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"It’s the perfect purple beverage.”

Get me some of That Grape Good Good

Remember that old commercial from the 80s, featuring some kids, after school, rummaging through a refrigerator looking for something to drink?

“Well, we’ve got soda… OJ… some purple stuff….”

(No? Just us? Are we dating ourselves?)

Anyway, this is that purple stuff!

We took our delectable grape shandy, The Purp, and turned it up a notch, added it to our imperial shandy line, and called it That Grape Good Good, available Friday, only in the Tasting Room!

The beers in our Good Good line are all based on previous shandies: That Cherry Lime Good Good was based on our Foreshore Shandy, and That Cranberry Good Good is based on our perennial favorite, The Bog.

Along those lines, That Grape Good Good is based on The Purp, a purple grape shandy reminiscent of purple grape soda — sweet, a hint of tartness, and full of Concord grapy goodness. Like an alcoholic, carbonated version of your childhood’s favorite glass of juice, The Purp is more at home out of a juice glass than on tap.

So, this week, we caught up with one of the biggest fans of The Purp, one of our packaging operators, Mitch Freeman

“I can still remember the first time we were sampling it before the kegging run,” he says, “and I guess I made a big deal out of it, so I became The Purp guy.” 

But, it makes sense. Dude loves The Purp.

“I love the color. I love the aroma. And, ultimately, the taste,” he says. “The OG Purp was the first and only time I used my growler because I liked it that much. It’s a very unique beer, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer like it anywhere else.” 

Since coming out with That Cranberry Good Good for the first time back in 2018, we’ve been having a lot of fun with this line.

“The response to the Good Good line has been awesome,” says Production Planning and Special Projects Manager Brian Hink. “They’re all pretty much 8% ABV fruit juice, which makes these sweet-tart little numbers dangerously drinkable, and I guess our fans like living dangerously!”

For the past two years, we’ve released The Purp as a draft-only release in February; however, with the global pandemic impacting draft beer across the industry, it made sense to rearrange things this year. 

“We knew we wouldn’t be releasing The Purp as usual,” Brian says, “so we thought it would be fun to take the opportunity to release The Purp’s big brother in the dead of winter.”

Like That Cranberry Good Good and That Cherry Lime Good Good, we made a few changes to The Purp to balance out the higher alcohol level.

“We basically just kicked it up a notch with a slightly higher percentage of lemon juice than The Purp sees to help balance everything out more,” Brian says. “For these imperial shandies, we’ve been going a little higher on the acidity to help keep the beer a little brighter and livelier, and to help overcome the high ABV, the high level of the main fruit (cranberry, cherry, and now purple grape), and the sugary sweetness. So the ABV is scaled up, the fruits are doubled, and the sugar addition is cut in half.”

Ultimately, we’re pleased to add another “non-beer-tasting” beer to our lineup.

“That Grape Good Good doesn’t taste like beer in the least,” Brian says, “because we’ve developed a knack for producing very un-beer-tasting beers. It falls right in line with beers like The Bog, The Grove, That Cranberry Good Good, Strawberry Sunset, and on and on and on. It’s a big ol’ sugary, grapey, sweet- and tart-filled purple drink… and, oh!, it just happens to be 8% ABV!”

But he’s really pleased with how That Grape Good Good came out.

“It tastes like you melted grape popsicles and added a shot of vodka to it,” he says, “so I love that it came out exactly as we intended.”

Lab Manager Lauren Appleman is looking forward to That Grape Good Good, as well.

“The best part of your childhood lunches — PB&J — is now in adult drink form?” she laughs. “Sign me up!”

And it goes without saying that Mitch is looking forward to That Grape Good Good.

“Absolutely,” he says. “It’s been a while since I had the OG Purp, and I’m hesitant to say that I like That Grape Good Good better than The Purp just based on how long it’s been, but That Grape Good Good is just as high quality, if not higher. I like it a lot. I like that it’s coming in 16oz cans — it’s more to enjoy per can. It’s still got that purple goodness to it. It’s the perfect purple beverage.”

That’s one of the things that Lauren loves best about her job: hearing how excited people get for our upcoming beers.

“You know you have a special beer when it’s our own coworkers who get equally as excited for them,” she says. “So, when you drink this beer raise a glass to Mitch. He plays an integral part in making sure all of your beers make it safely into your cans and kegs.”

“Pick up a four-pack,” Mitch says. “You won’t be disappointed.”

That Grape Good Good releases at noon on Friday, only in the Tasting Room. Don’t miss it!


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      That Grape Good Good is only available in our Tasting Room.

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