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“Great, easy-drinking beer.”

Follow the Gull reviews

Back in 2017, Cape May County asked us to help them celebrate a milestone. 325 years worth of milestones, in fact.

When your home county asks you to help them celebrate, you step up, particularly when they’re celebrating a birthdate that’s only 70 years after Plymouth.

Cape May County is olllllddd, y’all.

So, we brewed up a killer IPA in Follow the Gull — a juicy and ultra-drinkable hop-bomb bursting with tropical and citrus aromas — and people loved it! They loved it so much that we knew we had to keep bringing it back.

Check out what people had to say below!

1M6A0488Edit“It’s the most…wonderful time…OF THE YEAR!!” — Jason M. (Yes, Jason, people the world over love Follow the Gull season.)

“Smooth, citrusy and creamy with a bit of bitterness on the back end. Nice summer crusher.” — Justin

“Surprisingly delicious, hazy and citrus galore, thanks Josh.” — Kevin S. (We’re not sure who Josh is, but we thank him, too!)

“The bird is the word…” — E

“Very solid. All these great IPAs available now is awesome.” — Travis C.

“Very well done. Nice, complex citrus with more than just grapefruit. Sounds corny, but it actually does remind me of the seashore.” — Brint K.

“SUPER crushable for 5.5%. S/o to Kyle S. for the hookup!” — David F.

“A nice, drinkable IPA. Low alcohol.” — Bill S.

“Oh my. Very nice!” — Jonathan A.

“Has a nice sweet start with a bitter hoppy finish but very light and refreshing.” — James L.

“As it says on the can, this beer is ‘utterly crushable’.” — Zack D.

IMG_7285“One word….. Yum!!!” — Ryan M.

“Citrus haze. A touch on the sweet side. Still diggin’ it though – thanks Mike R.” — Pete R. (Man, people really love sharing Follow the Gull!)

“Refreshing.” — Irving T.

“Great, easy-drinking beer.” — Seam M.

“Thanks Tyler P., this is a good trail beer.” — Eric L.

“Great citrus flavor. Delicious!” — James C.

“Citrusy and tropical.” — David N.

“As the can says citrusy, tropical and juicy. Yummy!” — Joe G.

“Oh my.” — Bob V. (We’re assuming that’s a good “Oh my” as he left a 4.5-star rating.)

“My fav IPA of 2018.” — John M.

“Clean and crisp!” — Michael M.

Follow the Gull is available in 16-ounce cans and on draft at better liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and in our very own Tasting Room. Check our Beer Finder for a location near you!