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“Smooth chocolate porter.. very easy drinking.”

King Porter Stomp Reviews

King Porter Stomp.

The simple fact that it’s coming back is a beautiful thing. Robust, medium-bodied, and so deliciously chocolatey, with five different malts, King Porter Stomp is a tremendously complex porter.

Not only does the return of King Porter Stomp herald the return of autumn, but it means that the Exit Zero Jazz Festival is back in town, with Cape May Brewing Company beer flowing at all the bar venues. There’ll be music all throughout town this weekend! It’s the best time of the year!

Read what our fans have to say!

“Chocolatey with medium body. Smooth.” — Frank D.

“Super chocolatey, smooth and sweet.” — Daniel A.

“Roasted malt and coffee notes. Semi bitter cocoa and toasty notes.” — DDWD33

“I aged this a little and it’s better than the first time.” — James M.

“Really sweet chocolate and smooth flavor.” — Wes S.

“Smooth creamy chocolatey goodness.” — John D.

“Faint chocolate nose. Bigger chocolate flavors / medium body/ very smooth / malty backbone / nicely balanced finish.” — Rick C.

“Smooth chocolate porter.. very easy drinking.” — Mike M.

“So tasty, especially on nitro!” — Jennifer C. (Hint, hint, production team!)

“A smooth, chocolate flavor. Not overly sweet.” — Daren C.

“Solid Porter.” — Jim

“Very fresh even from a can. Chocolate taste is good, not overpowering.” — Michael S.

“Lets keep it going!” — Ian

“Smooth like a criminal. Delicious!” — Scott J.

“Liquid version of german chocolate cake. Perfect dessert beer.” — Luke L.

“A pretty decent chocolate porter with a slight bite in the finish. Pairs nicely with a pan-seared sirloin.” —  David W.

King Porter Stomp is available now on draft throughout our distribution area, 12-ounce cans are available now in our Tasting Room and throughout New Jersey, and cans will be released on Monday in Pennsylvania. Check out our Beer Finder for a location near you, or stop down to the Tasting Room!