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“It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to bring the beer our fans have come to love on their trips down to the Jersey Shore to their homes in Pennsylvania.”

Expansion into Reading

If Billy Joel is to be believed — and there’s no reason not to believe the Piano Man himself — in Allentown, they’re closing all the factories down, and out in Bethlehem, they’re killing time by filling out forms and standing in line.

But our (grand)fathers fought the Second World War and spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore. When they did, they were probably introduced to some good beer. That is, if they did so after 2011.

So they’re waiting there in Allentown. Waiting for some CMBC. They’re waiting in Bethlehem. They’re waiting in Reading. And in Easton. And Lancaster and Kutztown and Strasberg and Nazareth.

And we’ll be there to help them out.

IMG_4225“We’re thrilled to help out our fans in the Lehigh Valley and points south,” Ryan says. “We’ve had a great relationship with Origlio in Philadelphia — they’ve done a fantastic job in helping us to expand throughout the city and the ‘burbs. Now, we’re ready to move points west — into Lancaster, Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton Counties.

“It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to bring the beer our fans have come to love on their trips down to the Jersey Shore to their homes in Pennsylvania.”

The folks at Origlio Beverage-Reading recognize that the area is particularly ideal for Cape May Brewing Company.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth for Cape May across the Philadelphia five-county market,” says Christian Origlio, Executive Vice President at Origlio, “As summer gets into full gear, the timing couldn’t be better to expand Cape May throughout our entire footprint.”

Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli sees this as a logical next step in our expansion.

“The area has had an influx of folks from the five counties that are looking for more affordable housing in a country setting while staying in an area where they’re still able to commute to their jobs in the city,” he says. “Origlio asked and we were glad to oblige based on their belief in our brands and commitment to helping us grow in Pennsylvania.”

Erin Gale, our Sales Manager out in the Philadelphia area, has been doing a killer job. She’ll be overseeing the area — with a promotion to Regional Sales Manager — and, apparently, the area has been restless for Cape May beer.

JF203696“I’ve received countless calls throughout the past two years or so from folks in Lancaster County, Berks County, and in the Lehigh Valley about getting Cape May beer,” she tells us, “and I am excited to finally tell them YES, we have it! Like the Philadelphia area counties, lots of people here grew up going to the shore, so I think Cape May is going to resonate there.”

Both Bill and Erin have noticed an increase in the craft-friendliness of the area. Downtown Lancaster, in particular, has seen a resurgence in the past few years, and we’re glad we can finally be a part of it.

“There are lots of awesome restaurants and a great beer and music scene,” Erin says. “Same thing with Bethlehem! I have a few friends that have settled in both places and LOVE it.”

The whole area has been chomping at the bit for Cape May brews. We’ve spent years building a great relationship with Origlio in Philly, so this expansion will be smooth sailing.

JF203633“I’m really looking forward to working with my counterparts at Origlio Reading to get these beers to the people who have been asking for them for YEARS!” Erin says.

“Cape May has been one of our fastest growing suppliers,” says Christian. “Ryan, Chris, and the team have crafted a compelling brand and brewed an impressive lineup of beers that have struck a chord with consumers and retailers across the Delaware Valley.”

Ultimately, this expansion will ensure that our fans who have been unable to access our brews will be able to find their favorite beers nearby.

“As our company grows, this expansion into the Lehigh Valley and Lancaster areas is a natural progression of our goals as a brewery,” Ryan says. “We’ve got a great team in Cape May, ready to tackle any challenges thrown at them, and we could not have achieved this next step in our development without them.”

As we expand, you’ll be able to check our Beer Finder for new grocery outlets, beer distributors, bars, restaurants, and bottle shops that will be carrying Cape May brews. Stay tuned!