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Five Years Ago….

IMG_8838Charlie Sheen was winning.

Casey Anthony was, too.

Royals were marrying.

The Arabs were Springing.

Fukushima was in meltdown.

The space shuttle was ending.

Wall St. was occupied.

Penn St. football was in chaos.

Bin Laden was killed.

And Ryan, Hank, and Bob opened CMBC.

Today, to mark this momentous occasion, we’ve brewed the next release of our quarterly double IPA: Anniversary Ale 5.0.

Bridging elements from two of our core IPAs – the slightly malty finish with piney and floral notes of Cape May IPA combined with a hint of dankness and citrusy aroma from Coastal Evacuation, Anniversary Ale 5.0 is a nod to everything we’ve brewed up so far while keeping an exciting eye on the greatness still to come.

We’ve come so far in five years — from brewing 12-gallon batches to brewing 4,500 barrels last year. This beer is as much a celebration of us as it is a gift to you, our fans.

We’ll be partying hearty all month long! Plans are in the works for an anniversary bash and some serious fun times ahead. Watch this space!