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The Keel in Video and Print

Take a look inside the sour brewery at CMBC! In our new video, you’ll hear the guys talking about The Keel, barrel-aging, what else is going on in the sour brewery, and some of the unique fermentations we’ve got going on.

And Brian talks about the future of sour beer: “Everyone talks about wine being the complex drink. These sour beers blow wine out of the water. That’s where beer’s going. These sour beers; these adventurous beers. It’s challenging the pallette.”

And The Keel just got a pretty great review from MyCentralJersey.com!

“Last month, the brewery released its first bottled offering, a 6.6 percent ABV American wild ale named The Keel. Chocolate funk greets me as I eagerly take the first sip that reveals a light wood character mixed with a puckering wine grape tannin assertiveness. There’s a caramel sweetness that serves as a steady bass line in the background, while letting the other flavors: a lactic bite, earthy pepper and dried red stone fruit step forward. And maybe it’s just because of where the beer was made, but there’s a perceived saltiness, like that first breath of sea air in the morning down the shore. Pair with a good French triple crème cheese.”


  1. Christopher Adam

    A long time customer and was at CMBC today and when I went to get my growlers filled I was directed into the new gift shop. Not a good customer experience, not only did I have to wait longer then usual as folks in front of me were buying t-shirts and other gifts but I found the speed of the new growler filler less then ideal. Also to my dismay when I wanted to sample a new brew on the board for one of my growlers I was told I could not that I had to go into the other room wait on line, sample it there then come back wait on line again and get my other growler filled. Your new growler is a big benefit to CMBC as you waste less of your product but you have not improved the customer experience at all, as a matter of fact you have gone in the other direction. Having this is the gift shop, really? Don’t lose sight of your core customer base and where you started from, it felt like that to me today!

    1. Hi, Christopher!

      Thanks for coming in, and we appreciate your note.

      We’re really in a “six of one, half-a-dozen of the other” situation when it comes to growler fills. They were taking a lot of time from the Beertenders in the Tasting Room — which was making it take longer for visitors to get samples and tastings — as well as wasting a lot of beer. In the current setup, it takes less than a minute to fill a growler: when taking it from the tap, yes, it would fill faster, but the overflow in getting rid of the foam naturally produced by the tap could take up to a minute, as well, sometimes longer. The growler filler pours the beer slower, it’s true, but this results in less foam and less oxygen going into your brew — which will make it last longer inside the growler. It definitely improves the quality of your beer-to-go.

      As for the line in the Brewtique with people buying swag, that same line would have been in the Tasting Room under the previous setup. Selling merch was also taking time from our Beertenders, which would have made the time for you to get your growler filled about the same, in all honesty.

      And, no. Sadly, samples from the growler filler aren’t a possibility. We are currently working to devise a way to have samples in the Brewtique, but please keep this in mind for your next visit — as of now, you’ll have to get all of your samples in the Tasting Room… it’ll give you time for the line in the Brewtique to die down!

      We’re sorry you didn’t have a great experience. These changes may take some time to get used to, but we hope that you bear with us during these growing pains. As a long-time customer, you’re probably aware of how far we’ve come, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We certainly appreciate the feedback — we do take these under consideration, as we’re still trying to work out the kinks in the new system, and your comments will help us to improve.

      Hope to see you again soon!

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