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“First one to review the 2020 batch. Best beer ever, basically unreal.”

Folks are Loving The Grove!

At long last, The Grove is here!

If you missed it last autumn, The Grove is our unbelievable citrus shandy with a reasonable 4.5% ABV, and you’re definitely not going to want to miss it this time around.

This snappy, super bright, ridiculously refreshing summer shandy drinks like you picked the fruit this morning, squeezed it into a glass, and turned it into the most intensely crushable beer you’ve ever seen. Sweet and tart, the brilliant aromas of The Grove will whisk you away, making you imagine that you’re walking through a citrus grove at harvest.

It’s available now through our retail partners in New Jersey and will be available in eastern Pennsylvania beginning on Monday. We’ll have it in Delaware by mid-May and in the Tasting Room by the end of the month.

While we’ve got an intense roster of fruit beers this summer with The Bog, Crushin’ It, and Tan Limes, The Grove is batting cleanup for a reason: this beer completely knocks it out of the park.

Read what our fans are saying about this phenomenally delicious brew!

“First one to review the 2020 batch. Best beer ever, basically unreal.” — Steve M.

“Go to beer on a hot day! Refreshing and light. Perfect Summer beer.” — Bob L.

“Super tasty shandy, great choice for upcoming warm weather!” — Louis R. 

“Saved some from summer. Yeah. The best!!!” — Paul W.

“This is like straight fruit juice, but it’s good. Bright, refreshing. Citrus pith, orange/lemon/lime flesh. Almost tastes like there’s pulp.” — Conor M.

“Really delicious! Much better than I expected.” — Nick P.

“Tangy sweet OJ candy. Perfect for poolside. Alas, I do not have a pool ?.” — Julia W.

“Super sweet, tastes like orange juice. Delicious.” — Katie S.

“Crisp and clean, refreshingly citrusy. Sweet orange and lemon and slightly tart lime in finish. Easily mistake this for juice at breakfast.” — Geoff D.

“This would be nice on a hot summer day down the shore… but a cold rainy fall day working from home? Yeah, still pretty awesome! ?” — Brian S.

“Crushable fresh citrus shandy. Great for a warm day at the Shore!” — John J.

“Delightfully citrusy and dry.” — T S

“Just gonna Double Down on these bad boys.” — Ernesto R.

“Delicious.” — Shane Y.

“Good beer.” — Shawn

“I despise Shandies, but this is good ?” — Roy G.

“This is adult orange juice.” — Scott D. (More like Tang, maybe, but we’ll take it. — ed.)

“Pure marathon beer.” — Charles D.

“Perfect.” — Steve M.

“Can get you [in] trouble goes, down really easy.” — Paul W.

“Light, lil sweet, citrusy lemon orange lime. Great summer tailgate beer.” — Jim K.

“Bright orange/citrus, lightly sweet #LocalSummer” — Dave P.

“Yes.” — Lizzy S.

“Really great! Nice summer beer!” — Dee Bee

We’re distributing it throughout New Jersey now and through next week, and it’ll arrive in Pennsylvania on Monday. We’ll get it to Delaware by mid-May and in the Tasting Room by the end of the month, so, while you can’t order this one online quite yet, you’ll be able to find it at our retailers throughout New Jersey. Hit up our Beer Finder to find a retailer near you!