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“Ice Cream Twist is the one that’s going to draw people in, but Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is the one that’s going to surprise everyone.”

Ice Cream Twist & Watermelon Salt Water Taffy: A Killer Combo

Last week, we introduced our latest brew series, On the Way to Cape May, a loving tribute to the shore, with ten brews for each of the years we’ve been operating! 

This week, we’re proud to announce the first two in the series:

On the Way to Cape May No #001: Ice Cream Twist is a 7.7% ABV IPA with orange and vanilla, or an orange milkshake IPA if you will! This one has lactose to mimic the sweet treat it’s inspired by, and it’s brewed with Citra, Lotus, and Cashmere hops. The special ingredients that help round out this brew include tangerine juice and vanilla. 

On the Way to Cape May No #002: Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is a 6.7% sweet and sour ale with watermelon. It’s the perfect combination of juicy, sweet, and tart, not unlike its namesake candy. This one is light on the hops with a neutral bittering hop and special ingredients and also includes watermelon juice and vanilla. 

This week, we waved at the production facility as we made our way to the Tasting Room to get some feedback from our brew crew who will be offering you this brew all weekend long! 

We met with Brewtique Associate Marie Dougherty, Beertender and Brewtique Associate Caitlyn Crain, Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch (ODB), Greeter and Brewtique Associate Barb Bur, Brewtique Supervisor and Inventory Controller Karen Flood, Greeter Sue Gibson, Brewtique Associate Kara Kowalski, Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith, and Events Team Member and Brewtique Associate Danielle Tesauro.

When we first got our hands on some early samples of these brews, they came with some high praise from the production crew. Packaging Lead Paul Greer is especially excited for Watermelon Salt Water Taffy, and when Paul hypes up a beer, you’re going to want to pay attention! 

We started off with No. #001, Ice Cream Twist, to get everyone’s reactions. 

“That is fantastic,” Kaitlyn says. “They did a great job. They are killing it right now with the new ones.” 

“That’s so good,” Karen says. 

“I feel like I’m eating a little bit of an ice cream cone,” Barb says. 

“It’s creamsicle in a glass,” Kara says. “I definitely love it.”

“I like the balance of sweetness on it,” Danielle says. “It tastes just like an orange creamsicle without being overly sweet, so it’s really drinkable. It’s one of those where you wouldn’t guess that it’s over 7% ABV.” 

For those who love IPAs, keep in mind Ice Cream Twist is indeed a Milkshake IPA, so fans will notice the slight hop character. 

With both of these beers, they tended to prompt exclamations from the group, whether it was the initial smell or the first sip, but Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is one that often takes people by surprise from the first smell and taste. 

If you’re going into this expecting taffy in liquid form, you won’t be disappointed.

“I think it tastes like a Laffy Taffy,” Cait says. 

“That’s not an easy flavor to get right,” Kaitlyn says. “They nailed it.” 

“I like them both,” Karen says. Although she loves Ice Cream Twist, she also really liked the Watermelon Salt Water Taffy. “I think it’s spot on, it really is,” she says. 

“It’s not overly tart or sweet,” Marie says. “I think it’s perfect. It’s definitely a beach beer for me.”

“Oh, it smells nice,” Sue says.

“At first it’s really nice, like the salty notes, and then you get hints of the sour and watermelon,” ODB says. 

“I’m in on that,” Danielle says. “It’s just the right amount of sour.” 

Sue and Barb note that, unlike our more prominent recent sour releases Peach Ring Sour and Black Cherry Sour, Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is a Sweet and Sour Ale, giving it a nice balance of flavors and characteristics of both. 

“I bet it’s going to be really popular with anyone who likes The Bog,” Sue says. “It’s refreshing.”

Although salt water taffy itself can be tough on your teeth, this brew is perfect to crack open and enjoy when you’re craving it. 

Kaitlyn is already planning on how to hide her four-packs to enjoy in the coming weeks, while Karen is excited to share it with others. 

ODB echoed Kaitlyn sentiments that our production team did well with these two, and have continued to do well on our new releases!

Marie mentions that vodka would likely go well with these, so for those who enjoy a good beer cocktail, it might be worth it to throw some of your favorite flavored vodka in to try out! 

Comparing the two, Danielle notes that, “Ice Cream Twist is the one that’s going to draw people in, but Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is the one that’s going to surprise everyone.”

When asked about everyone’s favorite, the split was down the middle, showcasing these two brews’ ability to cater to different tastes and preferences. 

You’re going to have to try both to find out for yourself, so be sure to make your way down to the Tasting Room this weekend to try a bit on draft, or grab your own 4-pack from our Brewtique!



We expect some crazy demand for these, so expect a line if you’re stopping by today, Friday, May 28th, for their release, and don’t wait too long to pick these up—they’ll be gone in a flash!