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"Beyoncé didn’t tell us that we run the world for nothing.”

International Women’s Day 2021 Recap

This week, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we have a guest blogger: Marketing Associate Casey McBride!

Last week, the amazing women of Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage met virtually over Zoom to celebrate International Women’s Day and to raise a glass to one another with our honorary beer, Beer of the Woman

Usually, we would get together in person to brew the beer, enjoy a tasting, and celebrate the day with a luncheon in Cape May, but that just wasn’t in the cards this year.

Luckily, we still got to celebrate a day that is so important to women around the world, including the women of our brewery!

Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg has spearheaded this initiative for the past three years and, in her seven years working for the brewery, this annual event is by far her proudest achievement. 

“It’s important that we celebrate International Women’s Day because it’s a day of empowerment, education, enlightenment, and encouragement,” Courtney said. “I’ve been in this male-dominated craft beer industry for just shy of eight years, and the number of women that have made their mark in our industry during this short amount of time is remarkable! However, there is still work that needs to be done. We need to end the wage gap, empower women more to have higher ranking roles in companies, welcome diversity, and have uncomfortable conversations. Beyoncé didn’t tell us that we run the world for nothing.”

We should definitely listen to Beyoncé on that one…

Director of People Operations Christine Bry agreed that International Women’s Day is important to continue celebrating year after year. 

“International Women’s Day is important to Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage because it celebrates the impact women have in our world. I believe that I, as a woman, have made an impact in my world, including this company, and that the women in the company have done the same,” Christine explained. “And I know that they will continue to strive to make a greater impact!”

And the rest of the brewery agrees, which is why we continue to hold this event for our employees each year!

The event kicked off with an introduction from Courtney, then we went right into the first event of the night: a tasting of Beer of the Woman with Brewer Emily Siddall

“This beer really was the definition of collaboration to me, between all the awesome ladies that work here,” Emily said. “This is our baby.”

Emily, who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beer, walked us through the flavors of the beer, specifically noting the Pink Boots Hop Blend which gave it tropical, fruity flavors. 

“The first thing I get is the notes from the yeast, a little bit of the Belgian characteristics with the clove and the banana, and a nice little hop bit. And, at the end, very subtly, some nice juicy peach and apricot,” Emily explains.

Marketing Director Alicia Grasso and Brewtique Associate Danielle Tesauro both commented that they really enjoyed the beer, Alicia admiring the finish and the hop bite while Danielle complimented the great balance (which meant even more because she “doesn’t normally like yeast-forward beers!”)

Emily then opened the floor for questions, where we found out her favorite beer to brew is a nice stout or a dark beer “because it smells amazing,” and that she would brew an English bitter, if she could create any beer for the brewery, among other things. 

We actually did have an extra-special/strong bitter called Biscuits & Honey, but that was before Emily started working here, so we’re looking forward to her next English bitter creation!

Once everyone understood Beer of the Woman’s flavor profile and learned more about brewing from Emily, Alicia introduced our speaker for the night, Julia Herz, CEO and Director of HerzMuses and former Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association. Unfortunately, due to some Zoom technical difficulties (we’ve all been there, right?!), Julia wasn’t able to present live, but she was able to send a video to play to the women of the brewery.

Julia had so many nice things to say about Cape May Brewing Company and, as always, was so engaging — so much so that we all kept forgetting she sent a video and thought she was live for most of the speech! It really did feel like she was in the Zoom “room” with us. 

Julia shared personal anecdotes about her journey through the beer industry and announced her newest adventure, Gray for Good, an organization which aims to collectively celebrate all women-identified individuals who go gray and eradicate the gender equity gap by increasing charitable giving to women- and girl-focused causes.

“My biggest takeaway from the event was Julia’s presentation, more like Julia’s discussion with us on her journey, finding her passion, and being okay with her authentic self,” Christine shared. “Her ability to genuinely empower other women came through from her video, and that was very inspiring to me. It gives me pause to consider if I am and/or how I can genuinely empower women in our companies.”

Christine is right — Julia’s passion shined through the screen and motivated all of us.

When Julia tried Beer of the Woman, she sang the praises of the women involved and mimicked Emily’s notes about the beer verbatim. They’re both real pros!

“Julia helped us with her story,” Christine said. “I think it was meant to help exemplify that we, the women of the world and this company, are making a difference and that we should celebrate that together with fellowship and a great beer!” 

And that we did!

After Julia’s presentation, we watched a vlog from Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell, who walked us through every step of the brewing process, from the hop delivery at the brewhouse to the final beer delivery at the Brewtique. 

The vlog was educational but oh-so funny and featured special women guests from every area of the brewery. Emily and Lab Manager Lauren Appleman walked Polly through the entire brewing process before Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith, Brewtique Supervisor Karen Flood, and Brewtique Associate Ariel McCarter taste-tested the final products and gave their two-thumbs-up approval. After a pour from Kaley Palasch in the Tasting Room, we were done with the vlog and were already looking forward to Polly’s next one!

To end the night, we had an educational round of trivia with Kahoot extraordinaire and Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch. In the end, Danielle Tesauro knew the most and won the game, but, in the true fashion of women supporting women, we were all happy for her big win!

Thank you to all the women who made this day possible and thank you to all of the women at Cape May Brewing Company for being the best coworkers ever. You rock!

Beer of the Woman is still available in the Brewtique while it lasts, so head over today to grab a 4-pack, and cheers to the women in your life! Enjoy!