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Lights, Camera, Action!

Our president Ryan Krill is set to appear on “What’s on Tap,” a simulcast program featuring national and local beer industry peeps that’s hosted by Gary Monterosso —  author of the acclaimed book Artisan Beers, featured History Channel and BBC radio guest, and one of the nation’s top 100 beverage personalities, according to Chilled magazine.

Have your day planner ready? The segment will air:

*On the radio! (WSNJ 1240; May 30, 1pm)

*Online! (snjtoday.com via iTunes and Android, with all shows archived at snjtoday.com/whats-on-tap; May 30, 1pm)

*On TV! (Comcast channel 20 in Cumberland County; May 30, 1pm/May 31, 8pm/June 2, 8pm)

“We were honored to have Ryan appear on our show,” Monterosso told us. “We sampled some of the fine offerings originating from a brewery I consider to be a remarkable success story. Although much of our time was spent in discussing the growth of the brewery, we also posed questions relating to Ryan’s role as president of the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild. We fully expect to do a future episode of ‘What’s On Tap’ from the brewery, probably this summer.”

The set! "I wore all green," Ryan says.
The set! “I wore all green,” Ryan says.