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“I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. It’s wayyyyyy better than I thought! So bright, light, bubbly. Perfect for a warm day!”

Key Lime Corrosion Reviews

Our long-time fan-favorite is about to hit shelves!

We took our revered sour IPA, Corrosion, already bursting with Citra and Centennial, and we turned it up a notch with a hefty dose of key lime juice and Motueka hops. Corrosion’s bright and citrusy notes of orange and lemon are ramped up with intense lime aromas, intensifying the tangy and vibrant finish, with puckering tartness and vibrant hops hanging in the balance.

Key Lime Corrosion releases today, February 12th, in the Tasting Room and on Monday, February 22nd throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Read what our fans have to say about Key Lime Corrosion!

“Last one, so sadly. Still great, zero aging (kudos packaging job!) Still personal Beer of the Year, never tire / always enjoy + savor. Needs to be a year-round brand! Outstanding balance lime + mild tart + good body; wish this was distro to CO.” — Gary H.

“I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. It’s wayyyyyy better than I thought! So bright, light, bubbly. Perfect for a warm day!” — Brooke K.

“Personal Beer of the Year thus far: only solace in this heatwave, getting me through summer. Rationing stash, will eventually have drank a case and enjoyed every one. So satisfying—cans (two tonight) as fresh as first!” — Gary H.

“I was worried it would be too tart. It wasn’t. Nicely balanced. Thanks, Rosco.” — Scooter (We’re not sure who Rosco is, but we’re glad he hooked you up!)

“This is nice and bright! Well balanced, not too hoppy, not overly citrusy. Perfect staycation beer to make you feel like you’re on the beach.” — Sideshow Sips

“Tart lemon and lime with a blast of hops on the end. A really solid sour IPA that might the best one south of Hudson Valley.” — David W.

“When it rains, I pour. Mmm I love corrosion and the key lime makes it taste so good.” — Kelli G.

“This is a perfect pool beer. The lime is just enough where it lets you know it’s there but isn’t an acidic sour mess. The slight tartness complements the hop profile nicely, brings a balanced and refreshing taste to this brew. Need a case for the summer.” — Mike Z.

“The perfect balance of sweet and sour. Nice tartness to it, crisp lime and not too hoppy. Overall an excellent beer.” — Bruce K.

“Tart lemon-lime with some Brett zinginess. Blast of hops at the end. Finishes dry. Nicely done.” — David W. (David confused Brett zinginess for the lacto that he was tasting. Nonetheless, glad you enjoyed it, David!)

“Super refreshing and bursting with key lime flavor! This one is not as sour as the regular Corrosion but the sourness adds a nice finish to the sweetness in the beginning.” — Mike F.

“My favorite sour. Great key lime flavor. Think it may only be available at the CM Brewery.” — Barb (NOT FOR MUCH LONGER, BARB!)

“Tart but not sour. Great hoppy lime flavor that doesn’t venture into bitterness. Refreshing.” — Charles H.

“Strong lime flavor, perfectly tart, and refreshing.” — J. W.

“Delicious and refreshing summer beer! The key lime flavor is amazing!” — Stephen C.

“Terrific beer. Refreshing with a great balance between tart and bitterness.” — Tim M.

“Wow. Lime comes through nicely. Slightly hoppy. Perfection.” — Steve M.

“Wow! This is fantastic! Has a true key lime taste not artificial like many others. Good work CMBC!” — Pamela

“This was a very nice palate cleanser. Prefer this to the original, the key lime flavor adds more depth and still not too sour. Tasty!” — Dominic C.

“Awesome blend of key lime freshness with a subtle IPA bitterness. Excellent beer!” — Dale C.

“As if Corrosion couldn’t get better, adding extra sour is pretty awesome.” — Todd P.

“Outstanding. A delicious, sour IPA for summer.” — Ethan P.

“Not a huge fan of sours, but this is good!” — Jeff P.

“Refreshing.” — Andrew F.

“Very refreshing.” — Matt P

“Perfect summer porch beer. (thanks Ben)” — Pamela (Nice job, Ben!)

“Love the tang on the back end…. very tasty.” — Louis R.

“I’d crush this over a lemon shandy all day.” — Jon D.

“Crisp and refreshing.” — Ian F.

“Last one. Delicious.” — Pamela

“Really nice sour.” — Tyler T.

“TGIF with a tasty sour IPA.” — Dave R.