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"If people don’t feel comfortable coming inside the Brewtique to pick up their beer-to-go or merch, this is a great option for them to get their beer in a safe and responsible way."

Introducing… Curbside Pickup!

It’s been slightly over eleven months — almost an entire year — that we’ve been living through this pandemic, and, throughout that time, Cape May Brewing Company has made a number of improvements to how we serve our customers and visitors.

We upgraded the Beer Garden. We found new and interesting places to add tables in the Tasting Room. We added the Brewtanical Garden. We’re cleaning and handwashing and mask-wearing as if our lives depend on it — because they do.

As the pandemic has ebbed and flowed over the past eleven months, we’ve closed, re-opened, expanded, contracted, and pivoted, all as the governor and the CDC have mandated.

At this point, the Brewtanical Garden is closed for the season, the Beer Garden is open if you’re willing to brave the elements, we have sixteen tables in the Tasting Room, and we’re allowing up to ten people at a time to shop inside the Brewtique.

Yet, we’re still searching for ways to improve our customer experience safely. So, this week, we’re excited to announce a new service: Curbside Pickup!

We caught up with Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith to get the lowdown.

“With COVID still being prevalent in today’s world,” Kaitlyn says, “if people don’t feel comfortable coming inside the Brewtique to pick up their beer-to-go or merch or what-have-you, this is a great option for them to get their beer in a safe and responsible way.”

Over the past few months, Kaitlyn is proud of the ways we’ve streamlined our online ordering process, and she feels that our customers really enjoy the effort we’ve put into not only keeping them safe but also ensuring that they can get their beer and merchandise efficiently.

“Now that we feel we have that locked down, we thought, ‘What new challenge can we figure out?’” Kaitlyn jokes.

As she’s designed this process, the words that she’s kept in mind are efficient, convenient, and safe

“We’ll have dedicated team members, solely focused on filling orders for Curbside Pickup,” she says. “We’ll have your order ready to go, we’ll bring it out to your car, no problem, and you’re in, you’re out. If you don’t have the time to come in and browse or maybe you’re running late for dinner and you see there’s a spot open, you can pull up, grab your beer, and get back on the road. So: efficient, convenient, and safe.”

Kaitlyn says that she learned a lot about what not to do for Curbside Pickup during a trip to Walmart.

“It drives me crazy when they only bring out one order at a time,” she laughs. “I’m like, ‘You see that we’re both here.’ Then they bring out my order and I feel like a jerk because, clearly, the other person got here first.”

Nonetheless, Kaitlyn learned from Walmart all the ways to make Curbside Pickup a better experience, so she’s putting a lot of what she’s learned into practice here at Cape May Brew Co.

“I had a lovely conversation with a customer service representative at Walmart because I’d waited for two hours,” she recalls, “and I was so frustrated because all they needed to say was that they were super backed up that day and it would have been different, but nobody acknowledged any of the cars out there.” 

During her two-hour wait, Kaitlyn realized that we could do this at Cape Brewing Company and Make it Better.

“It’s all about setting expectations and being honest with our customers,” she says. “So, honestly, we’re hoping this will be convenient, safe, and efficient because that’s what we strive to do.” 

And, really, the process couldn’t be any simpler:

  • Browse the online store
  • Select your items and add them to your cart
  • When you check out, select Curbside Pickup

  • To the right, you’ll click to see a calendar

  • Once you select a day — today, tomorrow, or the following day — you’ll be able to select a pickup time, which will be available throughout the day

  • Arrive at the brewery and park in one of the three clearly marked spots

  • TEXT us at (609) 766-5005 with your last name and parking spot number 
  • Pop your trunk
  • One of our delightful Brewtique Associates will deliver your beer and merchandise to your car, efficiently, conveniently, and safely
  • They’ll close the trunk
  • You’ll go on your merry way, confident in the knowledge that you’ve just purchased some great beer and awesome merch

You’ll find the parking spots to the right of the fenced area that corrals our dumpsters behind the building, just behind and slightly to the left of the Beer Garden. They’re truly some prime parking spots if you’re parking behind the building. 

“The parking spots will be clearly marked,” Kaitlyn says. “Huge signs. Very big. Very beautiful. Handpainted by our very own Mary and Barb. Built by Kevin Cassidy. Eight feet tall. You’ll see them.”

While Kaitlyn definitely improved upon her experience with Walmart, there’s one thing she took from there to the Curbside Pickup process here.

“Right now, at Walmart, you don’t interact with the sales associate,” she says. “You have the trunk popped when they approach the car, which I think is a good call for us, too. It’s easier and safer for everyone involved — no contact at all.”

There are a few caveats: Curbside Pickup is only available for online orders — not for orders placed over the phone or in-store. Also, it’s possible that we’ll change the Curbside Pickup policies for limited releases.

“Changes will likely present themselves as we kick this off,” Kaitlyn says, “so we may have to modify how things work.”

While the Curbside Pickup process will definitely be safer in terms of COVID transmission, Kaitlyn is hoping that our customers remember to be safe as they pull in and out of their parking spots. There are three parking spots and three slots per timeslot — if you arrive for your timeslot and all of the spots are taken, please park elsewhere and wait until a spot opens.

“But please be mindful of your surroundings and the pickup location,” Kaitlyn says. “There will be people walking in and out and cars moving everywhere.”

Ultimately, Kaitlyn is excited about this new program, and so are all of the employees in the Tasting Room and Brewtique.

“It’s a team effort,” she says. “Everyone’s very excited about it. We think people are really going to like it, but bear with us as we work through this new process. Our team is happy to help in whatever way we can, but please be patient with us as we work through this new endeavor. Everyone’s excited to do it, but it’s going to be an adjustment. I hope everyone bears with us.”

We’ll kick off our new Curbside Pickup program on Friday, February 19th. Head over to the online store, place your order, and check it out!


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