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Geek Out 2.0!

If you haven’t yet tried the latest brain-child of Lead Brewer Brian, get thee to the tasting room. Geek Out 2.0 came out last Friday, and it’s reminiscent of the first beer Bri-guy ever concocted at CMBC on his own, the original Geek Out.┬áThat one was a Belgian Rye IPA made with white wine, the forbidden fruit yeast strain (think subdued fruitiness), and both citra and experimental hops.

“It was everything but the kitchen sink,” Brian says.

But this time around, expect a more concentrated effort, due partly to the elimination of white wine. The final product is a very dry summer beer brewed with both pale malt grain and rye grain for a slick mouthfeel. And the hops? Well, those are from a special delivery we wrote about here. The ABV is 5.4%.

“You know how a band will come out with a first album that has some hits but is a little bit all over the place?” Brian says. “Think of this as the sophomore album — the one that makes you say: ‘Damn, the band got their shit together.'”

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