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Home Delivery to Cape May and Atlantic Counties!

Every so often, there are bright moments in a crisis. Like Mr. Rogers told us, “Look for the helpers.” In times of uncertainty, they’re always there.

Now, we’re certainly not comparing ourselves to the men and women on the front lines of the COVID-19 mess: the doctors, the nurses, the EMTs — they’re going to have an extraordinarily rough few weeks.

However, this time, we can count the ABC — the New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control — as one of the helpers. In these extraordinary times, they’ve decided to allow breweries to begin home deliveries!

Right now, we’re excited to offer this new service to our fans in Cape May and Atlantic Counties. For now. This is entirely new for us and we want to see how things go this time around. But… fingers crossed!

We’ll be taking orders online and over the phone. You can check out our online store to order, or you can call in and press #3 to speak to the Brewtique. We’re taking phone orders immediately; you’ll be able to order online within the next few days.

You need to order at least three four-packs or six-packs to qualify for home shipping. 

We’ll be delivering seven days a week, from noon to 5:30pm. If you live in Cape May County and get your order in before 5:30pm, or live in Atlantic County and get your order to us by 2:30pm, we’ll get it out to you that day. If you place your order after those times, we’ll get it to you the following afternoon.

The person whose name is on the credit card used to place the order must be over 21 and must be home to receive the delivery.  We can’t stress this enough: YOU MUST PRESENT A VALID ID. We understand that a lot of people are practicing social distancing at the moment, but as long as we can see the person and their ID, we’ll be good.

We’ll be charging a $4.99 delivery fee. 

We’re all really thrilled about this development, but the really great thing about it is that it helps to put our Tasting Room staff back to work! Shutting down the Tasting Room is definitely cutting into their incomes — we’re glad that we have a way to get them back in and making some money. Be sure to tip your driver!