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This year, the Great American Beer Festival is coming to a brewery near you! 

It’s been a rough year for everyone, but the Brewers Association wanted to keep the spirit of GABF alive, so they’re moving it from Denver to breweries nationwide. Each participating brewery is getting in on the fun with their own special giveaway.

So, at Cape May Brewing Company, your GABF passport will entitle you to our brand, spankin’ new Tap That Glass. 

This isn’t your everyday glass, folks….

“This is definitely the coolest glass I’ve ever seen,” says our Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “If you tap your phone against the glass, it’ll take you to a specially-curated webpage, only for our GABF fans. We’ll be one of the first breweries in the country to use it.”


I mean….


So, it uses near-field communication — like in a key card or a mobile payment app on your phone — to bring you to a mobile website with exclusive content for GABF passport holders.

All you have to do is… Tap That Glass!

(And have NFC set up on your cell phone. You’ll have to check your manufacturer’s documentation to figure out how to do that, but it’s not hard. Check your settings and you should be able to figure it out.)

Not only is the glass dishwasher safe — no worries about the NFC stuff getting messed up in the washer –, but it’s a huge glass: 19.2 ounces — that’s well over a pint of beer. (Or anything else, really, but put beer in it. Cape May beer, of course.)

And the cool thing is that we’ll be switching up the content at the mobile site from time to time. We’re not planning to have a set schedule, so every so often, you’ll just have to remember to… Tap That Glass!

“This is a fun, interactive way not only to bring a bit of GABF home with you,” Kaitlyn says, “but to also keep up with some of the goings-on at Cape May Brew Co. throughout the year.” 

For now, GABF passport holders get first dibs on the Tap That Glass, so be sure to get your passport here. Then, stop by the Tasting Room, Beer Garden, Brewtique, or Brewtanical Garden at some point between October 1st and the 18th to grab your glass!

They’ll only be available while supplies last, but, if we run out, no worries! We won’t let you leave empty-handed, but you should make it a point to visit us early in October.

See you soon!