, our hard seltzers slowly began to pick up steam. Now, they’ve garnered a bit of a following.

“Seltzers have become a favorite in our Brewtanical Garden,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “Our fans loved them because they’re very easy to drink and light on the belly, low in carbs and calories.”

Our first release of Grapefruit Hard Seltzer went over well, but it seems that our fans liked our watermelon follow-up even better.

“People really seemed to like the watermelon,” Karen says. “It was just sweet enough without being too sweet, which made it incredibly refreshing. It definitely pulled through to be a fan favorite in the Brewtanical Garden.”

So, we’re continuing the bubbly fun with our Mango Hard Seltzer. 

“Since childhood, mango has always been one of my favorite flavors,” says Vice President of Operations Brandon Greenwood. “And it’s a huge hit with our fans, as well.”

And it’s a flavor that’s been awaited by our fans (and the Brew Crew…).

“Since we first started the seltzer program, our team and our fans have asked when we’re planning to do a mango version,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “I am a big seltzer fan in general and always find mango to be the best flavor.”

There’s a brightness to mango — a lightness that provides an intense, unmistakable flavor without being overwhelming.

“Mango is an ideal summer fruit flavor,” Chris says, “so the Mango Hard Seltzer gives our fans one last opportunity to hang on those great Cape May summer vibes.”

Our release last month of Mango Crushin’ It was a big success, so we’re keeping the ball rolling with this iteration of our hard seltzer line.

“Mango Crushin’ It was a big fan favorite,” Chris says, “and our fans have pretty much reacted much the same way to our seltzers. Considering the success of our line of fruited summer beers, I think, at this point, our fans trust us with fruited drinks.”

Light, drinkable, and refreshing, our Mango Hard Seltzer doesn’t require much more from you.

“It’s very easy and enjoyable to drink,” Brandon says. “No analysis required. Simply open… taste… smile… crush!”

Ultimately, we think that mango is the perfect extension of our seltzer line.

“Watermelon and grapefruit were only the beginning,” Kaitlyn says. “Mango is a solid seltzer flavor, and our fans will be blown away with how amazing ours tastes.”

Mango Hard Seltzer releases today, only available in our Brewtique today, $9.99 + tax. Don’t miss it!