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Freshest Beets This Side of Bel Air

Beets By May
Now, this is a story all about how
CMBC got flipped-turned upside down.
And we’d like to take a minute, right here today,
To tell you how we came to brew Beets by May.
In Buena, New Jersey, the beets were raised
On Formisano Farms they spent most of their days
Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool
And soakin’ up sun so that these beets would rule.
When a couple of guys who knew about food
Wanted to make a beer with some beets imbued.
One little phone call and Ryan said, “Hey!
“We’re gonna brew a beer! It’s called Beets by May!”
We whistled for a truck and when it came near
The plate said Jersey Fresh and it had beets in the mirror.
We hopped in the truck and then on the Parkway
We thought, “We can do this!”
Yo, homes to Cape May!
We pulled up to the brewery about 7 or 8
And we yelled to the trucker,
“Yo, homes, smell ya later!”
We looked at our creation
We could finally say:
We used beets in a beer!
We made Beets by May!
Ya dig? These fresh beets drop May 26!