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“Of course we were going to sign on again this year.”

Friends Giving 2019

Be a Good Neighbor.

As one of our Core Values, it’s probably the one that we hear about most often. But there’s a good reason for that: when you want to help others, it becomes second nature.

And, luckily, we want to help others. And it’s not just us: on the whole, the brewing community is all about looking out for the least among us. 

But, we can chalk that up to beer itself — it brings people together. And, when we bring people together over a beer, we get the chance to discuss the things that unite us as well as the things that divide us.

Food insecurity is dividing us: there are the haves and the have-nots. You’re either food secure or food insecure. You either know where your next meal is coming from or you don’t.

Last year, Double Nickel in Pennsauken reached out to us, Tonewood in Oaklyn, and Urban Village in Philly to get together and brew a beer to do what we could to make a dent in food insecurity in our area.

We called it Friends Giving, and it raised an unbelievable $75,000.

So, considering the fact that we were able to help so many people by doing something that we do anyway, it only made sense to do it again this year.

“Of course we were going to sign on again this year,” Hank said. “We did a lot of good last year and put a $75,000-sized dent in local hunger. We’re proud to sign on to this initiative again this year.”

Like last year, Friends Giving is conceived as a “Potluck IPA” — each brewery showed up to the brew day at Double Nickel with their hops in tow, not knowing what the other breweries would bring. This year includes Amarillo, Cashmere, Vic Secret, and Centennial.

The malt bill is comprised of pilsner, wheat, rye, and oats, with the wheat and rye donated by our good friends over at Rabbit Hill.

“It was great to have them come on again this year,” Hank said. “In fact, nearly everything about this beer has been donated — from the Yakima Chief Hops to most of the malt to the packaging, even Double Nickel’s distributor is doing it at a reduced rate.”

Friends Giving is an initiative of Double Nickel’s charity CollaborAid. 

“CollaborAid and the Friends Giving initiative are our way of turning a little creativity, camaraderie, community, and collaboration into support for local families in South Jersey and the Philadelphia region who are struggling to put food on the table,” says John Dalsey, Director of Marketing at Double Nickel. 

This year, the proceeds from Friends Giving will be donated to three local charities: Cathedral Kitchen and Virtua Mobile Farmers Market, both of Camden, NJ, as well as Philabundance of Philadelphia. In addition, Dietz and Watson will be matching a portion of the donated funds.

“These are some great organizations, each doing some fantastic work to aid food-insecure families throughout the area,” Hank says.

Friends Giving will release from Double Nickel this Saturday, and all four breweries will be participating in a number of events for the release. There’s a release party at Double Nickel’s tasting room at 1585 Route 73 in Pennsauken on Saturday from 3-6pm, with an event at Urban Village at 1001 N 2nd St. in Philadelphia for release on Saturday, November 9th. A special Friends Giving launch party will also be held Friday, November 15th at a South Jersey bar that has yet to be determined.

You’ll be able to find Friends Giving on draft and in 16-ounce cans throughout Double Nickel’s distribution area. Don’t miss it!