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In honor of the gull on our can, we decided to ask everyone to share some of their most memorable gull experiences.

Follow the Gull is Back!

This week, we caught up with the Brew Crew to celebrate the arrival of one of our favorite gulls – Follow the Gull! This brew is fiercely loved by our team, and in honor of the gull on our can, we decided to ask everyone to share some of their most memorable gull experiences. Check them out!

“I grew up going to the beach with my extended family on Leaming Ave in Wildwood. On the rare occasion that all the moms would head back early, leaving only the dads to tend after the children, we would play a fun game with the seagulls. One at a time the kids would lay down on a beach blanket and lay another over top of us, and we would then dump out whatever leftover snacks we had from the day onto the person under the blanket. Enter dozen’s of seagulls cleaning up the snacks off of our backs, I guess you could call it some type of seagull massage therapy!”

—Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello

(Ed note: Chris shared these photos with us from his cousin, showing how the tradition continues to this day!)

“When I was a kid, our family spent summers at my uncle’s house in Beach Haven on LBI. I always got yelled at by my parents for feeding the gulls. I was just fascinated how fast they all would ‘call their friends’ and thought to myself, they all must be really really hungry! 

I learned early on, what my parents didn’t know didn’t hurt them, so I would sneak off and secretly give the gulls the entire bags of potato chips. To this day I still enjoy feeding them at the beach, (even though I shouldn’t). I guess you could say I was born to Follow The Gull!” 

—Sales Manager Dan Moeri

“I will always have a soft spot for Follow the Gull (and seagulls) because my college mascot is a seagull!! Most people view them as the annoying bird on the beach who likes to steal your food, but when I think of seagulls, I think of Sammy the Seagull, our jacked college mascot who decides to only wear an oversized sweatshirt.”

 —Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“Let me preface this with the fact that these seagulls are in no way beach-related. One of my go-to stops when I visit home is a grocery store called Grocery Outlet to stock up on some insanely cheap dry goods.  For whatever reason, the parking lot is always full of seagulls that must have lost their way because Palmyra is nowhere near a beach.  It usually ends with me telling the gulls to go back to their home.”

 —Lab Manager Lauren Appleman

“While on Cape May’s Broadway Ave. beach, my wife Diane and I witnessed one of the funniest scenes, probably a “senior week moment.” While enjoying a beautiful day on the beach, we watched a group of seniors prank one of their friends, who was obviously so tired from the evening before that he’d fallen asleep on the sand with a towel over his head. His “friends” meticulously placed potato chips all over his body, toes to neck, and seagulls from all over started gathering around him. They started picking the chips off of him for several minutes, and when the young lad finally woke up after they reached some sensitive areas, he was none too happy and was quite in shock, running around with the gulls everywhere! His friends and beach goers alike thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire scene unfold.” 

—Greeter Tom Myers

“On my birthday this year, I hit up Cape May Beach to enjoy some charcuterie by the water. Shortly after setting up chairs and unwrapping the board, this gull hopped over from behind and was a constant shadow who eagerly waited for us to leave so he could scope out any snacks. Overall, the gull was pretty chill about it, so I give him a 10/10 for politeness and for adhering to social distancing guidelines!

—Content Marketing Coordinator Ariel McCarter

“Last summer my wife and I were walking the boardwalk. After a nice walk up and down we decided to stop at Manco & Manco pizza. We got our slices and noticed the seagulls were particularly bold around this popular eatery. One distracted gentleman was holding his plate of pizza a little too high in the air…well, that was good enough for one seagull. With a quick battle cry, the seagull dive-bombed the man and snatched BOTH slices from his plate in one fowl swoop (Ed note: Sigh, we see what you did there, Mark…). From there it was anarchy, a feeding frenzy of gulls, and the confused look of a man wondering if he could get a refund for not getting even a bite of delicious pizza.”

—Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“Last year my mom and I took a bike ride on the Ocean City boardwalk and stopped at Brown’s for the most yummy donuts.  We sat on a bench and started to enjoy our donuts when this seagull dive-bombed my mom’s hand and tried to swipe the donut.  The seagull was unsuccessful in getting the donut and proceeded to hover atop our heads.  We warned others and another family found the person with the hawk.  The hawk and his handler came and with one squak from the hawk, that pesky seagull and all the others scattered.” 

 —Director of People Operations Christine Bry

“I wouldn’t say this is a favorite beach story, but it’s definitely one that stands out to me. One day when I was a junior in high school, my mom had me skip school for an early dentist appointment, and instead of taking me to school after, she brought me with her to her favorite beach spot in Strathmere. I felt so cool skipping school for the beach, even if the left side of my mouth was numb, and I wanted to make sure it was obvious I went to the beach when I went back to school the next day. So, I decided to skip the sunscreen so I could show off my sunburn. Well, I ended up getting really bad sun poisoning, and my entire face was swollen and I developed sun blisters. And I still went to school the next day. So I got what I wanted, it was obvious I went to the beach, but it wasn’t exactly what I pictured. Moral of the story, please wear your sunscreen!”

—Beertender/Brewtique Associate Kaley Palasch

(Ed. note: If you neglect your sunscreen on your next visit to the Tasting Room, we have some in our Brewtique for you to grab!)

“While on the Ocean City boardwalk with my cousins when I was in grade school, my cousin had just gotten a couple slices of pizza from Walts. After taking his first bite, a seagull swooped down and stole a piece of pepperoni right off his slice! My cousin exclaimed ‘Stupid seagull!’ then proceeded to throw out his slice . . . too bad it was the wrong one, because he ended up losing both of his slices. Those seagulls sure get daring towards the end of the year!”

—Fulfillment Manager Chris Martin

“When I moved to Cape May, shortly after arriving and getting settled, my wife and I got the cutest puppy, Shaka. The first day we took Shaka to Higbee beach, he loved running in the water and chasing seagulls. 

After about a month of frequent beach trips, Shaka developed a love-hate relationship with the gulls. One day in the middle of winter, he decided to swim out to the middle of the bay to catch a seagull.

The silly pup went too deep and too far and started panicking. I had to run in, swim out and save my poor puppy. Both of us were soaking wet and freezing, but it was certainly a memorable experience.

PS: He still has not caught a seagull, but tries every beach trip lol.”

—Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell

(Ed. note: Shaka is still out there, keeping a close eye out for seagulls…)

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories with us! You can get in on the action too by grabbing some of the first Follow the Gull for the season at the Tasting Room on draft or available to-go in 4-packs from the Brewtique! If you can’t make it down this weekend, keep an eye out for Follow the Gull at your favorite beverage store starting next week.