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“It's downright delicious.”

Jersey Shore Souvenir

It’s easy to make friends in this industry. Not only does our product lend itself to bringing people together, but we’re constantly networking with each other — not only at industry events, but for equipment, as well.

After we installed our new canning line, it was time to sell our old one. Thankfully, it caught the eye of one of the “biggest names in beer,” Other Half Brewing of Brooklyn, New York. Well known for blazing a trail in the City, for hazy New England IPAs, and for lines around the block and capacity crowds, neither of us hesitated when the subject of a collaboration beer was breached. 

So, on Saturday — just in time for our inaugural Pick of the Batch Beer Garden — we’ll release Jersey Shore Souvenir: a crisp, bright KellerPils, perfect for that last lawnmower ride of the season.

“They make incredible beers, are rockstars in the industry, and a brewery we really respect,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “so it was a no-brainer to approach them about doing a beer together.”

We sold our former canning line to them in late spring, and, in one of the corresponding emails, Ryan threw out, “Hey, if you ever want to brew a beer together….”

“They were like, ‘Sure, should be fun!’ or something to that effect,” Brian recalls.

Eventually, we decided upon a “crispy boi” — a lively, crisp, and extraordinarily drinkable KellerPils.

“A ‘crispy boi’ is a clean, crushable, super refreshing and enjoyable to drink lager,” Brian explains, “most often a delicious Pilsner. It’s the kind of beer you can thoughtlessly throwback at a ball game, on a boat, on a lazy day off, with lunch. They’re really great beers for any and all occasions.”

So, the occasion we chose to release Jersey Shore Souvenir just happened to coincide with our inaugural fall beer garden, Pick of the Batch.

“I love KellerPils for the same reason that they’re a great beer for Pick of the Batch,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman. “This is a clean beer that won’t weigh you down so you can actually drink them all day.”

We played it relatively traditional with our version of a KellerPils. They’re typically characterized by a clean malt bill, comprised almost entirely of premium German malts.

“For Jersey Shore Souvenir, we used Pilsner malt, our workhorse house Lager strain, and a neutral water profile,” Brian says. “The hops in Jersey Shore Souvenir take center stage without being obnoxiously front and center, so the malt bill tends to stay out of the way. And we definitely took a good number of liberties with the hop profile.

“Since we were brewing a beer with Other Half, we needed to put at least a little bit of emphasis on the hops.”

So, we got a little fancy, looking toward two varieties from Down Under. We went with Rakau and Moutere in the hop profile — two varieties we hadn’t much used previously. They first came to Brian’s attention at the Craft Brewers Conference in Dever, and they really stood out to him.

“I’ve played around with Rakau a bit here and there,” he says, “but nothing large scale and not in a while. It was my first time being introduced to Moutere and I really liked what I was smelling, so I knew I wanted to get them into a beer.”

We didn’t really have a chance to get a beer with this combination of hops on the summer schedule, but, since they’re from New Zealand, that meant that their harvest would be in our dead-of-winter.

“With us brewing this beer at the end of August,” Brian says, “it was far enough out that we could get some freshly processed New Zealand hops from the 2019 crop year. This collaboration seemed like a great opportunity to get some new hops into a beer for us.”

We cold-lagered Jersey Shore Souvenir to clean, clear perfection.

“I really appreciate that we took our time and lagered this beer,” Lauren says. “The cold-conditioning helps make Jersey Shore Souvenir extra crispy.”

The result is a clean, crisp, and utterly crushable brew, spritzy and vibrantly hoppy, destined to be crushed all day. 

Brian is definitely pleased with the way this one turned out.

“It’s downright delicious,” he says. “Hoppy and highly aromatic, totally crushable but more than enough depth of flavor to make you pause to appreciate the beer. It’s a damn good lagerboi.”

Lauren is looking forward to this weekend.

“I’m definitely planning on getting a stein of this beer on Saturday at Pick of the Batch!” she says.

Jersey Shore Souvenir will be available in 16-ounce cans at 11am on Saturday, $14.99 per 4-pack, limit one case per customer. See you then!