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Growler Craft Ideas

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been extremely lucky to have been able to remain open. We’ve been brewing and canning and, now, kegging as fast as our brewers can brew.

And, we love those of you who have supported us during the pandemic. 

But… there’s been one aspect of our current business model that — we know — not everyone loves, and that’s been the fact that we can only fill new growlers.

We know, it’s a pain; however, it’s the only way we can ensure that our big, strong, Austrian growler filler, Hans, doesn’t catch the coronavirus. You see, Hans starts his fill with a shot of carbon dioxide, potentially blowing any virus particles in a dirty growler all around the chamber. Then he fills from the bottom, sticking a long probe into the growler, possibly mixing all those stirred-up particles with the beer.

That’s not a great way to guard against the spread of COVID-19. We can do better. 

So, we’ve been including a new growler with each growler fill, selling them to you at our cost.

But… if you’re a growler aficionado, you’ve probably got a growing pile of growlers at this point, and you’re wondering what you should do with them.

This week, we’ve got five craft ideas for those old growlers. We don’t have full plans for each of them, but, hopefully, this blog will get your gears turning.

For several of these craft ideas, you’ll need a glass-cutting implement of some sort. Amazon is your friend.

Growler Lamp


If you’d ever been to the Tasting Room… ever… you may have noticed our growler lamp on the table at the far end of the bar.

It’s surprisingly easy to turn anything — literally anything — into a lamp. Simply search Amazon for “lamp guts” and you’ll get a million choices, in brass or silver, in any shape or configuration you could possibly want.

Simply create a hole toward the bottom of the growler for your cord and snake it through. The cleanest-looking way to do this would be to cut your lamp pipe a ¼” longer than the height of the growler, create a hole in the bottom of the growler just large enough for the lamp pipe to fit into, drill a hole into the side of the lamp pipe large enough for the cord, then use your locknuts to secure the lamp pipe in place. 

Then you’ll thread your cord through the lamp pipe, then secure the harp apparatus and the socket to the top of the lamp pipe. Hook up your electric, and you’ll be good to go.

Or, the easy way out is to glue the socket to the top of the growler and thread the cord through a hole at the bottom, but that’s not going to look as clean.

To fancy it up even further, you can add lights inside the growler, as well. Amazon has a bunch of these that will probably work pretty well. 

Auto-filling Pet Water Bowl

This is a good one for all you pet lovers out there.

All you really need is your growler, a water bowl, and some way to get the growler to stand on end. If you’d like, you can grab a piece of plywood and screw a 2×4 to it. Then grab a U-bolt or a U-shaped hook to set the mouth of the growler on. Position the mouth of the growler at the height of the water in the bowl, and it will self-level.

You’ll probably need something along the top of the growler to hold it in place, but that should be easy enough to figure out.

Your dogs and cats will thank you!


Add water. Stick some freshly-cut flowers in there.


Our fan @art_tugo decided to paint some up!

Serving Plates

If you’re of the entertaining sort, this is a great idea for your next party!

You’ll have to start with a bonfire. Easy enough. Then, once the fire dies down, place the growler on the dying embers, wait a bit for it to get hot enough, then — carefully! — press it flat.

Or you can use your trusty glass cutter to cut the growler in half, then use it as a bowl for crackers at your next party! (Be sure to get a few full growlers of Cape May beer, though.)

Hanging Lights

This is another easy one for lighting your home.

Use your glass cutter to cut off the bottom of the growler, then thread the cord through the mouth of the growler. You could use something like this

Then install the lights as you see fit!

If you’ve got other ideas for your old growlers, definitely let us know! Post pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag us with @capemaybrewco!