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”I love these new IPA releases because they usually signal a change in season, and boy am I ready for spring! I can't wait to welcome some warmer weather with this beer.”

Make Fast

When we come out with a new beer, we could simply brew it up and rush it to production, cutting corners left and right, in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar, but that’s not how we do things at Cape May Brew Co.

Because, much like Meat Loaf, we would do anything for beer, but we won’t do that. 

We take our time, trialing recipes, putting brews through our R.A.D. program, ensuring that each and every aspect of our beers are perfect before they come anywhere near the chance to touch your lips.

So, when you see a beer with a name like Make Fast — the next release in our rotating IPA series, featuring a blend of Sabro and Cashmere hops, brilliant with aromas of sweet fruits, and tasting like you’re drinking freshly-pressed pineapple juice from a recently-harvested coconut –, your best assumption is that the name refers to something that fits our brand — nautical and intensely Cape May.

Both Brian and Lauren wanted to make sure we were clear on that fact.

“This beer is called Make Fast,” Lauren says, “but that doesn’t mean that we just threw together a recipe and went with it. Like most other new releases, we trialed this out on our pilot system, but we did end up on this recipe pretty quickly.”

“It wasn’t hastily made,” Brian agrees. “It wasn’t rushed through the process, this most certainly is not a butter bomb full of diacetyl! The name has nothing to do with rushing the beer — apparently ‘Make Fast’ is some kind of boating terminology.”

Correct, Brian! It is some kind of boating terminology! Ten points for Production! (We would have said Gryffindor, but… yeah. They’d all be in Hufflepuff.)

So… Make Fast. It’s when you tie something down: something on board, or securing the boat to the dock. You “make fast” the thing. Or the other thing. It kinda means the exact opposite of what it says: not only do you not make something move quickly, you’re tying it down to make sure that it doesn’t move anywhere. Fast, in this case, is what we call a “contronym” — a word that has concurrent, opposite meanings. (Cue “The More You Know” chimes.)

Regardless of what this beer means or doesn’t mean, what we do mean is that you’re gonna like it.

“It’s super fruity and tropical,” Brian says. “It has a great, intense aroma, that nice ABV where at 7% you don’t get too banged up drinking a few, and a bright sweet finish. It’s definitely one of the more unique and interesting hazies we’ve done lately. If you liked Double Dry-Hopped White Caps last year, you’ll definitely love Make Fast, as this beer was inspired by that one.”

Make Fast even shares some of the hop bill we used in Double Dry-Hopped White Caps.

“Sabro and Cashmere were the double dry-hopping hops used in White Caps last April,” Brian says, “and I loved the coconut and cedar notes of the Sabro playing off the sweet orange sherbert-like character of Cashmere — they really added a great tropical element to White Caps’ normal citrusy stone fruit finish. So, using that as the springboard for Make Fast, we designed the beer around amplifying those tropical flavors.”

And that’s the fun part about what we do here — each new beer teaches us something new about hops that we’d been using for years. Then, we take that knowledge and apply it to the next beer.

“Each hop has its own qualities but it is always interesting to see how they work with each other,” Lauren says. “I’m pretty sure it took me half of the beer before I could really figure out the flavor and aroma.”

It’s also interesting to see how different people pick up on different things.

“While our description of this beer includes pineapple and coconut,” Lauren continues, “I’m tasting a hint of spearmint, and I’m sure Brian is picking up on something completely different.”

And with the malt bill of pilsner, wheat, oats, and maltodextrin, you’ll find a sweet, full-bodied finish to Make Fast.

“This one is definitely unique among the sea of IPAs we do,” Brian says. “The maltodextrin adds a subtle, sweet punch that plays off the wheat and oats.”

We also added Golden Naked Oats, which are a little more modest than they sound.

“They taste and look like unsalted sunflower seeds,” Brian says. “They add a subtle nuttiness to the beer with a sweet, caramelly finish.”

With the London Ale III yeast bringing out all of the fruity deliciousness of the hops, we’ve got one killer hazy hop bomb on our hands.

“It’s a hazy hop bomb using hops we’ve only played around with slightly before — what’s not to love?” Brian asks, rhetorically. “I do really look forward to sipping on some Make Fast on these beautiful spring days.”

And, while Lauren definitely loves to see another awesome IPA come out of production, she’s also more in tune with what this release means.

”I love these new IPA releases because they usually signal a change in season, and boy am I ready for spring!” she says. “I can’t wait to welcome some warmer weather with this beer.”

Us too, Lauren. It’s right around the corner!

Make Fast releases in the Tasting Room on April 9th, with distribution throughout eastern Pennsylvania to follow on Monday, April 12, and throughout New Jersey on Monday, the 12th. 

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