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Gose? I hardly know her!

Once upon a time, the Germans, in their never-ending-and-slightly-maniacal quest for purity, passed the Reinheitsgebot. Usually translated as the “German Beer Purity Law,” this act limited the ingredients of beer to water, barley, and hops.

Salty Lips, Salty Brew

Could you imagine? This was 1516 in Bavaria. If you ever get around to finishing that time machine you’ve been working on, maybe skip medieval Bavaria.

While the Germans were attempting to put the kibosh on anything with flavor, the small mountain town of Goslar collectively raised its hand and said, “Hey, guys…? Um, we make this really awesome beer with coriander and salt, then we sour it. It’s kinda the bomb. You really should try it. So… how about you step off?”

And they did. They stepped off. They gave them an exemption. They let little Goslar make its beer.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thankfully, modern beer philosophy has been spitting in the face of the Reinheitsgebot for quite awhile. Craft beer is kinda like Thunderdome: lawless, with a shirtless Mel Gibson and Tina Turner attempting to cling to relevance.

So, we came up with Salty Lips. We let it sour in the boil for two days before adding coriander and sea salt, then we ferment it with a classic American Ale yeast. With hints of honeydew and peaches, its meager 10 IBUs guarantee a curious lack of hops flavor. You’ll gose crazy over this beer.

IMG_7638And that’s not just any sea salt in Salty Lips: it’s Cape May Sea Salt.  Hand-harvested using traditional methods, Cape May Sea Salt comes from water gathered from the Atlantic Ocean at select locations in South Jersey. At their state-of-the-art greenhouse, the water is exposed to plenty of sun and carefully controlled temperatures, crystallizing into beautiful and flavorful salts.

“Anyone who’s ever taken a dip in the ocean knows the salty flavor left on your lips” says Lead Brewer Brian Hink. “Our Salty Lips is reminiscent of that — you get just a touch of salinity on your lips before the tartness comes through, finishing with a dusting of fresh sea salt back in your mouth.” After one sip, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of the ocean.

Swing down to the Tasting Room when it drops on Thursday and give it a try. Or, maybe, if you get that time machine up and running, keep coming back.

And, when you do, give a quick thanks to the people of Goslar.

There will be much rejoicing.