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“Choose your growlers wisely.”

Growler Exchange Program

The COVID pandemic has thrown just about everything we’ve known about the world up in the air.

There are new rules for everything, including here at Cape May Brewing Company. Six feet of separation. Masks. Hand sanitizer. And a virus that could make itself known when you least expect it.

Can this be over already?!?

A bone of contention for many of our fans has been our growler policy. In order to minimize the possible contamination of our growler filler, we’ve been mandating that all growler fills come with a new growler.

No more!

Now we’ll be exchanging old growlers for new growlers!

“We know that our growler policy hasn’t been well received,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “But we’ve been looking for ways to Make it Better since the beginning of the pandemic. We hope that our new Growler Exchange Program will keep our loyal fans filling their growlers.”

So, when we receive a growler, we’ll sanitize each one individually, then disinfect each of them. There will be a 24-hour process to clean the growlers, so you won’t be receiving your growler back. Instead, you’ll receive a cleaned growler.

“Choose your growlers wisely,” Chris says. “If you drop off a growler with an old logo, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same thing in return. On the other hand, if you drop off a new-logo growler, you might get a surprise and get an old-logo growler back.”

While we’ll try to exchange your old logo growlers for the same thing, who knows. We can’t guarantee that we’ll have one around.

“We think this program will help our fans who have amassed a huge number of growlers over the past few months,” Chris says. “In addition, we feel a little better about the amount of glass we’re going through. We hope everyone was recycling their growlers if they decided to get rid of them, but, if not, we’re taking care of it.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The exchange is only for the same size growlers: if you give us a 32-ounce growler, that’s what you’ll receive in return.
  • We will still be selling new growlers.
  • We will be accepting ONLY Cape May Brewing Company growlers in “like-new” condition: no chips, scratches, etc.
  • We will accept new logo growlers and old logo growlers.
  • You will not receive your growler in return.
  • If you exchange an old logo growler, there is no guarantee that you will receive an old logo growler in return.
  • The exchange is only available for orders in-store. Online orders will still include a new growler.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]. See you soon!