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“Honey Porter is the perfect cure for the end of summer blues."

Get Ready for Honey Porter—In Cans Near You!

It’s a really special day, y’all. Honey Porter, our woefully underappreciated brown porter typically available on draft year-round, is getting its time to shine in our traditional 12-ounce cans along with its fellow flagships!

Honey Porter releases in the Cape May Tasting Room today, Friday, October 15th, and it will be available throughout New Jersey and Delaware starting October 18th. Eastern Pennsylvania will start seeing the cans pop up starting Monday, October 25th.

You can order cans now from the Tasting Room, or check out what places near you stock our brews with our Beer Finder

Check out how the Brew Crew feels about Honey Porter’s 10th anniversary, and what it means to them!

“I had Honey Porter for the first time on draft earlier this year (I can’t believe I waited this long to try it) and it became an instant favorite! Any time I see it on tap at a bar or in the Tasting Room, I know exactly what I’m going to order. Plus, now that it’s available in cans this fall, I’ll definitely share it with friends and family, too!”—Marketing Associate Casey McBride

(Ed. note: We’re glad that Casey finally joined the dark side…bwahaha.)


“It was the first beer we ever won a GABF award with and it was my homebrew recipe!”—CMBC CEO and Co-Owner Ryan Krill

(Ed. note: Honey Porter won its GABF award in 2019, and we first brewed it in 2011 using Ryan’s recipe. He first made this brew while he was still in Brooklyn, way before CMBC would change everything!) 


“Honey Porter is the perfect cure for the end of summer blues. I hate when summer is over, but how can you be sad with that dark, rich, and inviting beer in your hand telling you everything is going to be ok!” —Distribution Manager Robert Ritz

(Ed. note: Well said, Rob!)


“I love the Honey Porter, I used to stock up on it when we had it in bottles! Perfect to pair with a steak or even in with a nice marinade for a London Broil!” —Fulfillment Manager Chris Martin

(Ed. note: Chris Martin never fails to make us hungry when he talks about recipes. Gotta add steak to our grocery list now…)


“Honey Porter is a celebration beer for me, because it means my shift is over and I’m having shifties with coworkers.”—Tasting Room Associate Gavin Lewis

(Ed. note: We love this! Honey Porter makes a great celebratory beer.)


“Every week, someone asks me what dark beers we have. For much of the year, it’s a big hole in our portfolio, so I’m really happy that, not only do we have a dark beer coming out, but it’s a really great one. In a world where all of the trends tend to make beer not taste like beer, this is a beer that tastes like beer. This is a great addition to our distribution.”—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

(Ed. note: Right?! We’re completely on your side, Eric. And that’s why we’ve got beer-beer and beer that doesn’t really taste like beer! Different strokes, folks.)


“Honey Porter is delicious. I always enjoyed this one as a counterpoint to the taste buds from something hoppy or something sweet. It was always a good end of night sipper, especially as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. The fact that we use all NJ honey in the brew is pretty cool, too. It has just enough roast to where it is not overbearing, pleasantly malty, and oh so smooth.” —Packaging Manager Mark Graves

(Ed. note: Mark’s right. It’s ridiculously smooth. And that Jersey Fresh logo you see on the can is because of the New Jersey honey—this is the first beer to ever have a prestigious distinction from the NJ Department of Agriculture for quality!)




Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg also shared some throwback aspects too! If you have Facebook, check out this clip, and take a look at Honey Porter’s first photo!

(Ed. note: Aww…look at it!)



“Honey Porter was the third unique beer brewed by CMBC, after Cape May IPA and Cape May Wheat, brewed for the first time on 9/16/2011 and kegged off for the first time ever on 10/3/2011! Honey Porter is definitely our most underrated brew. It’s such a good workhorse and serves such a niche; I’m so glad that it’s finally seeing a proper full-scale release. We used to bottle it back in the day and that used to go out wholesale, and we did the Tasting Room-only release in March of 2020 (literally right at the start of COVID unfortunately, so it didn’t get much fanfare), so I can’t wait for our dedicated fans far and wide to get a chance to try this deceptively easy drinking brew.”—Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink

(Ed. note: Brian shared with us that, since this release was just before his time here at CMBC, he took a look at our old brewing logs to nab those dates. Happy 10th anniversary, Honey Porter!)


Join us in celebrating this special release this weekend, and keep an eye out for these gorgeous cans near you later this month!