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Last Hurrah is back!

As the year draws to a close, you’re probably getting all geared up for one Last Hurrah.

We know what it’s like. You deserve the chance to celebrate all that you’ve done over the past year, and we want to be along for the ride.

That’s why we brewed up Last Hurrah. Last year, we brewed up a big and boozy 15% stout, originally planning to make it a pastry stout, but changed our minds.

“Well, last year the intention was to go full-on Pastry Boi with it,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “but tackling such a huge stout felt like a big win for us, and honestly we really wanted that to stand out on its own. The production team was incredibly jazzed about making a deliciously smooth monster of a stout that we — at the point we were planning to pastry-ize it — opted to let that big, beautiful stout shine on its own.” 

This year, we still brewed up a massive and overly-indulgent Imperial stout, but went with a version of our original plans from last year. 

“When planning for this year’s began,” Brian continues, “we discussed going full-on Pastry Boi, but I was worried we’d lose the people who loved last year’s for being an unadulterated stout, so we toed the line between the big base stout and a full-blown Pastry Boi, opting for a delicate approach to these over-the-top flavors.”

Last Hurrah is meant for going out with a bang. Brewed with an immensely complex grain bill — and a massive one at that — this is our beloved over-the-top and excessive end-of-the-year send-off. Last Hurrah is conditioned on house-toasted coconut flakes, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla beans, and has aromas of chocolate and freshly-roasted coffee, with a smooth finish and gentle warming quality.

We’ll be releasing Last Hurrah only in the Tasting Room this Saturday. Check out the track record of this beer, then come down and grab your own!

“Still pretty boozy. But I like it.” — Matt W.

“Beer packs a punch! It’s a little dry (which is fine!) and doesn’t have any of the burn that sometimes higher % beers have. Really good!” — Alli S.

“Nice nightcap, mellow coffee influence. Brewed in #CapeMay.” — John C.

“Enjoying the maple flavor in this imperial stout. Not too boozy.” — Chris H.

“Black as night, smooth as silk. My favorite of the day!” — Adam M.

“Heavy on the booze flavor, but some nice notes of happiness once that fades a little.” — Bobbie B.

“Dangerous.” — John T.

“Tastes great, my wife would like this.” — Jack E. (You know, you’re allowed to share, Jack….)

“Big bruiser. Charred malt, licorice and bittersweet chocolate. Needs to be about 60 degrees cooler outside to properly enjoy this.” — David W. (Note: Check-in date of August 12th.)

“Whoa, that packs a punch!” — Amy K.

“Massively bitter, roasty coffee, super strong.” — Tom

“Great, but very strong! Had to try it since it’s our last hurrah till marriage ??” — The Amatos

“Very tasty RIP! Highly recommend!” — Steven L.

“Fighting those Sunday blues.” — Tom W.

“It tastes like they melted a Heath bar into a glass of brandy!” — Jen W.

“Not as boozy as I expected from a heavy hitter. Subtle chocolate and coffee. Very good.” — Rob C.

“Big bruiser of a stout. Dark chocolate with an oat backing. Kinda thin. Tastes young if that makes sense.” — David W.

“This one is dangerous.” — Tom W.

“Help!” — Jen W.

“Rich and sweet with toffee and maple flavors accenting a perfect imperial stout. Does not taste overly strong.” — Robert P.

“One heckuva way to kick off my latest visit tin Cape May Brewing and my flight. To be honest, not as boozy as I’d expect.” — Deutsch Dude

“Sneaky. This is too good.” — Daniel M.

“Great. Super dark, roasty, coffee. Be careful. ;)” — Shawn B.

“So smooth.” — Joe M.

“No booze taste at all! Very complex and delicious!!!” — Patti C.

“Underrated. Really smooth and tasty.” — Jeff K.

“Very strong. I like it, but Stacy made a funny face when she tried it.” — Brandon W. (Maybe Stacy’s funny face was because of you, Brandon W. Ever consider that?!?)

“Smooth. Cocoa. Warm.” — Mark O.

“Really smooth. Lots of coffee. Nice stuff.” — Rod C.

“Surprisingly subtle.” — John M.

“Oh, yes. Love coffee and chocolate tones in my stout. One of my favorites.” — Kevin L.

“Not surprisingly a little hot but not too crazy — chocolaty, too.” — Ed R.

“Roasted coffee, bittersweet dark chocolate, tobacco, touch of citrus and dark caramel.” — TK

“Smooth and yet complex. Bitter chocolate finish.” — LLK

“Strong, but solid.” — Mahuckin G.

“Super boozy, extra-long lingering bitterness. Coffee and cocoa. Complex grains.” — Devin W.

“Boozy, but not bad.” — Justin F.

“Really good… roasty coffee flavor and super smooth.” — Doji M.