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Fill In The Blank With Tasting Room Associate Courtney Gingrich

You may know 27-year-old Courtney G, whose been a member of the CMBC team since October of 2014, as a tour guide extraordinaire. But there’s a lot more to her than that (see: affinity for Sir Mix A Lot). Here, meet the girl behind the growler fills:

No, she's not related to the CMBC owners, but she IS part of the Cape May Brewery family...
No, she’s not related to the CMBC owners, but she IS part of the Cape May Brewery family…

I am from… Lititz, Pennsylvania.

The last time I laughed until I cried was… yesterday.

My favorite CMBC beer is… Apple Bomb

The band I’m embarrassed to admit I like is… The Backstreet Boys.

The greatest adventure I ever had was… playing softball in Hawaii with the University of Maine team.

The superpower I’d like most is… the power of flight.

My favorite non-CMBC craft beer is… Shipyard Pumpkinhead.

My favorite curseword is… S***, but bleep it out… I’m trying to become a teacher.

My favorite cartoon is… Rugrats.

My biggest fear is… weird textures. It stops me from eating most seafood and other things.

My favorite band/musician is… Carrie Underwood.

The question I hear most frequently while giving a CMBC tour is… Are you related to the owners?

The most famous person I’ve ever met was… Terry Francona.

My karaoke song is… “Baby got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot.

My biggest pet peeve is… wet socks.

The thing I can’t live without is... my car. A Scion tC.

I’m most proud of… the way I was raised and the person I’ve become. Is that too corny? Playing sports showed me the importance of being a well-rounded person, and of handling what gets thrown at me.

The sports teams I follow are: Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Phillies. Also, I’m a Boston Red Sox fan. And Penn State Football! We Are!

If I could, I’d splurge on a… private island!

Something few people know about me is… there’s nothing you can say that surprises me or throws me off.

The job I would leave CMBC for is… my ultimate goal is to become an elementary school teacher, but I love my job right now.

The best advice I’ve ever received was… be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what they’re going through.

If I were an insect, I’d be a… lightning bug.

The best pick-up line I ever used was… they usually just come to me! I don’t practice them.

The dorkiest thing about me is… I like dinosaurs and sharks.

My hidden talent is… I can whistle really loudly.

I was drawn to CMBC because… I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so helpful, and the environment is so welcoming.