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We were hoping that we could find someone at the brewery to take the plunge and run the full triathlon, but we couldn’t find anyone that determined.

Escape the Cape

So, you’ve decided that you want to jump off a Cape May-Lewes ferry. Maybe you’re an adventure-seeker, maybe you’re a flotation device tester, maybe you’re just a little bit loopy on bus fumes. For whatever reason, you’ve decided that a 12-foot plunge into 65° water is in the cards for you.

We don’t judge.

However, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do with 1,750 of your now-closest friends, followed by a five-mile run along the North Cape May beaches, then a ride on your trustiest bike for 23 miles, you should probably do so as part of one of the best triathlons in the nation: Escape the Cape.

Because, if you’re a competitor, you get to attend a killer after-party and sample one of the most refreshing beers you’re likely to find: Escape the Cape.

IMG956688There are only a few races that begin with the competitors jumping off a boat, and for the others you’d have to go to California or Norway. If you did that, you’d probably end up drinking a crabgrass smoothie or aquavit after the race and not a Cape May beer, and we believe that aquavit is entirely based upon a dare and that crabgrass smoothies should not be consumed by anyone.

Seriously, stick to Escape the Cape.

Brewed with assertive and exotic hops and fermented with our house Lager strain, this straw-colored lageresque pale ale hits you in the face with a wake-up punch of hops, a strong hop aroma, and very little bitterness. Crisp and dry, extremely refreshing, and a sessionable 5.2% ABV, our Escape the Cape Pale Ale is what smart competitors will be reaching for when hitting the finish line.

However, before the finish line, competitors will be involved in what is undoubtedly the best triathlon in New Jersey. Escape the Cape was voted the best triathlon in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, a top five best large race, a top five “bucket list” race, and a top five most scenic race in the country by Triathlon Business International.

And for good reason. Aside from the thrilling plunge into the Delaware Bay, you get a five-mile run along the Bay beaches and a gorgeous bike ride through North Cape May’s vineyards, backcountry roads, beaches, observatories, and historical sites.

588f3a83802799be05623edb_full-sized-promo-133Honestly, it sounds like a great way to spend a day. Scenic, relaxing, and beautiful.

We were hoping that we could find someone at the brewery to take the plunge and run the full triathlon, but we couldn’t find anyone that determined. Hard to believe, we know.

So, we’re fielding a relay team.

Swimming will be Paul Greer, running will be Lauren Frech, and biking will be Caitlin Gard.

We introduced you to Paul three weeks ago. He’s retired, getting married on Friday, and he’s still willing to jump off the back of a boat. He sails, he runs marathons, he surfs every morning, and he’s traveled the world. He’s cooler than anyone we know.

5a04806a5f65c30001cd502a_full-sized-promo-111-p-1600Lauren is a member of our Events Team. Her full-time gig involves corporate fundraising for her family’s business, so, when she’s not running from Illinois to Maryland and all points in-between, she finds time to kayak and garden with her mutt, Lucy. She loves running, whether it’s a mud run or the Broad St. Run in Philly, and has been wanting to do the full triathlon for a while. She immediately jumped on board when we were looking for people to run a leg.

Caitlin spends much of her time in the Brewtique as a Supervisor. She moved to New Jersey with her bike about a year-and-a-half ago, and, since then, has been biking just about everywhere. The 23 miles for Escape the Cape will be an easy challenge.

We’ll have more information on our competitors next week. Be sure to check back!

And, if you’re in the area on Sunday, June 10th, cheer our guys along the route! Even better — stop by the after-party at Harpoons from 12-3 and raise a glass of Escape the Cape in their honor!