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“Zesty, refreshing, and crisp...."

Introducing… Cape May White!

It’s not often that we premier a new Core Brand, but, when we do, you know you’re in for something special.

We’ve had a hit on our hands with Great Wit Shark. It’s been doing extraordinarily well on draft, and, as we continue to grow our core lineup we were looking for an approachable, quaffable, refreshing brew.  

So, we’re sending Great Wit Shark into open waters. The top of the beer chain is on the loose with Cape May White.

“We’re extraordinarily excited about our newest core brand,” Ryan says. “Keeping true to our commitment to variety and innovation, we wanted to bring something new and alluring to the market that will appeal to discriminating fans of Belgian-style beers. We’re happy to present Cape May White: a refreshing alternative in this category.”

Cape May White began as Great Wit Shark. This beer was killing it on draft — it even won a silver award at the 2019 United States Beer Tasting Championships — so we spent some time making it even better. Now that it’s perfect, it’s ready for Core Brand status.

“We found ourselves with a gap in our core offerings and wanted to fill it with something exciting and new,” says Director of Sales, Bill Zaninelli. “Our sales team had been requesting a true witbier for years, and, as Great Wit Shark had been well-received on draft, this seemed like the perfect chance to scale up a trusted brand and fill a need in the market.”

We definitely wanted to keep the idea of Great Wit Shark around, so we kept the great white shark theme in the branding of Cape May White.

“As a shore brewery, we incorporate coastal iconography into much of our branding,” says Director of Marketing, Alicia Grasso, “and shark sightings can bring a sense of excitement to a typical summer season. While Cape May White is extraordinarily approachable, we feel that this beer will bring some much-needed excitement to a category that has seen little change over the years.”

We designed this brew as a traditional witbier, with a predominantly wheat grain bill, a robust Belgian yeast, and we added coriander and orange peel to the boil. 

“It’s incredibly well-balanced,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “Zesty, refreshing, and crisp, Cape May White has excellent citrus notes, a fruity and intriguing yeast profile, and a light mouthfeel without feeling thin or watery. It’s refreshing and quaffable with a ton of underlying characteristics that are fun and inviting.”

It’s out for draft now! 12-ounce cans will be following throughout the area by the end of the month. Don’t miss it!