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"I'll be able to stash a few cans of this in my fridge to have whenever I need that Honey Porter itch scratched."

Honey Porter in cans!

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit our Tasting Room, you may have had the chance to sample one of our favorite brews. It’s been available for distribution for about as long as we’ve had distribution; however, it’s often an overlooked member of our lineup.

And if you haven’t had the chance to try our Honey Porter, you need to remedy that fact, posthaste.

Smooth and light-bodied, our beloved brown porter brewed with Jersey Fresh-certified honey won a bronze medal at last year’s Great American Beer Festival. This balanced and approachable porter has a firm malt presence, a hint of sweetness thanks to the honey, and a distinctive quaffability that will draw you in again and again. 

And now, for the first time, it’s available in 16-ounce cans!

“It’s fucking Honey Porter!” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, momentarily forgetting that this blog frowns on such language. “In cans!”

Okay, Brian. We’ll forgive you because this is really awesome news!

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time,” he says.

It’s true. Honey Porter is actually our second-oldest beer after Cape May IPA and has long been a staff- and fan-favorite. In our pre-canning days, we’d bottled Honey Porter a few times, in 2015, 2016, and in May of 2017, but we’ve never really had the opportunity to offer it in cans.

“This might be one of my favorites from Cape May,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman. “The last time we bottled it was just after I started here, and I was so upset to only have access to it in bottles for a very short period of time. Honey Porter is now an award-winning beer and it is finally getting the packaging it deserves.”

Brian agrees.

It’s a classic through and through,” he says. “It’s really a timeless style.”

For a beer that’s been primarily a draft-only offering, Honey Porter has done relatively well for us. Each year, we do the dance of “What comes back next year?”, and Honey Porter keeps surviving.

“It’s a high-quality, very drinkable, super balanced brew that you can drink year-round,” Brian says. 

And, for dark beer fans, there’s not a whole lot of variety on the market: there are a few big names, but, for the most part, dark beers are few and far between.

“Just as there are people who only drink IPAs, there’s a smaller but devoted segment of the drinking public that only wants to drink dark beers,” Brian tells us. “And while Honey Porter is most certainly not a stout — it drinks more like an amber than a stout –, it still has enough of the chocolatey and rich maltiness that dark beer drinkers are looking for.”

Porters used to be a lot more common than they are, particularly in the early days of craft beer.

A lot of the early craft beer adopters cut their teeth drinking porters,” Brian says. “With ours being one of the few that’s consistently available, it’s carved out a nice niche for itself amongst those drinkers.”

Yet, if you don’t like dark beers — or, more accurately, you think you don’t like dark beers — our Honey Porter is definitely worth a try.

“It’s smooooooth,” Brian says, “like velvety smooth. It’s the kind of beer that if you drank out a colored glass or out of the can — and if you didn’t know that a porter was a dark beer — you’d have no idea it was as dark as it is.”

You might think it’s a bit darker than some of the heavier lagers on the market, but certainly not as dark as it is.

“It’s also exceptionally balanced,” Brian says. “It has enough hops to balance the malty sweetness but not so much that you think it’s bitter, and the yeast offers just a hint of fruitiness that keeps everything in check.” 

Lauren definitely has some awesome plans for enjoying Honey Porter in cans.

“I would love to get a case of this and sit by a bonfire with my friends — all six feet apart,” she says. “We’d probably end up drinking the entire case in one sitting. I’m sure my dad will ask me to bring him some as this is one of his favorites as well.”  

Brian has been known to grab Honey Porter as a shiftie every once in a while, but, with the Tasting Room shut down for the time being, he’s glad to have it in cans.

“I’ll be able to stash a few cans of this in my fridge to have whenever I need that Honey Porter itch scratched,” he says.

Get your Honey Porter itch scratched, too! It’s available in our Brewtique in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans for $11.99+tax.