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It’s still receiving wide distribution on draft; however, it will only be available in 12-ounce cans through our Tasting Room.

Fare Thee Well, Mop Water….

Regardless of what the thermometer might say, autumn is here! 

It’s still pretty hot in Cape May — and, indeed, just about everywhere with sunlight — but, rest assured, the people in charge of such things have confirmed that the hours of night exceed the hours of daylight and the leaves on the trees are slowly draining of chlorophyll and will be dazzling us with their rainbow of reds, yellows, and browns and beginning their annual plummet to the ground to be gathered into jump-inviting piles in short order. 

Nonetheless, it feels like summer has been even longer than the preceding sentence. 

Yet, as we ready ourselves for the inaugural Pick of the Batch Beer Garden, we know that cool days and crisp nights are in short order and bring with them all of the wonderful things we love about fall.

And, of course, that means the return of our fall-favorite, Mop Water.

We’ve been brewing Mop Water for the better part of our existence down here at the Cape May Airport, and it’s long been a fan favorite. People love its enticing blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and its “s-load” of real vanilla: the “pumpkin-less pumpkin beer” that gets everyone in the mood for the crackling of leaves beneath our feet.

Back in the early days of CMBC, we’d received a number of requests for a pumpkin beer, but the guys weren’t having it. Instead, Hank and Innovation Director Brian Hink in one of the first beers he helped design at CMBC came up with the concept of a five-spiced brown ale.

The guys went through numerous trials — Too much vanilla? Not enough allspice? More ginger? — with our very own Mop Man sampling each iteration. He realized that they were getting all up in their heads, eventually giving us the words that had become a guiding mantra of our early days at CMBC: “Don’t overthink it, just drink it.”

He didn’t think much of the name — “Who’s gonna order Mop Water?!?” –, but there’s no renaming a classic. And how could anyone turn down such an homage?

We began packaging it in 2014, much to the delight of our diehard Mop Water fans. Four years in bottles, two years in cans, receiving distribution throughout our footprint, gaining fans far and wide.

However, this year, we’re switching things up and taking a step back with Mop Water. It’s still receiving wide distribution on draft; however, it will only be available in 12-ounce cans through our Tasting Room.

And that could very well be the end of Mop Water, at least for the foreseeable future. Plans for next year aren’t set in stone: there are talks about making it only available through the Tasting Room and there are talks about not brewing it at all.

We know that nothing in life is certain and should remind ourselves that each day is a gift. We rise and sleep under the illusion that there’s a certain predictability about life, and, for the most part, we take comfort in that. However, on occasion, there are harsh reminders that our peaceful existence isn’t as cut-and-dried as it seems. Once in a while, the universe throws us a reminder: while we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our soul… nothing lasts forever.

Mop Water is near and dear to our hearts, but we’ve only got so much capacity. We’re only going to sell so much beer. We can only fill so many cans and kegs and you guys can only drink so much. While we’re growing quickly, sometimes we need to make a sacrifice in order to bring you your next favorite beer. 

Whatever we come up with next year to take its place, bear in mind the immortal words of Mop Man: “Don’t overthink it, just drink it.”

In the meantime, this possibly-last-batch of Mop Water is out for distribution now and will release in our Tasting Room on Friday, $11.99 per 6-pack. See you then!


  1. This is THE most disappointing news I have heard out of CMBC. As much as we all can not wait to fire up the grill with a Summer Catch in hand in the spring, Mop Water is and always will be THE beer to usher in the Fall.
    Us loyal fans of CMBC have been drinking a lot of your beer for many years, now to have this ripped out from underneath us, I feel betrayed by your desire to grow at the expense of us who have been supporting your brand for many years. When I go to my local store, CMBC is THE ONLY beer I will buy and the seasonal rotation of Summer Catch, Mop Water, King Porter Stomp along with the quarterly IPA release (Hello White Caps!) is the perfect compliment to the daily Coastal/CM Lager/ Devils Reach and others we enjoy on a daily basis.
    I beg you to not sacrifice your long time fans and the beers that got you to where you are today just so you can have a bigger distribution footprint. If you can’t make enough, keep the distribution to South Jersey and your long time accounts.
    I do understand that some will need to fade away to make room for the new, but PLEASE do not do this with the few seasonal brews that your loyal fans love and look forward to.
    You make a lot of awesome beers, please don’t force me to start buying other Brands.
    I only write this because I love you guys and everything you stand for,

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Thanks for the thoughts, Gary. We know this isn’t the best news in the world, so, after the response this news has gotten, we’re currently exploring options to make this beer available to our local fans in 2020. It may only be in our Tasting Room and it may not be in cans, but it is a year away. Stay tuned and don’t give up hope.

  2. Cool idea bro! Maybe next year you can discontinue Crushin It. Seems like solid logic all around.

  3. The Mop Water is awesome, lets keep it coming. Crushin It is one of my favs along with the Bog that my wife enjoys each Sunday when visit the brewery. See you next weekend!!!!

  4. Mop water was the best October beer better then October fest in my opinion I wish you guy would make it and continue to make it cause it’s something I look forward to every October know I don’t know what to do in October rather have that beer available to me every season

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