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“It's hops and fruit and fruit and hops! Such a delicious combination!”

Mango Crushin’ It

When you’ve got a good thing goin’, you keep it goin’. Such is our philosophy behind our Crushin’ It line of brews.

Last year, we brought you Grapefruit Crushin’ It. Earlier this summer, you saw Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It. And, of course, there’s the beer that started it all, the OG orange Crushin’ It.

This week, batting cleanup, we have Mango Crushin’ It!

Refreshing and perfectly paired with being outdoors and living the good life, Mango Crushin’ It is something you’re going to want to crush again and again. With Samba, Moutere, and Azacca hops blending together to accentuate the fresh flavors of mango juice, Mango Crushin’ It is best paired with brilliant sunshine, enjoying life, and treating every day like it’s the weekend.  

Available for pre-order now, Mango Crushin’ It releases at noon on Friday!

It’s beginning to sound like a bit of a broken record, but Mango Crushin’ It, like many of our beers this year, was planned for an earlier release. 

But. You know. COVID.

<shakes fist angrily at the heavens>

Mango Crushin’ It was originally scheduled for a May release, but, if you can remember all the way back to the Ancient Roman times that was May, we were deep into the unknown at the time and in the midst of scuttling all of the plans for our draft-only and Tasting Room-only beers.

“This was supposed to be our first variant this summer,” says Production Planning and Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink, “originally scheduled to come out in May.”

So, when we decided to bring back our Tasting Room-only offerings, we kept Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It in its original midsummer slot and dropped the release scheduled for this slot — a re-release of Grapefruit Crushin’ It — in favor of a new flavor: mango.

And why not? Who doesn’t love mango?

“Mango ‘wooder ice’ or mango tea is a top-tier flavor in my book,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman. “Mangoes are a fun tropical fruit that works well with citrus, so I think it only made sense to go that route.”

Bright and flavorful, mango is a flavor that we don’t play around with much at Cape May Brewing Co. — we’ve seen it in Maybe She’s Brewed with It, She the People, Takes Two to Mango, and Temporarily Permanent, but that’s about it. 

While it’s a delicious addition, it’s a little… muted. It’s faint. Subdued. It’s definitely not as bold a flavor as orange or grapefruit or even blueberry/lemon, but it’s a great addition to our Crushin’ It lineup.

In addition, because of a hop and yeast combination, it’s often a flavor found in New England IPAs.

“Which is why it made a lot of sense to add to the Crush lineup,” Brian says, “because it’s a flavor we see a lot of times in our hoppy beers, so why not double down on that flavor by adding actual mango juice to it?”

So, when trying to decide between the grapefruit and mango versions of Crushin’ It for this slot in the schedule, we went with mango.

“This mango version would be just as appealing in the spring as it is as we approach fall,” Brian says. “It’s a very versatile flavor that doesn’t need to be locked into a specific season.” 

So, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: all four beers in the Crushin’ It line have the same malt bill and yeast — we change up the hops for each recipe to complement whichever fruit addition goes into the beer.

(Okay. Maybe that’s not much of a secret.)

For Mango Crushin’ It, we went with a blend of hops, including Moutere and Azacca.

“It’s a nice, fruity, mango-heavy blend of aroma hops,” Brian says. “If we’re going mango, why not lean into it? It’s the same approach we took with the original Crushin’ It with the orange/citrus-heavy hops and the blueberry- and lemon-leaning hops for Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It. We let the hops and fruit amplify each other.”

And, while the temperatures outside this week have definitely been the most autumnal September temperatures we’ve seen in a long time, Mango Crushin’ It is fantastic for this time of year.

“I think fans that have loved our previous versions will also love this one,” Lauren says. “Now that football is back I could see this fitting in well as an early morning home tailgate beer.”

And, if you love mango and love Crushin’ It, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy Mango Crushin’ It.

“It’s hops and fruit and fruit and hops!” Brian says. “Such a delicious combination!”

Mango Crushin’ It is $14.99 + tax per six-pack and available now for pre-order and releases Friday at noon — along with cans of Devil’s Reach! Don’t miss it!