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Check out these awesome food and cocktail pairings!

Looking for Some Beer-spiration?

There are a lot of new beers to enjoy this summer, and for this installment, we visited two of our favorite staples: Tan Limes and The Grove.

We reached out to our Brew Crew team to see what they enjoy pairing these two with, whether it’s food or other drinks!

“I did a shrimp boil with andouille sausage, jersey fresh corn, and baby red potatoes in a Tan Limes/Old Bay butter sauce.”

—Barback Mike Austin

(Ed. note: Mike, you’re totally going to invite us over next time you make this, right? Right?)

“Nothing goes better with Tan Limes than really good fish tacos! Fresh tortilla, lightly crisped fish, and some mango salsa to top it off!”

—Territory Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

(Ed. note: You might remember that we were fortunate enough to grab some fish tacos with Scott and have some Tan Limes at Wheelhouse in Lewes, DE last month!) 

“Tan Limes pairs well with Jamaican jerk chicken on the grill!  I have marinated the chicken in some lime and jerk seasoning and then added additional jerk seasoning when going on the grill, while sipping the Tan Limes.  When you present the dish, add some grilled sweet potato and grilled pineapple to the chicken and enjoy with another cold Tan Limes. Man, I am thirsty!”

—People Operations Director Christine Bry

(Ed. note: Us too, Christine. Us too. And we’re only halfway through this delicious list!)

“I’m a big fan of adding a bit of Little Water’s Gin to The Grove for that all Jersey gin and juice. Garnish with a citrus wedge and you’re good to go. Another good one is a Tan Limes Marg—just a splash of orange liquor, a bit of your tequila du jour, and the juice of about 2 limes and you’re good to go!”

—Fulfillment Manager Chris Martin

(Ed. note: We picked up some Rusted Revolver on Chris’ recommendation, and he hasn’t steered us wrong yet!)

“Grovey Lemonade: Do a modest pour of both our On the Way to Cape May No 004: Boardwalk Lemonade and The Grove over crushed ice, add a splash of sprite or 7-up and garnish with a lemon or lime slice. Delish!”

—Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg

(Ed. note: Now this is a combo we can get behind. Cape May with Cape May!)

“Tan Limes with a shot of Mezcal and Sriracha Salt Rim garnished with a lime.”

—Sales Manager Chris Verderame

(Ed. note: Chris always comes in clutch with great drink recommendations, and we are still thinking about this combination!)

“Tan Limes pairs nicely with tacos, nachos and all kinds of Mexican food.The sea salt and the lime from the beer brings out the flavor from the food.”

—Barback Steve Cifelli

(Ed. note: You’re craving nachos now too, aren’t you? Be honest!)

“My favorite cocktail to make featuring Tan Limes is to take a can of Tan Limes, pour it into a glass, and then add another can of Tan Limes. That way you get double the Tan Limes. I like to call it “Double Tan Limes.” I have a friend that makes one called Triple Tan Limes but I’ll have to check with him to get the recipe.”

—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

(Ed. note: You might have to grab a whole six-pack if you’re attempting Eric’s recipe. Just sayin’.)

Of course, we also have to point everyone towards Accounting Lead Katie VanZandt’s awesome Tan Limes Bloody Mary that she’s shared previously, for those who want their drinks with a bit more ~spice~. She’s also been known to use Tan Limes to deglaze a pan when searing chicken!

If you want to try hers, you can find the approximate recipe over here

We attempted Katie’s recipe ourselves with a few things we had on hand.

If you want a nice tall glass that will fit all of your ingredients, you can’t go wrong with our Sea Glass, with its fierce octo-logo that will help protect your coveted drink from those who “just want a sip.” Just make sure you pick one up or place an order online soon to grab one for yourself!



As Tasting Room Manager Jake Hauser pointed out, we have another recipe to enjoy that you might have seen in our Tasting Room! If you recreate one of these at home, or try your own food or beer cocktail pairing, let us know! Email Ariel at [email protected] or tag us on social media @capemaybrewco