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Happy Promotion, Justin!

justin daughter
Justin, with daughter Sophia

Congratulations to CMBC employee of two years, Justin Vitti, who has been promoted from sales rep to Logistics and Distribution Manager.

“He’s beer traffic control!” explains Ryan. “He makes sure that our beer is delivered professionally, safely and cold(ly).  He also makes sure that our wholesale customers are getting the best customer service.”

We caught up with the man, the myth, the mustache to chat about his new role.

How did you celebrate? I’ve been too busy working to celebrate, but when I have time, I’ll sit down with some Cape May IPA on Nitro.

What’s next for CMBC distribution? Tackling the northern part of the state. Right now, we’re up to Mercer and Monmouth Counties. After that, the next logical step is Delaware or New York, in my opinion.

Is there a distribution area you would give up your mustache for? No. Never.

Best part of the job? That I get to rely on the experiences I’ve gained doing sales and helping to establish our accounts. It gives me more of an inside perspective. The routing software might tell us to go here first, for example, but based on traffic and time of day, I know it should be the other way around.

You greatest challenge moving forward? Staying focused. I’ll be doing something different everyday.

Do you have any pre-work rituals? I’m up at 4:45am everyday to hit the gym. That’s how I get pumped up.

Best hot sauce. Go. The “Question Mark” sauces from the Hank brand — the weird ones that aren’t in their normal portfolio. Also, Crystal Louisiana’s Hot Sauce.  But Hank Sauce comes first.

What does your seven-year-old daughter Sophia think of her dad’s job? I haven’t told her about the promotion, really… she just loves that everybody knows me and she always sees “my beer” at restaurants.

What do you want people to know about CMBC distribution? Watch out.